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Regardless of race, culture or creed, many men go through periods where they are concerned about the size of their penises. No matter how many times we are told that size doesn’t matter, a lot of guys simply cannot agree, and as a result, they end up feeling sexually inadequate.

I’m not a medical professional, and neither am I any type of professional researcher but over the years, I have discussed penis size with a number of women, and even with a few gay men. I only did this in order to get a better picture as to what people really think about penis size, and I wanted to hear about this from real-life people, rather than always having to rely on studies and surveys.

Not surprisingly, every person I have ever discussed this with has informed me that penis size is not really important to them because size is mostly overshadowed by a number of other factors. However, some of those same people have admitted that they get more aroused when they have sexual encounters with well-endowed men. It would appear that the heightened arousal is more psychological than it is physical, but even so, it seems obvious that penis size does indeed make a difference.

Bathmate vs. Penis Extenders

The Bathmate is essentially a penis pump, and as such, they should not be confused with actual penis extenders which are in fact mechanical devices that provide a varying degree of traction for extended periods of time. Penis extenders and pumps both have their own pros and cons, so it really is a matter of having to determine which of the two best suits your lifestyle or schedule.

Penis extenders are typically worn for around four to six hours per day, during which time the penis is subjected to constant traction. The amount of traction is then gradually increased of the course of a few months. A permanent increase in flaccid penis length is usually achieved within 4 to 6 months.

Unlike mechanical extenders, Bathmate penis enlargers work by means of a vacuum. These devices need to be filled with water (preferably warm) and then you slide it over your penis until the entrance part is pressed firmly against your pubic bone. Once it is in position, you pump it a number of times in order to create a suction, which in turn causes your penis to increase in length. As it does, excess water is expelled from a valve on the tip of the device, and once you have built up adequate suction, you close the valve so that the suction pressure is retained.

Bathmate penis extenders should be used for around 15 minutes per day, preferably while you are in the bath or in the shower. It is also recommended that you try to loosen up down there before you begin. In other words, try to avoid getting an erection because the general consensus is that these devices work better if your penis is in a flaccid state. It is also recommended that you try to loosen up your scrotum so that your testicles are hanging down, away from your penis.

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Choosing a Bathmate That’s Right for You

There are currently four different Bathmate penis pumps available on the market, and as is to be expected, choosing the right one is crucial if you are hoping to maximize results. The four Bathmate models you can choose from are:

  1. 1. Hercules
  2. 2. HydroMax X20
  3. 3. HydroMax X30
  4. 4. HydroMax X40
  5. 5. Goliath
  6. 6. HydroMax Extreme

The Hercules model is the original Bathmate hydro pump and it was essentially designed for men with an erect penis length of up to 7 inches. Maximum length capacity is 8.5 inches, and maximum girth capacity is 6.7 inches. The Hercules pump is suitable for most men, and this, together with the fact that it is the cheapest model in the range, has resulted in it becoming the most popular.

If the length of your erect penis is below 5.5 inches, it would probably be a better idea to opt for the HydroMax X20 model. The HydroMax X30, on the other hand, is roughly the same size as the Hercules, but modifications to the design allow it to deliver up to 30 times more suction that the Hercules or the HydroMax X20.

The X40 is much like the X30 model, but it is designed for men who have an erect penis length of 7 to 9 inches. The Goliath is also very similar, but it is designed for those men who are already very well endowed, in that it can accommodate an erect penis of up to 10.5 inches in length. The HydroMax Extreme is also much like the X30 and X40, but it comes with a handball pump, hose and etc.

Bathmate Hydro Pumps – Pros

  • You only need to use these devices for 15 minutes per day.
  • Uses water rather than air in order to create a more comfortable, and a more reliable suction.
  • Short-term results are achieved almost immediately.

Bathmate Hydro Pumps – Cons

  • You are required to use the pump on a daily basis.
  • It can take many months in order to achieve permanent results.

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