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In this review of Volume Pills, I discuss how they work and what type of results you can expect based on my own experience using them.

About Volume Pills

Sperm pills should only include all-natural herbs, nutrients, and minerals, all of which could essentially be a part of your diet. The big problem with the diet approach is the fact that most men simply don’t have the time, the knowledge, or the inclination to make sure they are getting everything they need in their diets to guarantee increased semen volume.

Taking a supplement instead is simply a more convenient option and taking Volume Pills is one of the easiest ways to increase your sperm count.

Why Increase Semen Volume?

A lot of people still wrongly assume that a bigger volume of semen automatically means a higher sperm count as well. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Semen and sperm are two very different things. Sperm count has little to no effect on semen volume. While good quality volume pills should contain certain ingredients which are beneficial for sperm production, their main purpose is to increase semen volume, and in so doing, they allow a man to enjoy more intense orgasms that tend to last longer than average.

More Pleasure

The science behind this is really straightforward: An orgasm results in a series of ejaculatory contractions, along with intense feelings of pleasure. As a general rule, no semen is expelled during the first contraction. The next one or two contractions will produce the biggest squirts of semen, and the amount of semen being expelled with gradually decrease with each subsequent contraction.

No matter how much or how little semen needs to be expelled, the opening at the tip of the penis stays the same size it’s always been. What this means is that your body has to work harder to expel larger volumes of semen. Not only will your body attempt to expel more with each contraction, but it will also need more contractions in order to get all the semen expelled.

Longer orgasms

Like I said before, this really is very straightforward: The more contractions you have, the longer your orgasm is going to last. Your contractions will also be more powerful than usual, and again, this equates to more intense waves of pleasure.

The company that manufactures Volume Pills™ is so confident that their customers will get positive results, that they even go as far as offering an unconditional 67-Day Full Money Back Guarantee. Why do you think they do that? It’s because they know that their pills do increase semen volume, and if they increase semen volume, they are also going to make orgasms a lot more intense, and that alone is enough to make sure customers keep going back.

Volume Pills Treats Low Libido

In men low testosterone is the most common influencer of 1: libido but there’s a lot more involved in this problem than j, low testosterone levels. It’s critical for men to understand ‘ as most think if they elevate their testosterone levels backl “normal” range then everything gets good again and they’ll f normal.

This is just not the way this hugely complex interaction occurs. Testosterone and/or libido do not function alone in a vacuum, they need some almost ideal supporting cast members to achieve good libido driving all of the interaction followed by a fulfilling orgasm with healthy sperm.

Libido is an interaction of many things, mainly led by visually and possibly scent or pheromone cues (wife, who smells real good, slides into the bedroom dressed in something cute or suggestive of a desire for intimacy), which then causes initiation of thoughts (“hmmm, what does she want? Oh, she wants to get together!”), which then leads to a hypothalam response (the pituitary hangs down from the hypothalamu which causes the pituitary to surge out luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormones (FSH) (though for most men it’s actually started surging the day of, or hours before, the hope of interaction), then the testicles become involved and testosterone and spermatic fluid are created in huge surges (hopefully), then things happen in a controlled volcani explosion via an orgasm (hopefully, again).

But you need to imagine the billions of enzymatic and vitamin and amino acid interactions occur to get a man to have a healthy libido or especially to get a man to orgasm. And in any one of those steps, if there’s something off or missing the whole process can stop, and libido and intercourse failure ensues.

The Role of Testosterone

This is the hormone responsible for producing sperm in a man’s body. The production starts in the testicles, which are in the scrotal sac hanging outside the body. The main reason why the testicle hang outside the body is because of their sensitivity to temperature. Therefor to produce healthy sperm, the testicles need to stay cooler than the rest of the body. As soon as sperm is created, it’s stored in each testicle’s epididymis. This is a six meter long tube, coiled with the scrotal sac.

How Volume Pills Boost Ejaculation

Dietary intake is THE number one factor that should be paid particular attention to. Studies demonstrated that a staggering 80% success rate was seen in couples with unexplained infertility after they incorporated healthy nutrition & healthy lifestyle changes. Antioxidants and their importance to healthy sperm production is clearly established. Scientists suggested that oxidative stress damages sperm cells and is likely link to many cases of male unexplained infertility.


Volume Pills contains a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and herbs to naturally increase your sperm production and give you bigger orgasms


Zinc is an essential trace mineral that mature men require for healthy sexual activity.

X4 Labs Device Review and Results [UPDATED]

Higher concentrations of zinc are in the prostate gland and semen. This mineral helps maintain sperm count, mobility, and normal levels of serum testosterone. Mature men and the elderly need zinc for a healthy prostate; zinc protects it from infection (prostatitis) and enlargement (prostatic hypertrophy).

