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Penis pumps are male enhancement products that have been on the market for many decades and their uses are quite varied. Some men purchase the pumps to treat issues with weak erections. Others purchase the pumps for the purpose of increasing size. A lot has been written and studied about these pumps over the years and the results are positive. Someone considering purchasing a penis pump should review a few basic points to understand what to expect from the device.

The following is a list of my favorite penis pumps:


Penomet is a new penis pump that is extremely popular. In 2013, it won two Best New Product Awards in the penis enlargement industry. Men are very pleased with its performance, including myself. It is one of the best ways to get a bigger than life hard erection. I use it for a mere 15 minutes and see great results.

Penomet is also a hydro pump because pressure is created with water instead of air. This is the newest in technology for penis pumps. As a matter of fact, it’s been proven that water pressure works better than air pressure. This is why my top three favorites are hydro pumps.

Hydromax X20 X30 X40

The second pump on my list is the Hydromax. It is actually a series of pumps, X20, X30 and X40. This is because they are available in different sizes and pressure points. They are similar to the Penomet, but the Penomet is a higher quality product. This is why I could only list it as number two on my list.

However, in terms of options, the Hydromax X-series of pumps is slightly better than the Penomet brand. This is because it comes in different sizes. For example, if your penis is smaller than 4 inches longer, the Hydromax X20 is ideal for you.

Bathmate Pump

This was the first hydro penis pump ever made. Although it hasn’t changed much in technology over the years, it is still a quality penis pump. I really like this pump because its affordable. It’s price tag is a lot cheaper than the Hydromax and Penomet. Also, since it was the first of its kind, the Bathmate penis pump has plenty helpful online guides and user reviews.

Personally, I still think you should stick with a Penomet or Hydromax, unless you need a budget friendly option.

X4 Labs Male Power Air Vacuum Pump

An air vacuum pump basically works the same as a hydro pump. Instead of water, it uses air in the cylinder vacuum. When it is used to treat erectile dysfunction, constriction is needed to seal the blood in the penis to create an erection. If it is just used as a penis conditioning exercise, then constriction isn’t necessary.

The X4 Labs is a popular pump that is used for penis enhancement. X4 Labs makes many different male penile devices, including penis extenders and associated accessories. A X4 Labs air penis pump has a $39.95 price tag. For this price, the user receives a pump and a high-quality lubricant sample. Use the lubricant to ensure the area between the pump and pubic skin is sealed.

Top Gauge Pressurized Penis Pump

This is one of the best-selling pumps on Amazon. It is a top pump in terms of accuracy and performance. Top Gauge uses an industrial pressure gauge, which gives men total control over their erections.

Top Gauge is designed for easy handling. It has a pistol-grip handle and cylinder base with a flared pump. This particular handle lets you control the pressure and quickly release the trigger mechanism with just one hand. The base has a latex coating that makes using the device very comfortable.

Inexpensive Penis Pumps

There are plenty of penis pumps on the market. The cheapest air pump on Amazon is under $100. As a matter of fact, you can probably find many of them below $50. Research to find a list of high quality air vacuum penis pumps for your penile enhancement needs. But if you are really serious about enlarging your penis, consider making a Bathmate or Penomet purchase. These are great options even if you just want to use it for health therapy.

How They Work

penis pump is, essentially, a vacuum tube in which the penis is inserted into. A ring is present at the base of the tube to seal the tube and make it airtight. A pump is used to remove the air from the tube forcing the penis to react to the lack of air inside the tube. The way the penis reacts is it enlarges.

The notion the pump can be used to treat impotency is not mere wishful thinking. The U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved these pumps to treat erectile dysfunction issues. That is a strong endorsement for these devices.

Is Vigrx Plus Safe?

Using the pump to engorge the penis with blood while erect (per is done as a erectile dysfunction treatment. Those using the pump for enlargement purposes use the pump in a similar manner although for a different purpose.

The pressure the penis experiencing in the pump tube is going to have a reaction. The reaction is a similar one to what is common with penis extenders. The cells in the tissue of the penis end up dividing, which leads to the penis becoming larger in length and thickness. Pressure on the ligaments connecting the penis to the pubic bone may cause the ligaments to extend. As a result, the “inner penis” inside the body could become exposed leading to greater length.

There is a good reason why the pump shares a similarity with penis extenders. The only way the penis can be enlarged is if the tissue divides or more of the inner penis is exposed.

Why Do Water Pumps Work Better Than Air Pumps?

The penis enhancement industry has been shifting from air to water penis pumps for the following reasons:

  • The pressure seal around the penis is tighter
  • Water makes the skin softer and elastic
  • The vacuum is stronger
  • It can be used without water

However, the following are reasons that people still like air based penis pumps:

  • They are cheaper
  • They can be used in the bedroom
  • Easier use for quick erections (But they can also dry out the skin, which decreases comfort)

Personally, I have both types of pumps. But I don’t use my air pump because the water pump is easier to use.

How Does an Air Vacuum Penis Pump Work?

Air penis pumps are very common. You’ve probably seen them many choices during your research. This type of pump creates a vacuum around your penis when the cylinder is pumped. An erection is formed once there is a vacuum seal. Then its safe to remove your erect penis.

Also, air penis pumps were the first ones used to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Slow but Steady Results

No one should be of the impression that a penis pump can enlarge the penis in a short period of time. Consistent use of the pump for a recommended amount of time per week is necessary for any permanent results to be experienced.

Penis Pump Technology

The original version of the penis pump strictly utilized a hand pump designed to manually suction out the air. These particular pumps are still available on the market. They are effective and come with reasonable prices. New versions of the pump are a bit more expensive, but they come with added features that make the expense worth it.

Newer versions of the penis pump are electric models. Simply turning a switch engages the vacuum/suction process. Reportedly, the suction is going to be more intense with the electric version of the pump.

A bath pump is designed to be used when bathing. The pump utilizing water to add to the vacuuming power. Many feel these particular pumps are the most superior. Of course, opinions are going to vary about which types of pumps are better than others.


Consumers should only buy a penis pump that was made by a reputable manufacturer. Also, it goes without saying the pump should only be used in the proper manner. Additionally, there are certain medical warnings that do apply. A person who has had a penile implant should not use the pump. Anyone who has undergone penis enlargement surgery should not use a pump without a doctor’s okay. Those with blood clots, blood disorders, or who are using blood-thinning medication – prescription or over-the-counter – should not use a pump.

The best advice that could be given here is, when in doubt, seek a medical professionals advice on how to use the pump.

How to Use a Penis Pump Successfully:

  • Place your penis in the cylinder
  • Use the pump to take out the water/air in the cylinder
  • Monitor the pressure settings
  • Monitor psychological settings to prevent accidents
  • Time pumping sets, which should be no more than 15 minutes for beginners.
  • Check the vacuum level. Make sure it doesn’t exceed recommended manufacturer limits.
  • Release pressure so blood rushes to your penis.

Is the Pump/Tube Size Important?

When using a penis pump, your penis glans might rub against the tube. This is extremely painful, especially if you’re using an air penis pump. (The water in a water based pump may help eliminate the friction, but its still going to hurt.)

Take the following things into consideration before using a penis pump:

  • If you have penis curvature, your penis will fit better in a wider tube, which is available with Penomet.
  • If you have an average sized penis, you will eventually need a bigger pump. This is especially if you’re starting out with a short/thin one.
  • You can use a large pump for numerous months, if you properly maintain it.

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