Does Max Attraction Gold Work?

Let’s talk about Max Attraction Gold which is manufactured by Luvessentials which gave been around for more than 11 years producing and selling pheromone products. Based in Miami, Max Attraction was their flagship phero before they came out with Max Attraction Gold which is now their best selling pheromone. Max Attraction is a sexual attractant that creates and aura of sexual dominance and alpha maleness to people that come in your presence. Unlike other brands Max is not what you call an icebreaker. Instead, It makes women sexually attracted to you and gives you an unfair advantage against other guys.

Can It Really Help You Pick Up beautiful Women?

It has become one of the highest-rated pheromones and a crowd favorite. When you start to use this product you may experience certain phero hits which include females being more talkative, more flirtatious, more touching, more laughing, and generally more sociable. Luv Essentials have done a superb job of manufacturing this product. It is one of the better pheromone products on the market.

The best thing about it is that it works with a single spray. Usually when you get a new pheromone cologne you put as much as you can because you think that it will be more important. This Is not true with this one and totally unnecessary due to the high potency. For best results it is recommended that you try on a little bit at a time. Less is more in this case. It lasts a whole lot longer and you are not spending hundreds of dollars on pheromones.

You can buy this one bottle and it will last for ages. The spray itself will last for up to 4 hours which is a really good length of time. So if you are going to a club you can pack a bottle in your pocket and every four hours spray one squirt on your pulse points like your wrist or neck t keep it going. You don’t want to put too much on you. Just do the bare minimum and you should be pleased with the results. One thing you need to know.

Do not use this at work. It s a very strong sexual attractant which means you could have adverse effects in the presence of other males. Other men may resent you, become more aggressive, so you want to be careful about wearing this to work. This product should be used strictly on the social scene and not at work. There are other products that work great as professional enhancers that you can use. If you would like to read our full review then you can click here.