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In a market that is crammed with pheromones, it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. To succeed, a, pheromone company must stir the imagination of the consumer and offer something enticing and new.

If you are wondering what is the best pheromone cologne the truth of the matter is there is no one size fits all. Because there are different classes of pheromones that produce different effects it really comes down to what type of results you’re looking for.

Do you want to more sex, or more dates, or just want to elevate your social status? Once you understand what these different types of pheromones can do the choice is easy. In this article, I compare the 10 best pheromones for men.

Best Pheromone Cologne for Sex

Sex pheromones ware formulated for men who want to have more sexual encounters with women and heat things up in the bedroom.

Pherazone Ultra Super Concentrated (USC)

Perhaps the most powerful pheromone cologne ever developed for boosting sexual attraction and formulated to help guys get laid, USC is what I like to call the Rollys Royce of pheromones. It’s stylish, classy, and expensive.  This isn’t a product every guy would want or could afford because it’s very strong and powerful containing 108 mg of pheromones.

My first hit with USC occurred when I was on vacation in Nantucket, Massachusetts. I was at a local diver bar called “The Box” and dancing with the summer hotties on the dance floor.

There was a beautiful young brunette I had my eye on. We had locked eyes a few times that night and I was feeling ballsy enough to approach her and move in for the kill which was very unlike me. I am usually a bit reserved. Perhaps, I was feeling extra confident knowing I was wearing a very high-end pheromone cologne.

Anyways, the dancing gets pretty hot, we get close, I grab her neck give her a small kiss on cheek. I can tell she’s into it. Then I go for a quick kiss on the lips, she turns her head away but smiles kinda saying “you sly bastard.”

There is no guarantee that pheromones will work on every person, simply because not every person reacts the same way to the pheromones emitted by each person. USC is my go to pheromone for getting laid.

Concentration: 108 mg of pheromones per fluid ounce

Official Site: Pherazone.com

Alpha Dream L2K

Alpha Dream L2KWhen I think of my experience with L2K three words come to mind; influential, cool, and sexy. Nothing is more inviting to a woman than a man who is powerful and influential. What I mean by that is a man who is successful, respected, and has it together. Woman want to be nurtured by a man of high-caliber. This is just an evolutionary desire all women seek. And women find it downright sexy.

Then there is the coolness factor. When people call this a “bad-boy” pheromone, what they really mean is a man who is cool with the ladies and a true alpha male. Being cool is not about being tough. It’s about being in control and confident of your surroundings. Think James Bond. He’s got charisma, he’s hot, and women find him irresistible, but he always keeps a part of himself, only to himself. He’s a man that’s successful at attracting beautiful women.

And finally, L2K just smells damn good which I found women can’t help but notice. You will certainly get noticed when you wear something that smells this awesome. Women will feel the magnetism and be more receptive and more turned-on which is exactly what you want if you trying to get her into bed.

Official Site: Alpha-Dream.com

New Pheromone Additive

An oldie but goodie, New Pheromone Additive (NPA) contains is an oil-based unscented pheromone mixture of androstenone, androstenol, and androstedienone, three fundamental ingredients to increasing attraction. Unlike pheromone sprays which are usually scented, NPA can be worn with your favorite cover scent which makes it versatile.

Being an oil-based pheromone, the effects don’t last quite as long as a spray so I would recommend reapplying every 3-4 hours.

And in terms of effects, I would describe NPA as sexual that works best for women who have a high sex-drive and like a man who’s not afraid to tell them what he wants. This formula works best for alpha males because its bold and aggressive. In some instances it can actually backfire if you are not careful. What I mean is some women can be put off by its strong sexual vibe if they are not in the mood.

Regardless, if you want something that is strong in the lay department NPA is a good choice. It’s blatant and sexy.

Official Site: Love-Scent.com

Nightlife Club Killer

As you probably know already, attraction is a very important element of life and relationships. It will determine whether you will be able to attract the man of your life, whether you will be able to keep that woman, and perhaps even the difference between getting her in bed or being rejected. Nexus is a sexy and trendy pheromone cologne that packs 7 powerful pheromones into each bottle.

Each time I have worn, I feel like Im 10 years younger. It has a sweet scent that makes you smell like a young stud which can be great if you’re middle age and going after younger girls – that included myself. If you are a serial clubber and like to hang in the hottest and trendiest settings, this would be one my first choices to wear.

This would also be an ideal product for guys who are newly single and hungry to meet new women. While the concentration isn’t available online, based on the response from women I would certainly feel its adequate for most users. If you want to feel like you’re at the top of the social hierarchy than give Nexus a try. Read full Nexus review here.

Official Site: NexusPheromones.com 


Another hot product by Alpha Dreams is Glace pheromone cologne. This a playful and social pheromone mixture that can accent the fun at parties and make interesting conversations with women. Users describe it as elevating their social status and making them the “life of the party”. This is great if you’re a bit of a shy guy or don’t do well in large social gatherings. Being a bit of an introvert, I sometimes need a little extra push to get me out of my shell.

