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Perfume is made from male (animal) sweat – so it’s perceived by women as pleasant. Men’s reproductive condition is negatively affected by same perfume. Women’s perfume smells good to women, so they buy it. BUT it’s MARKETED as making them more attractive to men, which is horseshit and perfume actually has the opposite effect. For guys, don’t hide your natural smell (probably more natural and good smelling when you are healthy and have a good diet – sickly animals smell bad). Women, same deal, don’t use perfume if you want to catch a guy. Pheromone reviews can be subjective.

How many times have you been close to a woman wearing perfume and you thought: she’s not bad but her perfume is turning me off? Also, how many times have you worn your stinky, sweat filled t-shirt on the bus and women were crowding to sit right next to you? This is a perfect video example of “science” that’s completely out of touch with reality … You’ll find that most non cheap perfumes and colognes do NOT have any pheromones in them , other than perhaps musk and a couple for others, which are ingredients only present in a very limited percentage of the total perfumes on the market, and usually in male colognes.

I guess the sayings about male and female pheromones are only valid on pheromones you can buy then, not perfumes? So don’t be so fast to trash a person’s contribution. Close-mindedness and black-and-white thinking are not weaknesses of science. They are weaknesses of humans (who may or may not be scientists). Nobody is immune. Well, this has also been beautifully illustrated in the book so far. Maybe the smell of other males makes you jealous – and you just have to pump her with lots of your sperm – in order to kill all the rivals …

If you have the biology of a dominant male, you’ll feel motivated to defend your territory (in this case, any vagina in your vicinity). Marketing is a real psychological force. In other words you can be conditioned to associate perfume with sex even though biochemical effect might actually be opposite. Where does he get that perfumes are made of male sweat? Perfumes are mostly made out of essential oils and extracts from plants, or chemicals that replicate those smells. And are not nessesarily made for attracting someone, they just smell good. It would be fun to make this thread on basenotes or fragantica and see what perfume experts think. Great idea, if you feel like it you could take 2minutes and post that video there (you can post my notes with it) and see what they say! I don’t need to backup every claim and opinion I make with a scientific study, especially when it’s also supported by anecdotal evidence and, most importantly, common sense. In this situation, it’s up to you to back up your claim to the contrary, if you have one, if you want to prove that things are not how they seem.

Athena Pheromones ... Do They Work?

I stand by my observation that most decent perfumes are made of essential oils or chemicals imitating them for the cheaper ones, and the ones that have pheromones are a limited segment of the market, and that’s including musk or civet, as many find those scents too heavy nowadays.

Good Reputable Pheromone Brands

Most of the common pheromone brands that you find on the top of Google are not that great. The reputable brands tend to market their products less but are more widely supported by the pheromone community.

Pherazone — known for strongest hitting blends

Alpha Dream — known for luxurious bottling and scents

Pheromone Treasures — new kid on the block with potent blends

True Pheromones — consistent strong blends

Liquid Alchemy Labs —known for its unique blends

Individual Pheromone Products That Stand Qut

This section is great for a first time user who is looking to use pheromone products to their advantage. I’ve personally spent years on pheromone forums reading posts as well as testing just about half of all pheromone products out there. Here is a list of pheromone products that are widely supported by the community as well as have shown a significant effect on their users as well as others.

Status Products

Alfa Maschio – Alpha Dream

APi – PheromoneXS

Social Products

 Glace – Alpha Dream

ConnectionXs – PheromoneXs

BlisXs – PheromoneXs

Sexual Products

Pherazone – Highest concentration and super sexy

Aqua Vitae – Liquid Alchemy Labs

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