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In this article, we will discuss how to get the most out of your pheromones.

The key to unlocking the potential that pheromones have to offer is often found in something as simple as the dosage.

A lot of people jump into the world of pheromones with little to no knowledge about what to do, and“overdose”.

Overdosing is when you wear too much of a product or a mix of products and your signature comes off unappealing and/or confusing (this is called Ghosting as I mentioned before).

They then assume that a product does not work for them and go about spreading bad press about pheromone products. Little do they know the key to having pheromones work for you is testing and finding the right dosage.

How Do I Apply My Pheromones?

It’s best to apply your pheromone product to areas of your body that produce a lot of heat. The best areas are the insides of your wrists, your neck, and the sides of your face.

These areas a great because they are actively hot. Pheromones are molecules. They need heat in order to diffuse through the air.

This is why it is safer to apply less pheromone products dufing the summer while it is hot, and more during the winter when it is cold.

Why Are There Different Dosages for Different People?

The main reason everyone has a different working dosage is because everyone has different body chemistries.

Just like how some medications may affect someone differently from another or how an individual may have a weakness for dark liquor while another may be sensitive to clear liquor.

Different individuals produce different amount of pheromones naturally. The ones who produce a lot of natural pheromones require less pheromone products. While the ones who produce a little require more.

Also depending on your race you may naturally produce different types of pheromones.

For example, it has been found that people of a Latina background naturally produce more Androstenone as compared to someone who comes from an Asian background.

It has also been found that certain races prefer different pheromones. This is up to much speculation but I‘ve found it to be accurate.

• Asian women prefer RONE and A/B-NOLS
• Latina women prefer NONE
• Caucasion women prefer RONE and NONE

Test, Test, Test

What I recommend for beginners who have purchased their first product is to start at 2 doses. This is equivalent to 2 drops if you have a drop bottle, and 8 inches if you have a roll on bottle.

Try this dose for 2-3 days, and if you see no results, take a day off (make sure you properly wash off the pheromones) and increase the amount you put on. Keep doing this until you start seeing results.

Experiments of Synthesized Human Pheromones

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Taking Occasional Breaks

The reason we take a day off every so often is because pheromones are naturally very sticky molecules. If you continue to wear them day after day it is very easy for them to stack on top of each other, leading to an easy overdose.

Increase Your Dose

Keep increasing your dose until you see a change in the amount of hits you get. Once you’ve found a dosage that works, don’t stop there, try to increase that dosage – because sometimes you may find that even high dosages will bring you even more results.

Chances are that your perfect dosage amount is between 2-4 drops of a product. This is the widely accepted belief of the pheromone community. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, so testing is key.

How Do I Know If It’s Working?

Depending on what type of product you are wearing and what you’re looking for your results may vary. Here are just some things that I’ve personally experienced and results found by thousands of others.

For Status Products:

• People being more respectful all of a sudden
• Men will gravitate towards you when calling the shots
• Women telling you that they look up to you
• Co-workers/Boss telling you how glad they are working with you
• People opening doors for you
• People moving out of your way when you walk down the street

For Social Products:

• Strangers being more open to talking to you
• People asking you for directions
• People starting random conversations with you
• A large increase in deep conversations with people you barely know
• People telling you that they feel like you know them very well

For Sexual Attraction Products:

• Women being touchy with you
• Women looking at you with deer—in-the-headlight eyes (big pupils)
• Women telling you how hot you are

For Romantic Attraction Products:

• Women spending more time with you
• Women being more and more receptive to you over time
• Women telling you that they are interested

In the next post we will cover indicators of interest. These are the signs that a woman is interested.

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