Athena Pheromones … Do They Work?

In this article, we will discuss whether Athena pheromones pheromones work.

If you’ve heard of pheromone you may have seen the report done on ABC’s 20/20 news program regarding the Athena Institute.

By definition, pheromones are chemical substances produced and excreted externally by animals to influence behavior and sexual attraction. Pheromones are one of the best kept secrets to increasing sexual attraction and seduction.

Dr. Winnifred Cutler

One scientist with a fascination for the human armpit is Dr. Winnifred Cutler. Cutler earned her doctorate in biology from the University of Pennsylvania and did postdoctoral work in behavioral endocrinology at Stanford University. She also founded and operates the Athena Institute for Women’s Wellness, Inc., in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. Cutler writes in her book Love.

Cycles that frequent sexual contact with a man “seems to promote fertile-type reproductive cycles in women.” It took some time for Cutler to determine how this might be possible, but she eventually arrived at a theory: male pheromones.

The armpits play a key role in sex, love, and lust. The link between the apocrines, human pheromone communication, and human sexuality has caught the attention of scientists investigating how pheromones might be able to affect our physiological processes.

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Athena Institute Pheromone Products

Athena Institute currently offers two products:

Athena Pheromone 10X

An unscented aftershave for men designed to increase romantic attraction from women. Mix one vial of 10X with 2-3 ounces of your favorite alcohol-based aftershave and wear at least every other day.

10X must be stored in a ‘splash-on’ bottle with a screw-top that can be tightly closed, not in a spray or atomizer.

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Athena Pheromone 10:13

A cosmetic fragrance additive for women to promote her sexual attractiveness.  Simply empty the entire contents (using the provided funnel) into a 2-4 ounce bottle of alcohol-based perfume, cologne, or eau de toilette, and dab the mixture above upper lip, behind ears, and elsewhere at least every other day.

According to their website, the pheromone formula is a trade-secret so we can only speculate on what sort of pheromones are being used.  What we do know is that the three most prevalent pheromones found in colognes and perfumes include the following:

Athena Pheromone Formula

The formula for Athena pheromones is unknown because they do not list the ingredients. Her early formulations of Athena 10x pheromones, and Athena 10:13 were simply DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and androstenol formulations.

DHEA is a precursor to your sex hormones

The body’s natural production of DHEA diminishes linearly as we age. It’s so predictable that one’s age, give or take a few years, can be known by someone who knows nothing more about you than your DHEA level by simply reading a chart and looking up the number.

Since all the adrenal hormone levels are dependent on one’s DHEA level, supplementing one’s DHEA has the effect of restoring more youthful levels of almost everything.

Dr. William Regelso claims memory improves, immune system is boosted, physical energy levels rise, body fat ratios improve, and libido goes up if one’s DHEA levels are brought back to youthful levels. His claims may be a bit optimistic as the research so far, shows some promise of all that but not much solid proof of much of it.

One study for example found it does have some modest, positive effect in treating ED in men getting on in age but no real effect in younger men.

When put to the test, “… at least 10 studies have found that DHEA supplementation does not improve mood, mental function, or general well- being in older people” .According to that same source, the evidence is mixed as to whether it improves sexual health and responses in older women while the studies show no improvement in younger women. Those positive results were noted most strongly in women over seventy. I guess at that age, even placebos might be a huge improvement.

So the results, really don’t come up to the hype that promises a lot more than the supplement actually delivers.

Dr. Cutler’s Findings on Human Pheromones

Dr. Winnifred Cutler, a reproductive biologist and founder of Athena Institute, conducted a scientific experiment and investigation on the existence of pheromones in humans, for the first time, among colleagues, in 1986.

Her findings were  published in a paper along with researcher researcher George Preti showing that chemicals in male sweat underneath the arms had a regulating effect on menstrual cycles.

They suspected it was androstenone, a chemical that happens to be a sex pheromone in pigs. In male boars, androstenone is used to get the female boar “in the mood”.

Pheromones Influence Menstrual Cycle

Cutler’s idea that male pheromones might affect the menstrual cycle (and therefore lead to fertile reproductive cycles) was already known to occur in animals.

McClintock Pheromone Study

In a study conducted by Dr. Martha McClintock (whose discovery of menstrual synchrony among human females), it was shown that the body odors and pheromones of male rats could enhance the fertility of female rats in the vicinity.

Working with organic chemist Dr. George Preti at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, Cutler designed an experiment to find out if so-called male “essences” (secretions from the armpit that contain pheromones and sweat) would have an effect on female endocrine (hormonal) and reproductive cycles.

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Results of ABC 20/20 Experiment

As reported on ABC News 20/20, two ladies in their 40s took the Athena Pheromones for one month.

The two ladies were then given dates to go on, with a man.

Dr. Winnifred Cutler explained that women in their 40s do not have the same pheromone levels as a women in their 20s or 30s would have.

When adding the Athena Pheromone to a women’s system, this helps attract the opposite sex and gain more attention from men.