Glace helps facilitate natural attraction and make you more fun around people. Talking, laughing, and having fun with a large group of people becomes seamless with this product.  Even if women are reserved Glace can help soften them up and give you an opportunity to socialize and get to know her. Women just felt more receptive when I wore it which is great because it encouraged me to move forward and steer the conversation in the direction I wanted to go.

What really surprised me is Glace made women women to talk to me instead of having to do all the work. This is a winning situation when you are trying to pick up girls.

Official Site: Alpha-Dream.com


One of the best pheromone colognes for picking up women is Aqua Vitae.

Aqua Vitae

Aqua VitaeThe first impression I got when wearing it is a dramatic boost in the magnetism women felt around me. Some of my observations include women locking eyes with me, playing with their hair, eye contact, touchy feely, and overall interest in what I had to day. This is the type of pheromone I would happily wear at pick up hotspots like coffee shops, shopping malls, social functions, and more.

While the exact formula and concentration is unknown, I suspect Aqua Vitae has a lower dose of androsterone relative to the other pheromones being used, so the sexual effects don’t overpower the social benefits. This is one of the best pheromones for flirting with women and first time encounters, Aqua Vitae makes you feel like the guy that everyone likes and give you elevated status like a celebrity.

One of the things that render pheromones useless is when they are washed off. When water runs over the body to wash off the sweat, the pheromones being emitted by the body are also washed off.

This means that any pheromones left are much weaker, and the final coup de grace is given when pheromone cologne or perfume is sprayed on top of the natural human scent.

Official Site: Pheromonesperfumeandcologne.com

Romance & Dating

Pheromones designed for romance and dating are less sexual with an emphasis on creating feelings of romance.


Swoon pheromones create a playful and light hearted aura around the wearer. This is my favorite pheromone cologne to wear when I’m looking to build rapport and have a meaningful connect with a woman.

Perfect for first dates and women you might want to have a long term relationship with, Swoon will make women feel relaxed and amplify their romantic feelings for you. Swoon contains 5 different pheromones designed to create a “feel good” feeling around the wearer.

What exactly is happening? There is an old saying that opposite people do attract.

I used Swoon on several first dates when I was recently single and took the plunge on on-line dating. My success rate with Swoon was great with several follow-up dates and even a few hook ups along the way. You don’t need to wear a lot to smell and feel it’s effects.

A couple of observations I made while wearing it is that it makes communication and talking to women much easier which makes it perfect for guys who tend to be shy.

Swoon can boost your charisma and give you a feeling of celebrity status. Women will find you approachable and fun to be around while paying more attention to what you have to say.

It works fast. Once women are hooked in it’s much easier to steer the conversation and vibe in the direction you want to go.

Official Site: Pheromonetreasures.com

Elevated Social Status

Social status pheromones elevate your social magnetism and perceived social value. Use them to boost confidence and charisma.


Corporativo is a pheromone sold by Alpha Dream that helps guy project an image of success, attraction, and high status around women.

Different Types of Pheromones You Need To Know

It’s the perfect pheromone cologne where image and ego is everything. I would use it in a VIP club or social event where your image matters and first impressions really count.

Corporativo is a good all round pheromone to use for guys who want to look professional and successfull. And speaking of success, these are the type of qualities women want in a man which makes it a great product to use on a first date.

Women will feel more secure around you and feel your confidence. If you’re with a woman that is a bit shy or who likes to take it slow, Corporativo can help break the ice and get her to open with you.

I’ve used Corpo when meeting new women that were a little but out of my league to create a feeling of high status, attraction, and confidence.

And since I already had some experience with pheromones I was able to leverage off the changers in their behavior and carry the conversation and move things in the direction I wanted to go.

Official Site: Alpha-Dream.com

Grail of Affection

Grail of Affection by Pheromone Tresures has become on of my favorite pheromones for creating chemistry. When you’re newly single, it takes a little effort to get move on to new women. I had the best results with Swoown when I approached women I knew were sexually interested.

These were girls I had already had communication with and rapport. Of course, if you’re a little more bold than me, you could approach girls you’ve never met but it’s a lot easier if you have something already going on.

Basically the way Grail of Affection works is to make communication easier. Women notice you more, connect easier, and interact with you in smoothly without resistance. Your status around women is elevated making you feel like a celebrity in your right and further encouraging you to get to know her. The cool thing about is I can be myself and not have to pretend someone I’m not.

W0men value authenticity and having a great personality can make a lasting impression that makes you more attractive to her.  Trust, love, and appreciation are all attributes that are enhanced by the Grail of Affection.

Official Site: Pheromonetreasures.com

Confidence Booster

Survey after survey shows women find confidence the most attractive trait in a potential partner.


Pherazone (original formula) with 36 mg of pheromones per fluid ounce is one of the most well-balanced colognes for attracting women. This is the type of spray you can wear anywhere, anytime, and feel confident around women, around friends, or new people, while projecting a masculine and comforting vibe.

When Pherazone first  came out in 2010 a lot of pheromone users were shocked by the high pheromone concentration. There had been nothing like it on the market and it quickly became known as a sex pheromone. Little did people know that the blend of 7 different pheromones gave it far reaching effects and made it equally useful as a social, status elevating, romantic, confidence booster.  In-Depth Review

Concentration: 36 mg of pheromones per fluid ounce

Official Site: Pherazone.com

Do they Really Work?

