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A well-known pheromone cologne that’s been on the market for many years, Nexus is an alpha male pheromone designed to ellicit a sexual response from women and increase your chance of meeting beautiful women. This is an older but established pheromone cologne that has received a lot of publicity. Usually, when it comes to testing pheromone products  I try not to base on my assumptions too on other people’s reviews since results vary form each individual.

I’ve seen a mix of positive and some negative reviews on it but felt it was ultimately up to me to determine if it really works. After reading some preliminary discussions it occurred to me some people were split on the effectiveness of Nexus. Regardless, I decided to test it myself.

First Impressions

The human mating game works because it’s a mating game that tests the core strengths of our species. Female selectivity rewards the most socially competent, the most resourceful, the strongest, the meanest and the hottest, in various and often dynamic degrees depending on the overall state of the community these humans live in. And while you may know that pheromones can affect different aspects of human behavior, people generally tend to get the greatest results when they use more than one.

What I like about Nexus is their formula takes all the most popular synthetically engineered pheromones and combines them in one bottle making it versatile and useful for everyday usage. Nexus is like the Guess Jeans of pheromone colognes. It’s cool, it’s edgy and it makes you feel like a winner. It’s primarily geared for young guys who want an edge with women. And not just any women. This stuff is for the bolder guy who wants to take home a smoking hot girl.

This was pretty apparent to me but the way its been portrayed on their webiste and further validated by my own test results.


Nexus uses seven different compounds in their spray.


These include Androsterone, which has a mood heightening effect one women, making you seem more masculine.  A great pheromone to use, Androsterone makes men to be perceived as more masculine around women and help guys find potential mates.


Androstadienone makes women more caring and heightens their sexual awareness, prompting them to want to be more close to you, and makes them want to touch and hold you more than usual. A great pheromone for women that you can to emotional connect to, androstadienone is often called “the love pheromone” because it creates feelings of romance, intimacy, and comfort.


Alpha-androstenol is a pheromone that makes women feel more comfortable around you and is classified as a powerful sex pheromone. Alpha-androstenol is great to use around women you want to be sexually involved in and to increase her feelings of intimacy.

Androstanone and Androstenone

These compounds make you appear more dominant and powerful, tricking the responses in women that make them think you will be a better mate than other males around you. Androstenone has a musky but pleasant scent, often described as woody and sharp-smelling. Users often wear it because it can project dominance around women who are attracted to alpha males.


Lastly there is also Beta-androstenol. Known as the Icebreaker Pheromone, this makes it easier for women to approach and talk to you, and for you to talk to them. Beta-androstenol maes women feel relaxed and more friendly around you.

First Impressions

Nexus Pheromones can be applied along with your favorite cologne, sprayed on the pulse areas of your chest and neck. Only two or three sprays are needed, any more is a waste of the product. One application will last up to ten hours, plenty of time to hang out with friends or go out on a night on the town. It is small and discreet so it can be carried with you wherever you go.


Now one of the biggest questions many men ask is will this product help me score with women? It depends. While it smells great and has a wide range of pheromones in each bottle, how you use it and take advantage of the situation will largely influence your success.

Only you can do this. Nexus Pheromones can give you the confidence to talk to women, but you have to keep it going. This only comes with practice.

I like to use pheromones to break the ice with girls I meet whether its in a club, bar, or social event. I got several hits from women the first weekend I used it, some of which I acted upon and exchanged numbers.  Every situation is different, so it’s best to adapt. Even in work environments, I found people more receptive to me and generally friendlier. I’d attribute this to the beta-androstenol which is known to put people at ease and calm them down.

A Total Confidence Booster

There is no secret recipe for confidence. You can’t snap your fingers and wake up one day with a suddenly new sense of self. However, you can change, day by day. Confidence is a pattern of thoughts and behaviors. And like any pattern, confidence is increased through practice; through habit. Nexus is a total confidence booster when you’re around women. It gives you a cool aura that women gravitate to.

When we are confident, we make it a habit to think more positively and act more positively. There are always things that can get us down, but confidence is about approaching these things with the right attitude. Confidence means believing that we can overcome. It is easy to come apart when the day is long and every little detail seems to be going wrong.

