Alpha Dream L2K

In this review of Alpha Dream L2K, I will discuss what it does, how it works, my first impressions, and results.

Known as a bad boy pheromone, L2K is popular with guys who want to elevate their alpha male status while projecting a rebellious image to attract hot, sexual women. L2K is popular with the younger crowd and has a youthful masculine scent mixed in with a strong dose of strong pheromones.

It’s been known to work well on older guys looking to get it on with younger women. As a middle aged guy approaching my 40’s I decided to give it a go as I always prefer girls younger than me.


Alpha Dream L2KFirst of all, if you shop around for Alpha Dream L2K, you will notice that is is marketed as an “attraction” formula. A different version was released prior to the release of L2k which is considerably more potent. The stronger concentration was achieved by increasing the amount of androstadienone which is essentially the main active ingredient.

The amount of androstadienone was increased considerably, to the extent where the manufacturer now advises against using the spray continually. It only takes 1-2 squirts of L2K to start emitting pheromones and reeling in women.

I read on the pheromone forums that they recommend only using for a day or two, and then waiting a few days before using it again. Their concerns are that if used for extended periods of time, it could potentially cause feelings of depression and/or anxiety.

First Impressions

As mentioned earlier, L2K is not a magic bullet that will allow you to get any woman you want, but it will make the challenge a whole lot easier. You can test it with women you already know, maybe at your place of work. Apply two sprays in the morning before going to work, and then watch how the women behave when they around you. Anyway, let’s quickly look at the main pros and cons:

What I Like

  • Affordability – Sure, Alpha Dream L2K is not cheap, but if you want quality, then you must be willing to pay for it, and besides, it’s certainly cheaper than inferior products.
  • Effective Formula – While it doesn’t guarantee you’re gonna get laid every time you meet a hot looking woman, it certainly creates opportunities and makes your task a whole lot easier.
  • Counters Inexperience -Guys who lack experience in chatting girls up, or guys who are a bit shy, can really benefit from L2K because it often turns the table around so that its the women who actually start hitting on you.

Confidence Booster

What’s the number one thing that women find attractive? Confidence. There’s no substitute for it and it’s often hard to fake. More often than not, high-quality pheromones give you that much needed confidence to get noticed and become an object of desire. This is exactly how I felt the first I tried L2K. The older I get the more competition I face from younger guys, but with L2K I no longer felt intimidated and was ready to approach younger women.

And my approaches were met with success. I didn’t freeze up and get the deer in the headlights feeling. I was greeted by a warm smile, and long eye contact, key indicators of interest. I saw girls playing with their hair as I worked on our rapport.

What using pheromones reminds me is that you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt or have a lamborghini to attract women. Most of it has to do with your personality and how you project yourself.

What To Watch Out For

Here’s a couple things you should be aware of when using this powerful pheromone.

Slightly Aggressive Formula

Some people have found that L2K works better for older guys or younger men who prefer to sleep with cougars Very young and inexperienced women may feel a bit intimidated in your company since it gives you an aura of strong masculinity. Some people have also said that male friends act differently around you, with some even trying to avoid you.

Who Should Use It?

Here’s a couple compelling reasons men use L2K.

Guys Who Want Sex

A lot if not most guys who use pheromones just want to increase sexual attraction from women and get them into bed. Me included. If you’re not loking for a serious relationship and just want to hook up with women than this could be a dangerous weapon to add to your pheromone collection.

Guys Who Are Shy

Growing up in high school I was a bit reclusive and shy around women. If I had only discovered pheromones back then things may have been different. When you have more women approaching you, complimenting you on your cologne, and making friendly conversation, that shyness holding you back quickly dissipates and a new found sense of confidence grows. Even if I didn’t get lucky with a girl, I felt better about myself and emboldened to meet more. The more women you meet the better the odds are in your favor.

Guys Who Want to be Alpha

You’ve probably heard the phrase “nice guys finish last”. The fact of the matter is women are not attracted to wussy men. From an evolutionary perspective it makes sense as they want to pass on the superior genes to their offspring. Women want a confident man who can take control of a situation, command respect, and show leadership in social settings. This constitutes the true alpha male. And being an alpha male doesn’t mean you should treat women like crap.

Experiments of Synthesized Human Pheromones

It’s about having a sense of self worth, confidence,  and being someone people can admire.

L2K can help elevate your alpha-ness with it’s use of androstenone; a pheromone known to increase male dominance.

Summary of Effects

L2K provides the “disinhibition effect.” Basically, it makes you seem unapproachable, and women try harder to get your attention. You are the man who has important things in his life to handle and you don’t want to play silly games with little girls at bars, at least that’s what women are thinking. Use L2K to your advantage. Find a good vibe that fits your personality. This is easy to do once you’ve used this product a few times so don’t stress out about hitting the right vibe.

Yes, women will stare, brush their boobs against you, flirt or smile. Deer in the headlight reactions are always a given. Since women get this feeling when they first meet you, don’t waste time. Move quickly for more action. L2K works wonders on girls and women of all ages, especially young women and you can use L2K to easily seduce them.

Increase Emotional Attachment

Now, understand that L2K can turn some women into irritating clingers, although pheromones aren’t supposed to have a long-term effect. But sometimes, L2K makes women get emotionally attached to you, and they don’t want to let go. For instance, I’ve had women to send constant text messages for days at a time. I’ve been told this has something to do with the high amount of androstadienone in this product. This ingredient gives women a sense of longing. Allegedly, this effect takes place when women have been exposed to L2K for longer periods of time.

Escape Friendzone

Also, many men use L2K to get out of the friendzone, but it was not designed for this use. Use it on women who don’t know you. If they hook up with you, then they really won’t care the next morning. However, if you use this on someone that you already know, it improves your chances of getting out of the friendzone. This is especially if she never wanted to date you in the first place. There are other products that are used to make women more “romantic,” but L2K completely breaks down the sexual barrier if a woman has you in the friendzone.

The bad thing about this product is that it’s made to increase attraction, and it does it well. But I’ve notice that this product affects the men around me as well. They start acting strange or awkward towards me. Some of them are even intimidated by me. I’ve actually had friends to turn cold and treat me differently. So, be forewarned.

There is a version one and two of this product, and my review is for the first version. Are there differences between the two versions? Yes, the second one has to do with its androstenone content, which is a boost for older men who use it. The second version also works better on women who are over the age of 25. The first version should be used if you are dealing with women in the 18-25 age range. It isn’t as aggressive, which is better for younger women.

L2K completely mesmerizes young women. It almost gives them the deer in the headlight reaction, and this sometimes puts their reactions over the top. This is not always a good thing. I’ve seen really young girls do silly things like giggle uncontrollably and stare, but allow L2K to work its magic.

Is It Worth It?

I haven’t experienced these side effects first hand but it has been reported so my best advice is to watch your dose and start slowly. I hope you have enjoyed reading this short and basic review, and if you do end up trying Alpha Dream L2K, be sure to let other know about what sort of experiences you had when using the spray.

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