Those that are skeptical may have concerns over the legitimacy of pheromone colognes. I was a bit skeptical when I first started experimenting with them. This is understandable which is why it is suggested to look closer at the results evident from several studies on the subject. First, let me recap what they are.

Every human produces a chemical in their brains called pheromones. These chemicals are released naturally and what these hormones do is send out an invisible signal. There are certain types of people that pick up on these chemical signals, and they are naturally drawn to the source. This is how people end up getting together.

Research studies have gone into whether or not these chemicals truly can be harnessed for attracting the opposite sex. Results have noted it definitely is possible to attract someone when pheromones have effectively impacted the person on a sensory level.

Up Your Game With Pheromone Colognes

In case you’re wondering, pheromones are not something new… much the other way around: it’s something as old as our sense of smell. They are powerful chemicals that usually get released through our sweat; these chemicals don’t have a perceptible scent, but they are the biological basis of sexual attraction. And thankfully, they are now included in certain pheromone colognes. Someone whose pheromones are naturally active is unlikely to have ever have problems in the game of seduction… regardless of how ugly they look, or how little money they have in the bank, or even how clumsy their conversation skills happen to be. Pheromones tickle the primal instincts of other people, and they easily raise attention and desire.

Why Use Them?

Using pheromone colognes can increase the amount of communication you receive from women, an increase in the number of women willing to be your sexual partner, an increased pleasure and passion in sex, and an increase in your self-confidence. Self-confidence is easily the most attractive trait a man can have according to countless surveys from women.

More Sexual Encounters

Pheromones go hand-in-hand in that sex likely leads to dates, and dates likely lead to sex. Therefore, if you’re not interested in solely hooking up with hotties, then getting dates is still a viable option for you with or without pheromones.

You wan to be proactive with your pheromones! Men nowadays have been suffering from a crazy delusion, thinking that girls were meant to chase men…or should chase. This is simply not true.

Men are the chasers, hunters, gatherers and pursuers of women by nature. It ’s unrealistic to expect that women will chase you (online) by initiating the conversation. Women are not chasers of men (they never were)! It’s within the man’s natural and his biological makeup, to chase the woman until … Therefore, don’t expect hot girls to message you just because of your pimped – out profile. It won’t happen!

Greater Social Status

In addition to attracting women, pheromones have the potential to help increase your social standing. How is this so? Basically, when you give off the scent of being a powerful person with a powerful aura, it is difficult for others not to take notice of you.

You may even experience a tremendous improvement in confidence levels. This would be one of the very common results gained from being well liked by those around you. This enhancement of confidence levels can then be transferred to other areas of your life. Case in point, it may be possible to experience great improvements in your business endeavors thanks to your new outlook on life.

Certainly, it would be most helpful to purchase cologne that effectively mixes in the scent of the cologne with the somewhat undetectable scent of the pheromones. It would not be helpful in any way to have a cologne that turns others off due to a super strong scent. A quality pheromones based cologne will mix the two together effectively and in such a way it will work in the expected manner.

Pheromones for Men & Sexual Preferences

The expression of our sexual preferences can be predicted by our hormone response to pheromones. It is no surprise that pheromones in humans can cause dramatic increase in the opposite sex and spike levels of LH and testosterone. Women who prefer men exhibit an LH and testosterone response to men’s pheromones. Men who prefer women show an LH and testosterone response to the women’s pheromones as well. We have this animal model that extended very well to humans.

At birth, males respond to the opposite sex with females pheromones. Females do not respond to same sex pheromones. All throughout life, you are getting the same kind of conditioned response to pheromones; anyone that is in the social environment.

Since birth, pheromones condition the hormone response associated with visibly perceived characteristics. Some of the owmen that have had male children are aware that their infant male by their side will get interaction.

How Pheromones Influence Behavior

The conditioned stimulus (CS) gains behavioral significance after being paired with the UCS (the pheromones that cause hormone levels to change). Pheromones (or orders) are the proximate cause. Hormone-driven preference are their effect. They are the biologically relevant stimulus. Everything else is conditionally. They are produce by the metabolism of the sex hormones. Testosterone is associated with more order.

There is bacteria associated with the metabolism of these hormones and precursors. You have a lot of odors from hairy areas. The most telling factor about how pheromones influence your behavior is courtship sequence. You have to wonder why are all these courtship behaviors associated with pheromones.

When a boy places his arm around a girl she’s getting some exposure. Things gradually progress in preparation for intercourse and then they get naked. Exposure means its maximum at intercourse. Maximum exposure to pheromones occurs with oral-genital sex, the most intimate and the most animalistic of human sexual behaviors. If we are primarily visual creatures, what are you looking for down there?

Final Words

Most men wish they could gain an edge in their dating and social life. As many will agree, it can be a little difficult for a man to set himself apart from the competition. This is why help in the form of the arrival of pheromones for men is so welcome. Sprays and colognes that harness the attraction boosting power of pheromones may very well be able to give men the edge they need.

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You can learn more about mens pheromones at http://pheromones-work.weebly.com.

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