What Is The Best Pheromone Cologne?

If you are wondering what is the best pheromone cologne the truth of the matter is there is no one size fits all. Because there are different classes of pheromones that produce different effects it really comes down to what type of results you’re looking for.

Do you want to more sex, or more dates, or just want to elevate your social status? Once you understand what these different types of pheromones can do the choice is easy.

Best Pheromone Colognes for Sex

There is no guarantee that pheromones will work on every person, simply because not every person reacts the same way to the pheromones emitted by each person.

In the same way that each person’s brain react differently to visual stimulus, the signals sent to the brain by the VMO are interpreted differently by each person’s brain, meaning that each person will react differently to the pheromones detected by their VMO.

One of the things that render pheromones useless is when they are washed off. When water runs over the body to wash off the sweat, the pheromones being emitted by the body are also washed off.

This means that any pheromones left are much weaker, and the final coup de grace is given when pheromone cologne or perfume is sprayed on top of the natural human scent.

There are many colognes that contain pheromones in them, and these colognes are used by many people as a method of increasing their chance for having sex.

In reality, pheromones will not increase the body’s sexual stimulus, but will cause the heart to speed up, breathing to become slightly shallower, the mood to change, and the body temperature to rise. Many women interpret this as being sexually aroused, but the truth of the matter is that pheromones are not directly linked to sexual arousal.

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Pheromones have, however, been proven to increase the chance that women will feel more attracted to a man. The results of the pheromones in colognes will be different according to the woman, as well as according to the pheromones in the cologne.

Woman have been known to be much friendlier with a man wearing pheromone cologne.

Pheromones used in Colognes

Androstenone and Androstenol are both pheromones that are created when the bacteria commonly found on the skin comes in contact with sweat.

Androstenol is believed to affect a woman’s impression regarding how sexually attractive, confident, and intelligent a man is, Androstenone has been thought to the scent that indicates a man’s dominance over a woman, and they are attractive to women but repulsive to men.

Copulins are secreted from the vagina, and they are known to increase the levels of testosterone in men and make women in question appear to be more attractive.

There are many colognes that contain the androstenone and androstenal pheromones, and many men have tried these colognes to great effect.

As mentioned above, each woman reacts differently to the combination of each man’s unique pheromones and their VMO.

Using these pheromone colognes may increase the amount of communication you receive from women, an increase in the number of women willing to be your sexual partner, an increased pleasure and passion in sex, and an increase in your self-confidence.

Individual results may vary, but these are just some of the benefits that many men have experienced when using pheromone colognes.

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