Do Male Enhancement Pills Work? [UPDATED] 5/5 (1)

To men, length is what matters. It is the numbers if game by which men compare themselves to others. On the other would be girth. This is why male enhancement pills are so important.

With male enlargement pills, men can experience natural gains and improved libido over the course of 90 days. We have been force-fed the notion that technique is much more 5- important than size. My criticism is that there is a great deal more to this issue, and the experts for the most part, have chosen to it leave it untold. Male enhancement pills can boost size naturally without harmful side effects.

Actually, technique AND size should be considered with equal importance. The average person would agree that love— making technique, rather than size by itself is more important. Given the choice between a clumsy maladroit buffoon with a 9” (22 cm) penis and a suave handsome, charismatic tycoon with a 5” . (12 cm) cock, most of us would opt for the latter. But instead of stacking the deck, let’s say the choice lies between two men identical in attractiveness, and sexual technique.

The choice would obviously go to the man with the larger penis (unless, of course, the partner cannot comfortably accommodate a large penis). This is the specific type of question that sex researchers should ask, but are quite reluctant, for fear that the preference for the larger penis would dispel” their theory of superior technique. Bosch states that all men are better served by knowing the truth about genital size.

Male enhancement pills have been influential in boosting a man’s libido. In our society, we always seem to place the blame on the woman. “She’s too loose,” “She’s too big,” “She’s not tight enough” are the complaints often heard in the locker room. It’s time that men share responsibility in sexual matters. For their own sanity, modestly-endowed men should learn to accept their smaller status.

What The Research Says

Kinsey sex researchers found from their research that 3 of 4 men reached orgasm within 2 minutes of starting intercourse after using male enhancement pills.

This admission should in no way anguish their sense of masculinity and self worth, for the penis in it’s various sizes and shapes is a marvelous and beautiful creation. Also, a modest-sized penis is of much greater utility to a women with a shallow or narrow vagina. However, if an underhung man : uncomfortable with his status. he can search out methods of penis enlargement (manual or surgical) or learn more effective ways to please his partner.

Years ago, an interesting letter was submitted to Playboy magazine by a reader who had conducted her own survey. Among the women aged 25-50 who had home at least one child, not one was found in favor of a small penis. Of course, such a cursory survey. The United States is the only country that routinely circumcises its male infants for non-religious reasons is scientifically worthless, but it does point out that a few women are willing to voice their preference for a larger penis. Dr. Dick Richards argues that size indeed does matter to women.

Clinical Studies

In another clinical study, 36 male and 24 female college students: were shown slides of a large penis and a small penis and asked to describe their psychological reactions. The large penis was characterized as “stronger,” “more active,” and “more virile” than the smaller organ. Dudley Seth Danoff, M.D., disavows the fact that size matters to women: In my 20 years of practice, I have never had a female come to me and ask me to make her man’s penis larger or fatter or wider, but I have often been asked to make it firmer and make it attached to a nicer, more pleasant fellow.

Pioneer sex researcher Virginia Johnson—Masters disagrees. In an interview, she commented on women and penis size: “If a female believes that a large penis is the most exciting and stimulating thing for her, then it is.” Publicly, most women will state that technique, rather than penis size is the more important attribute. But ; privately, many women state otherwise. In a poll conducted by Glamour magazine. a majority of the women surveyed rated medium-to large-sized penises as the most desirable. Years earlier, Kinsey research concluded that women don’t have a preference for larger penises over average-sized ones. This is likely due to the fact that most women don’t achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. Psychotherapist Joy Davidson, Ph.D. says.

It’s not so much a question of size but how a man and woman fit together. It has to do with the placement of the clitoris, the love-making position or just how physically compatible a couples‘ bodies are – if they are different heights, different shapes.

Certain Native American tribes are known to stage competitions for the largest and ugliest penis.  Penises can be long, short, thick, or thin. Vaginas, on the same hand can be wide, narrow, deep, and shallow. Multiplying the possibilities, the odds against locating a partner with a perfect fit for your organ is something like 1 in 16 according to the experts.

