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Do pheromones work? We did an experiment in biology class frosh year of college where both females and males were given a t-shirt and told to sleep in that same t-shirt for a week. The goal was to identify whether the t-shirt belonged to male or a female. Girls were about 75% successful at identifying whether a shirt belonged to a guy or a girl.

It has everything to do with pheromones. The distinct characteristics of a masculine smell are due to male pheromones that are secreted in sweat and vice versa for females. Olfaction is the only sensory modality that completely bypasses the cortex, so it is never a conscious process. This is because the sense of smell developed particularly early in evolution. There is really no such thing as a distinction between conscious and unconscious smelling. You are exposed to a smell and you have a certain visceral reaction to it. Yea, turning your sensations into language, etc is a concious process. The whole idea of pheromones is not to involve this conscious process into decision making about the person who is wearing the pheromones. However, since our sense of smell has atrophied considerably through evolution, I don’t believe that commercially available pheromones have any significant benefit over regular cologne.

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Pheromones are registered by a seperate organ from the actual olfactory system (if it wasn’t, you could actually “smell” pheromones like flowers or so)

In short:

  • The vomeronasal organ is more or less rudimentary (degenerated) in adults, since it starts to lose mass after the 25. week of pregnancy
  • It’s just some kind of tunnel at most adults
  • At least that’s what the fattest of textbooks said in 2003

However, despite the many pheromone selling frauds out there, I believe pheromones do work. (That’s just me though. I feel I have experienced their effects first hand.) It is an art, but takes time and patience. You have to find the right mix that will work with your body chemistry, what kind of results you want, etc. So I wouldn’t exactly recommend them to everyone. Most of you guys don’t really need it anyway. “The most important seduction tool is your mind.”

Pheromones as Sexual Odors

Women like sweat with testosterone = male sweat

Perfume is made out of male sweat from animals -> now synthetically made (synthetic androgens)

Male Pheromones

  • Perfumes on the market “perfumes are predominently based on male sex pheromones -> male sweat derived and testosteron-containing” 1:00min):
  • Perceived by males as unpleasant, dopamine going down (‘Men normally don’t like perfume. Women like perfume and buy them”) and decrease testosteron in rodent species
  • Perceived by females as pleasant, stimulates reproductive system (=makes them horny?) (makes them ovulate more and reach puberty faster in pigs and rodes)

Female Pheromones

  • Perceived by females as unpleasant, lowers estrogen levels in some species
  • Perceived by males as pleasant (dopamin up) and testosterone up -> stimulates male reproductive system]


So perfume (=with synthetic pheromones) makes my dopamin and testosterone go down, but is pleasant and pro-fucking for women? (best would be for me to smell female pheromones for myself while women smelling me would smell male pheromones)

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