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To men, length is what matters. It is the numbers if game by which men compare themselves to others. On the other would be girth. This is why male enhancement pills are so important.

Why Male Enhancement Pills Matter

With male enlargement pills, men will experience natural gains and improved libido over the course of 90 days. We have been force-fed the notion that technique is much more 5- important than size. My criticism is that there is a great deal more to this issue, and the experts for the most part, have chosen to it leave it untold. Male enhancement pills can boost size naturally without harmful side effects.

Actually, technique AND size should be considered with equal importance. The average person would agree that love— making technique, rather than size by itself is more important. Given the choice between a clumsy maladroit buffoon with a 9” (22 cm) penis and a suave handsome, charismatic tycoon with a 5” . (12 cm) cock, most of us would opt for the latter. But instead of stacking the deck, let’s say the choice lies between two men identical in attractiveness, and sexual technique.

The choice would obviously go to the man with the larger penis (unless, of course, the partner cannot comfortably accommodate a large penis). This is the specific type of question that sex researchers should ask, but are quite reluctant, for fear that the preference for the larger penis would dispel” their theory of superior technique. Bosch states that all men are better served by knowing the truth about genital size.

Male enhancement pills have been influential in boosting a man’s libido. In our society, we always seem to place the blame on the woman. “She’s too loose,” “She’s too big,” “She’s not tight enough” are the complaints often heard in the locker room. It’s time that men share responsibility in sexual matters. For their own sanity, modestly-endowed men should learn to accept their smaller status.

What The Research Says

Kinsey sex researchers found from their research that 3 of 4 men reached orgasm within 2 minutes of starting intercourse after using male enhancement pills.

This admission should in no way anguish their sense of masculinity and self worth, for the penis in it’s various sizes and shapes is a marvelous and beautiful creation. Also, a modest-sized penis is of much greater utility to a women with a shallow or narrow vagina. However, if an underhung man : uncomfortable with his status. he can search out methods of penis enlargement (manual or surgical) or learn more effective ways to please his partner.

Years ago, an interesting letter was submitted to Playboy magazine by a reader who had conducted her own survey. Among the women aged 25-50 who had home at least one child, not one was found in favor of a small penis. Of course, such a cursory survey. The United States is the only country that routinely circumcises its male infants for non-religious reasons is scientifically worthless, but it does point out that a few women are willing to voice their preference for a larger penis. Dr. Dick Richards argues that size indeed does matter to women.

In another clinical study, 36 male and 24 female college students: were shown slides of a large penis and a small penis and asked to describe their psychological reactions. The large penis was characterized as “stronger,” “more active,” and “more virile” than the smaller organ. Dudley Seth Danoff, M.D., disavows the fact that size matters to women: In my 20 years of practice, I have never had a female come to me and ask me to make her man’s penis larger or fatter or wider, but I have often been asked to make it firmer and make it attached to a nicer, more pleasant fellow.

Jes Extender In-Depth Review

Pioneer sex researcher Virginia Johnson—Masters disagrees. In an interview, she commented on women and penis size: “If a female believes that a large penis is the most exciting and stimulating thing for her, then it is.” Publicly, most women will state that technique, rather than penis size is the more important attribute. But ; privately, many women state otherwise. In a poll conducted by Glamour magazine. a majority of the women surveyed rated medium-to large-sized penises as the most desirable. Years earlier, Kinsey research concluded that women don’t have a preference for larger penises over average-sized ones. This is likely due to the fact that most women don’t achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. Psychotherapist Joy Davidson, Ph.D. says.

It’s not so much a question of size but how a man and woman fit together. It has to do with the placement of the clitoris, the love-making position or just how physically compatible a couples‘ bodies are – if they are different heights, different shapes.

Certain Native American tribes are known to stage competitions for the largest and ugliest penis.  Penises can be long, short, thick, or thin. Vaginas, on the same hand can be wide, narrow, deep, and shallow. Multiplying the possibilities, the odds against locating a partner with a perfect fit for your organ is something like 1 in 16 according to the experts.

The Correct Method of Penis Measurement

So, how do you go about measuring the honest and correct size of your penis? Believe it or not, there is a medically-mandated method that urologists use to fit their impotent patients for a penile implant. Precise measurements are critical—a half inch variance in the size of the prosthesis can be disastrous. The medically-correct method is to place a ruler firmly against the pubic bone on the top side of the erect penis and measure to the distal end (tip) of the glans. Researchers William A. Schonfeld and a recent magazine survey of over 1,000 men found that all male respondents, with the exception of the most extraordinarily well- endowed, expressed doubts about their own sexuality based on their penile size.

Penis Enlargement Methods—Fact & Phallusy

Gilbert W. Beebe specify the correct method of measuring the penis as “the linear distance along the dorsal (top) side of the ” penis extending from the mans veneris to the tip of the Measuring from underneath is NOT the correct way. You can V’; measure the erect size of your penis WITHOUT an erection.

How? By simply stretching the flaccid organ out as far as it will go. This” approximates the measurement of the erect penis. Later we’ll prove that the stretched flaccid length very closely approximates: the erect length with a mathematical formula.

Porn stars are celebrated examples of phallic hyperbole. The late John Holmes was particularly guilty of inflating his dimensions. Porno marketers took liberties by touting him as ‘the foot long stallion‘ and the “13 inch schlong.” While he may have been the crown prince of porno cocks, he simply didn’t approach these measurements. After all. did you ever see him hold up a ruler to his erection to verify the allegations? No. The truth is that John Holmes measured a hair short of 10” which is incredible in its own right.

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