The Correct Method of Penis Measurement

So, how do you go about measuring the honest and correct size of your penis? Believe it or not, there is a medically-mandated method that urologists use to fit their impotent patients for a penile implant. Precise measurements are critical—a half inch variance in the size of the prosthesis can be disastrous. The medically-correct method is to place a ruler firmly against the pubic bone on the top side of the erect penis and measure to the distal end (tip) of the glans. Researchers William A. Schonfeld and a recent magazine survey of over 1,000 men found that all male respondents, with the exception of the most extraordinarily well- endowed, expressed doubts about their own sexuality based on their penile size.

Penis Enlargement Methods – Fact & Phallusy

Gilbert W. Beebe specify the correct method of measuring the penis as “the linear distance along the dorsal (top) side of the ” penis extending from the mans veneris to the tip of the Measuring from underneath is NOT the correct way. You can V’; measure the erect size of your penis WITHOUT an erection.

How? By simply stretching the flaccid organ out as far as it will go. This” approximates the measurement of the erect penis. Later we’ll prove that the stretched flaccid length very closely approximates: the erect length with a mathematical formula.

Porn stars are celebrated examples of phallic hyperbole. The late John Holmes was particularly guilty of inflating his dimensions. Porno marketers took liberties by touting him as ‘the foot long stallion‘ and the “13 inch schlong.” While he may have been the crown prince of porno cocks, he simply didn’t approach these measurements. After all. did you ever see him hold up a ruler to his erection to verify the allegations? No. The truth is that John Holmes measured a hair short of 10” which is incredible in its own right.

How To Increase Erection Power

I will describe a number of medications that stimulate the male erectile function. However, I find it unreasonable to examine in detail each one of these medications or the use a lot of unnecessary scientific jargon. For the best understanding, I will only consider the most important information, and you can find the rest elsewhere if you would like. So, let us start!

Before we openly start talking about the products that work and make the penis ‘take off and soar,’ it would be great to understand the anatomy behind the penis. Knowing this theory is half the battle. Therefore, here are my two cents about the penis anatomy.

Internal Processes Producing Erection

Some people believe that the penis is a muscle that strains and also gets hard. Actually, an erection occurs when the penis is filled with blood in a state of sexual arousal. Let me give you an example. The penis is a ‘sponge’ covered with a ‘condom.’ The sponge, i.e. penis, can fill with blood. Skin covers the penis as a ‘condom’ and it is built as a porous body inside which it functions as a sponge.
When this sponge is filled with blood under the pressure of the produced nitrogen oxide, it begins to shape up and becomes hard. You may ask why this does happen from the standpoint of biology.

The blood can fill the penis causing erection only if the smooth muscles in the root of the penis are relaxed. Normally, the muscles are strained, so the blood cannot fill the penis, and the penis hangs. During arousal, or ‘sex in the head,’ the body starts producing nitrogen oxide that pushes out the blood under pressure. It is important to state that sexual arousal always occurs in the head, first. Ninety-five percent of the intercourse happens in our head.

Nitric oxide affects the musculature that is why athletes often use this effect. It is important to note that during the arousal, nitric oxide begins to interact with guanosine. Here is how it happens. Arousal begins, and the brain produces impulses to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide interacts with guanosine; that yields cyclic guanosine, which relaxes the smooth muscles at the root of the penis. When the muscles relax, it opens the ‘dam,’ and blood enters the penis and fills it.

In order for the penis to puff up and harden, it is necessary for the muscles to relax. What is funny is that for the penis to swell up and get hard, you need certain muscles at the root of the penis to blow off and loosen up. This makes it easy for the blood to flow in and fill up the porous body of the penis, producing an erection. This is the mechanism of erection. If we talk about erection from the standpoint of biology, then this process applies.

Everything About Volume Pills

Why and How Erection Goes Away

After the erection, the penis has to become softer, and the erection has to go away. There is a biological explanation for not having a hard on all the time; otherwise, with a hard on, it will literally interfere with the man’s development, and only an instinct will drive him. That is disadvantageous for the evolution. Conclusion: the penis must get soft again after the erection.