Low zinc in mature men is directly correlated with low levels of testosterone. Inadequate zinc has been linked to low libido. Overweight men can have low levels of testosterone. To boost these levels, it is important to lose weight by eating quality foods and exercise in a regular manner. Besides that, mature men need to supplement their diets with zinc. About 30-40 mg a day of zinc supplementation will aid to increase sexual performance.

Folic acid and zinc are in combination two important sperm boosters. Researches demonstrated a dramatic increase in sperm count (up to 74%) in infertile men when they are taking folic acid and zinc supplements. This is simple solution for any man lacking enough sperm.


This ingredient enhances sexual motivation and euphoric emotions. It has been proven to have a positive influence on sexual performance, satisfaction and motivation. Per the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Science Malaysia, proven studies show middle aged-rats with enhanced sexual performance via Solidin use.

Solidin also contains L-Dopa. This is a dopamine precursor, which is a brain neurotransmitter that provides pleasure. SolidinTM is proven in animal studies to improve sexual motivation. Also per SPS, it too improves sexual performance in middle-aged rats. SolidinTM also has L-Dopa.

Xi Lan Rou Gui and Hong Hua Fen

These ingredients make the penis larger by improving blood flow. This provides harder erections. Both ingredients are vasodilators, which means they open penis blood vessels so more blood flows. Penis expansions reduce blood outflow, which means bigger and harder erections. Also with Hong Hua Fen, this means probabilities of heart disease.

Ku Gua

This ingredient increases testosterone levels, which is essential in the production of semen. It reduces body fat when testosterone levels are raised. Ku Gua is also used by people who have indigestion and diabetes.

Not only does Ku Gua increase testosterone levels and improve semen production, it also increases sexual desire. Rat based studies have proven that it stimulates the process of antispermatogenesis. Also, scientists in China have determine that it has proteins that can potentially promote anti-HIV activities.


Various scientific studies show that taking maca over a longer period of time has an extremely positive effect. The result is an overproduction of hormones, for example also of testosterone. This hormone causes a boost of energy which can have a positive effect on the process of coping with negative external influences which trigger stress, depressions and anxiety.

It can be said that the effect of maca and Viagra® and similar products is entirely different. While the pills have a vasodilating effect, which has a direct impact on the penis and which leads to sexual stimulus right after taking them, maca addresses an increase in sexual drive and sustainable improvement of perfusion. One could compare both ways in a way that says that the chemical preparations rather offer assist-starting while maca starts with repairing the battery.

Maca root is used in natural medicine in the areas of increase in libido (sexual drive), improvement of steadfastness, ability to obtain an erection, improvement of quantity and quality of sperm, but also in the area of increasing the fertility of women and in order to prevent miscarriages.

Fucus vesiculosus

A seaweed found on the costs of the North Sea, Fucus vesiculosus has several health benefits that include lowering high blood-pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, and anti-aging properties. This ensures penis sexual health and functionality. It is essential for optimal thyroid health. In addition, its used to combat high cholesterol, exhaustion, obesity and arteriosclerosis. When your metabolism and thyroid systems work properly, this ensures penis is health and functionality.

4’, 5, 7-Thrihydroxyflavone and Embilca Officinalis

This helps to make all of your sexual organs healthy. It is a citrus bioflavonoid that is used to prevent and treat cancer. Embilica officinalis is a good source of Vitamin C. This bioflavonoid works hand in hand with Vitamin C to ensure that your blood vessels are healthy. This combination ensures long term sexual organ health.

San Gou Mu

This helps you to relax and ensure more control during sexual intercourse. This herb is mainly used for cardiovascular healthy, but it is also used to maintain sexual healthy and productivity. It does a great job to control blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, it relaxes the body during sex.

Dong Chong Xia Cao

This boosts testosterone productivity and sexual motivation. Plasma testosterone levels were increased in both 3 and 7-day lab rat studies. Testosterone works successfully to build and maintain libido.

Ling Zhi

This is proven to boost energy levels and your libido. It also enhances anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also is known to boost your mood and vitality, which are good attributes to have in the bedroom.

Xian Mao

This is an ancient ingredient that has been called nature’s aphrodisiac. As a matter of fact, it is considered an alternative to Viagra. It originates from India’s southeastern regions. It is a safe ingredient that is used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Tian Men Dong

This ingredient helps to fight impotence. It also relaxes the body, stabilizes body weight, reduces nervousness and helps you sleep.


This enhances erection fullness and testosterone productivity. It also helps to release nitric oxide, which improves erection stimulation via coronary vasodilatation. Nitric oxide also enhances vascular smooth muscles via parasympathetic stimulation. This means that more blood quickly pumps to the penis.

Drilizen also has an amino acid protein that is a precursor to nitric oxide. It also has an active ingredient called protodioscin. This ingredient makes luteinizing hormones secret better. This hormone stimulates testosterone that is linked with Leydig cells.

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