I felt empowered around women and confidence is one of most attractive traits for women. People with low confidence may stop trying because they tell themselves, what does it matter? When people think little of themselves, they are stuck. Being stuck in a rut is a terrible thing—it prevents us from ever exploring our full potential. This is one area Nexus can help; by allowing you to work on your inner game while boosting your outer game.

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Confidence is visible. Confident people carry themselves with an air; a presence. They do not divert their eyes or lower their heads or cower and hide in the face of incredible stress. Confident people tackle stress and seize the moment and get the girl

How To Maximize Your Success with Nexus Pheromones

This is where a lot of men go wrong. Although some pick-up lines may work depending upon the girl, the context, and the delivery, experts contend that the easiest pick-up line is often the best. If you’ve approached a woman based on perceived mutual interest, it’s likely that she’s already noticed you too. In this case, simply saying “hi” with a nice smile will do the trick. This will open up the lines of communication and put the pressure on her to carry the momentum into the next topic.

The best strategy is to use an impersonal, interrogative comment. Studies show that this is the least threatening, and most commonly effective. This is the type of comment that can work regardless of the setting or context. If you’re at a party that is crowded, you can say “pretty packed in here, isn’t it?” If you’re outside you can say, “Nice weather, huh?” A lot of people try to flirt right off the bat with something witty, failing to realize that a simple, impersonal question is the best way to ease into conversation. The longer response to your harmless question, usually the better. If the target uses “you” and “I” in the response, then you’re golden. For instance, a favorable response to your question about the weather might go like: “I love the sun, how about you?”

The Conversation

Once the conversation has begun, it’s important to remember to maintain eye contact. The listener should look at the speaker’s face for roughly 1-5 second periods. The speaker does not have to maintain eye contact as frequently, as the speaker is more concerned with looking away in moments of thought. When the speaker wants to signal that it’s the listener’s turn to talk, then the speaker can reestablish eye contact and cease talking. This system of basic eye contact exchanges ensures that the conversation does not have awkward pauses.

Of course, there’s a lot more to attracting and picking up a target then knowing when to look during conversation! You should also strive to avoid certain pitfalls. Most conversations should be 50/50. Don’t be depressive and don’t drone on about your problems. It is good to show that you are listening by nodding, smiling, and responding emotionally. You can also paraphrase what was said to show that you’re listening.

Men can use simple comments by telling a woman that she is lovely or looks beautiful. Intrusive, crass comments are a major no-no. Being too mundane, pausing too often, not talking, talking too much about oneself, delivering too many compliments or getting overexcited are also no-no’s.

Conversers must also be sure to disclose information at even rates. Playful and light-hearted humor will make the conversation interesting and keep the good feeling alive. Judge how much the other person is revealing and try to match that about yourself. The whole point is to progress naturally.

The bottom line: Don’t be too revealing and don’t be so mysterious that nobody will get to know you.

Easy Does It

If a man seems less stressed, he is in for a real treat. Men that appear less stressed signal to potential partners that they are better equipped for handling life’s problems. It’s an evolutionary thing, and tells women unconsciously that the guy won’t freak out and lose his cool. Because women are physically smaller and weaker, they require a man who can work his way rationally through issues.

They need a man who can navigate difficulties without exacerbating problems and without putting the woman and offspring at risk. The ability to handle stress is a strong genetic component that potential mates seek.

The bottom line: Play it cool with her. Don’t freak out and get stressed over little things. Women are attracted to guys who are cool under pressure.


Based on my results, I would be confident to wear Nexus in any environment. It’s sophisticated smelling but light and the pheromones don’t seem to bother people or rub them the wrong way. In fact, my experience has been quite the opposite. I encourage people to explore using pheromones in different settings to see how it meshes with your personality and the responses from potential mates. There’s a reason why women respond to men the way they do and that reason is rooted in aeons of natural selection.

Pheromones like Nexus, when used correctly,  can help boost your confidence and inner-game while making you more attractive and desirable by women.

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