Moreover, there are situations when sex should take a back seat, mostly because of possible risks. For instance, when there is a threat to one’s life, a fire started during sex or one’s parents walked into the bedroom. In such situations, you will no longer be in the mood for sex, would you? Perhaps, a wife walked in on her husband having sex with his lover.

Some people cannot have sex or erection just because of the overwhelming thoughts in their head about it. For men who are concerned about the size of their penis, minor problems, might experience erectile dysfunction. Then, the problem is psychological, while physiologically they can get a hard on without any medications.

Any embarrassment or shyness can cause the erection to disappear. The next part of this book talks about why this happens.

Our body should have a mechanism that triggers the opposite reaction, and it does exist. It is mediated by the enzyme called phosphodiesterase. Phosphodiesterase competes with cyclic guanosine. The more phosphodiesterase, the weaker the erection (low levels of cyclic guanosine lead to strained muscles and obstructed blood flow to the penis). This is important and it is also vice versa. The lesser the phosphodiesterase, the larger the blood flow, and the better the erection. Thus, there are two compounds, one stimulates erection (cyclic guanosine), and the other blocks it (phosphodiesterase).


Strong medications such as Viagra, block the action of phosphodiesterase. Therefore, they are called phosphodiesterase inhibitors. When the brain sends stop signals for the production of nitric oxide, it causes changes in its balance, and phosphodiesterase blocks cyclic guanosine. In this situation, the solution is very simple. The medication should either enhance cyclic guanosine, or block phosphodiesterase. That is how inhibitors, such as Viagra, work. These processes happen before the moment of ejaculation, i.e. during sex. After ejaculation, the penis becomes softer. This involves another mechanism based on prolactin.

When a man cums, prolactin enters the bloodstream; this leads to the penis getting soft and experiencing a long refractory period. With age, the refractory period becomes longer. If prolactin did not go into the bloodstream, it might be that the penis is still hard. Blocking prolactin helps recover quicker after sex. In theory, zero levels of prolactin make multiple orgasms without rest possible. Some porn actors use this approach.

Three Products That Stimulate Erections & Sexual Arousal

Sexual arousal is a mental process. Here are the products that affect arousal and erection:Tribulis,Yohimbine,and Proviron. These supplements are popular among bodybuilders but poorly used for erectile function.


Studies from South America and the United States (which are, however, more based on experience reports than on measurable data) show however that the probands reported an increase in sexual desire and performance, a stronger immune system, and more energy, moreover, it is supposed to counteract depression and chronic fatigue. The Peruvian scientist Gustavo Gonzales gave maca to twelve men between 20 and 40 for three months and examined their fertility afterwards. Already after two weeks, he could on average determine a doubling in the amount of sperm. At the same time, male hormones were formed and the probands swore that their sexual desire had significantly increased.

Chinese scientists published a study where maca extract was given to mice, that were then able to have 47-67 orgasms within three hours. The mice of the control group only had 16 orgasms in the same time.

The neurologist Fernando Cabiesee, who also examined the potency-improving effect of maca, assessed that the plant does not only increase the ability to get an erection, but also the general drive to be sexually active over the long term.

Maca is offered in the market as the »natural Viagra. In fact, it must rather be seen as a very original food which was grown and enjoyed by the natives of Peru during centuries and which has hoped-for side effects.


Ginseng is considered to be the Asian medical plant per se in the West. For over 2000 years it has been used in medicine. In consideration of its occurrence mainly in the mountain and forest regions of North Korea, north-eastern China, and south—eastern Siberia, the plant was for a long time reserved for the rich.

However, the plant does only hardly ever occur in the wilderness anymore, so that the demand on the world market is rather covered by cultivated Ginseng. Its cultivation has been operated for more than 800 years and is very complex and expensive, especially as the roots of ginseng need five to six years in order to reach their potency of active ingredients.

On the market, white ginseng is distinguished from red ginseng even if they derive from the same plant and differ only in their processing. While white ginseng is peeled, bleached and dried right after harvesting it, the red ginseng firstly needs to be treated with steam.