ABC News 20/20 also conducted an experiment with two sets of identical twins in a speed-dating test, using the same Athena Pheromones. This time, one of the female twins and one of the male twins were using the pheromone, while the other twin was not. Each of them went on 10 different dates, each lasting five minutes, for the experiment.

After the dates, one female twin using the Athena pheromones discovered that 9 out of 10 men wanted to see her again and 10 out of 10 women wanted to see the male twin using the pheromone, for another date.

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They each scored more dates than their other twin without the pheromone.

So, to answer the original question, it appears Athena Institute pheromones work as shown by the results. However, in recent years more pheromone products have the hit market with increasing concentrations of pheromones and various scents.

The Androstenone Test

Over the years there have been numerous tests by researchers on the effects of androstenone as a pheromone on men and women.

In one famous study, androstenone was applied on teh door of a bathroom stall which caused men to avoid the stall. The result suggests that pheromones might function as a territory marker.

Male Pheromones Increase Fertility in Women

At Stanford University, an experiment was conducted to find out if women, who were exposed regularly to the male pheromone, could regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle and if the pheromone could cause a woman to menstruate at the same time after sensing the male pheromones.

By 1993, Dr. Cutler discovered and created chemical copies of the pheromones in fertile young women.

Athena Pheromones Controversy… Is It A Scam?

Are the claims of Dr. Winnifred Cutler’s product true? For instance, she claims to have discovered human pheromones.

“The discovery of human sex pheromones appeared in front page stories internationally when my colleagues and I succeeded in peer-reviewed acceptance for publication in scientific journals in 1986.

We provided the proof that women and men emitted pheromones into the atmosphere and we showed that extracted pheromones could be collected, frozen for over a year, thawed and then applied topically above the upper lip of recipients to mimic some of the pheromonal effects found in nature.”

Did She Really Discover Human Pheromones?

It’s difficult to determine who really discovered human pheromones because research dates back to as early as the 1900s. There was already human pheromone research that dates back to the 1950s from scientist Alex Comfort.

Alex Comfort (1971), the gerontologist, whose sex manual was among the first to openly focus on oral sex, also pioneered in calling our attention to pheromonal influences in human behavior.

Do Her Pheromone Claims Go To Far?

According to laboratory scientist JV Kohl, she did. James Vaughn Kohl has worked as a clinical laboratory scientist since 1974, and he has devoted more than twenty-five years to researching the relationship between the sense of smell and the development of human sexual preferences.

Over at the pherotalk forums, he made this post:

“Winnifred Cutler, Ph.D., markets Athena 10:13 and 10X. While she can take credit for some early work on human chemical communication, she goes too far by saying “she discovered human pheromones,” just as Dr. Teresa Crenshaw goes to far when she claims to have predicted the discovery of human pheromones.

Lately, Cutler’s been claiming that her patent application prevents her from disclosing what’s in her products. However, last time I looked, the only patent app. she filed was many years ago–long past the time it would typically take to acquire a patent if her app. had merit.

Besides, her focus was on dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a very unlikely candidate to be a human pheromone since it is an adrenal androgen. Why would an adrenal androgen be attractive to men? Yet, Cutler claimed that DHEA was the active ingredient in Athena 10:13 in a national TV talk show broadcast. Then, she clammed up and said she couldn’t divulge info. But not before she told the TV audience that a similar product for men could not be effective–because, in nature, it’s the male who pursues the female, not the female who pursues the male. Yeah, right! Then, a year later, she came out with her 10X product for men. Cutler spouted more garbage about the concept of human pheromones than I’ve heard from anyone before or since.

I’m not sure about the reason why Bruce doesn’t make 10X available from this site, but so far as I’m concerned he has shown remarkably good taste in not marketing such a worthless, albeit very expensive, product.”

What You Need To Know

With so many pheromone products now available, what is that makes some brands better than others and can you use that for your advantage? It comes down to potency.

The stronger the pheromone concentration, the more you can expect to get noticed by the opposite sex. According to Dr, Vimal Murphy of The University of Washington School of Medicine, “Just because the cologne or perfume has pheromones doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be effective.

If you’re looking for results it’s important to find a product with the highest concentration. Synthetic human pheromones are extremely expensive to manufacture so if the product is cheap you can normally assume that it may not necessarily be effective.”

If you wear Athena pheromones keep in mind you will need a cover scent unless you prefer going out odorless. This also means you do not have to change your preexisting cologne or perfume. Athena does not list the concentration of their pheromones.

Do Athena Pheromones Work?

The studies above support the conclusion that Athena pheromones do work in humans. However, there is lingering controversy as to what’s being used in the product and whether she is taking too much credit for the discovery for human pheromones.

It was not long after their coverage on ABC news that the pheromone market began to heat up with more and more brands added to store shelves. With fierce competition, there are literally hundreds of pheromone perfumes and colognes to choose from.

Her formula, the Athena Pheromone, has been helping women of all ages, allowing those with difficulties to increase healthy sexual behavior. Dr. Winnifred Cutler continues to investigate pheromones and their influences on a relationship between a mother and child.

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Athena Pheromones ... Do They Work?
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