The content of ginsenosides is crucial for the medical effect. It is influenced by age, cultivation region, soil quality and processing.


Ginkgo is a type of tree from China that is nowadays grown worldwide. Mixed forest, but sometimes also mountain valleys were the original habitat.

Ginkgo is also called “living fossil” because it is the only survivor of its botanical group. It is a deciduous tree which can become older than thousand years and higher than 40 meters. Since the seeds can have an unpleasant odor of butyric acid, in Europe the tree is mainly spread as a male tree in the form of cuttings. When processing them correctly, undesired side active agents are separated by extraction.

Ginkgo preparations have a neuroprotective effect; cognitive performance and learning ability are enhanced and flowing properties of the blood are optimized. For this reason, ginkgo is also used for preventing and treating dementia, for treating organically caused memory and concentration problems as well as for treating tinnitus, dizziness, and headache.

Ginkgo stimulates the blood flow, which has an extreme effect of relaxation of the muscles of the cavernous body within the penis. A longer-lasting and stronger erection is the result. Specialized literature constitutes amounts of 40-100mg of ginkgo extract as sufficient, whereas under medical supervision even amounts up to 240mg are possible.

Gingko has some known, rather rare side effects. In rare cases, gastrointestinal complaints and headaches have been observed. But it does exist a clear contraindication when taking blood-thinning medications.


Used to raise the testosterone levels artificially.  Besides other functions irrelevant to our subject, this hormonal medicine regulates arousal. If there is a lot of testosterone in the body, a man is slightly excited and energized. In this case, Tribulis works well but it is the weakest product out of the three products. Side effects include: Indigestion and aggressiveness.


This is also popular in sports; used by women for fat burning. It acts by blocking one type of receptors and enhancing others. Alpha—2 receptor antagonist. Works similar to adrenaline and stimulates certain processes in some tissues, affects sexual arousal in the brain. Increases nitric oxide concentration during arousal, thus enhances male potency. A person has a longer erection and is less prone to panic; therefore, the levels of phosphodiesterase are lower. It can also prolong sexual intercourse and make it harder to cum, complicating the ejaculation process. Side effects include: Increased blood pressure, insomnia, skin redness, dizziness and other mild effects.

These two products directly affect arousal. In this context,Yohimbine is stronger than Tribulus.

Proviron (Mesterolone)

Used in sports to block aromatization processes, i.e. conversion of testosterone into estrogens. Proviron makes muscles stiff and it is an androgen, just as testosterone. It may strongly affect the brain and male potency through the brain. Itbinds globulin, a compound that binds testosterone. Testosterone in the body can be free and bound. Provironcompetes with globulin by binding it; this increases the percentage of free testosterone in the body. The more free testosterone there is in the body, the more efficient the muscles are. Simply speaking, Proviron adds stiffness to the muscles, due to blocking aromatization and also to the penis because it is a powerful androgen. These three products have an impact on the brain, thereby increasing male potency.

The following medications lower prolactin levels; we already know that the less prolactin there is in the body, the faster the person recovers after the intercourse. Essentially, if there is no prolactin in the body, then there is no refractory period, and the penis does not get soft, but it is unnatural. There are two medications that partially solve this problem, Mastogol made from the medicinal plant Artemisia Vulgaris, and Cabergoline (Dostinex, Bergolak).


Unfortunately, new miracle cures, where the mode of action has not been proven and that only exist to take money from desperate men, are frequently offered on the market. Some do not even have an effect (or a completely different effect than desired), but some actually increase erection and desire, but after single intake already leads to lasting physical damages.

Equally dangerous are black market products, products from dubious senders and products from no-name producers. At best, you buy sugar pastilles for serious money – at worst, it is rat poison or any similar fatal product. Thus: Hands off!

Also always to note is the fact that overdoses or interactions with other preparations can lead to undesired consequences or even to serious damages to one’s health. In any case, it is important to be moderate and to consult an expert before taking any preparation.

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