Pherazone Pheromones

Is Pherazone the right pheromone for you? In this article, I offer my full review and opinion of this popular and controversial pheromone cologne for men.

I will also answer why I chose this brand over other pheromones on the market.

Basically, if you are a man looking for the right woman, you need the right chemistry, and pheromones can give you an edge by amplifying your confidence and sex appeal.

The good thing about pheromones is that they can make you more appealing, even if you feel completely helpless around the average woman.

Why Concentration Really Matters

Pherazone can greatly help in this area if used correctly because it has a much higher concentration of pheromones than other brands. In fact, is is up to 15x higher than competing products if you consider their flagship formula called Pherazone Ultra Concentrated.

Studies have shown that pheromones, androstenone to be specific, are responsible for increasing sexual attraction. Unfortunately, our body’s natural pheromones wash off whenever we take a shower or bathe.

And while pheromone colognes can boost our pheromone levels, it comes at a cost. What I have learned from experience and testing different brands is most of them have low pheromone concentrations to keep costs down in an effort to boost sale.

While they can still give you an edge with women, most of them fail to offer the full benefits of wearing pheromones.

This is where Pherazone differs. They’ve created a product that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with pheromone colognes.

Of course, that means it’s a little bit more expensive than other brands. And quite frankly, I was a little skeptical at first but soon changed my mind after trying it. You may have heard the saying “you get what you pay for”.  When you break down the cost, which I have done, you actually get more for your dollar than what the other guys are selling.


Pherazone has 36 milligrams of pheromones per fluid ounce in their entry level product and goes all the way up to 108 mg in their Ultra Super Concentrated flagship. Keep in mind this an advanced formula meant for seasoned pros who know what they’re doing.

Your everyday brand of pheromones has on average a measly five milligrams.

Not only is Pherazone more powerful, they also offer 7 different pheromones in their formula making it suitable for everyday use and not just for seduction.

Pheromones Found in Pherazone

PherazoneThese are the reported effects of some of the pheromones found in Pherazone.


Effects include: Women feeling sexually aroused, intimidation, respect from men, aggression from others (you can easily be perceived as a threat if you have to much Androstenone on).


Effects include: coming off as a respected person. Feelings such as status, authority, wisdom, trust, and reliability. Androsterone has been reported to make the user seem more mature.


Effects on others include: more sociable, open and friendly, and happy. People feel as if you are an extremely sociable person. It is commonly used to buffer products containing NONE to make the user more approachable and less intimidating.

The heavy concentration of Androstenol gives the power to make males more sexual, dominant and masculine overall. Because of its high concentration, results can be seen in a matter of minutes, immediately amplifying your magnetism and able to go after the woman of your dreams, even if you’ve never had the courage to do so before.


Effects on Women include: feelings of long, affection, and love.

Women feel as sense of comfort and happiness when they are around the user. Strangely enough Androstadienone has also been reported to lessen the side effects of menstruation such as cramps and mood swings.

Each application will last for about eight hours. This means that one bottle of Pherazone lasts longer than most of the other pheromone products for men. As a result, you’ll have additional opportunities to attract more attention, form more relationships, go on more dates and have more sexual escapades.

Sex, Love, and Lust: The Pheromone Connection


Not only does Pherazone have the largest concentration of pheromones of any other brand in the market, it also smells like a top designer fragrance. This means that the pheromones work wonderfully and smell awesome too! I would describe it as a fresh and clean aquatic scent. Pherazone states their scent is unique and one-of-a-kind and not copied from other manufacturers. I would tend to agree because I have not smelt anything like it before.

Now if you’re the type of guy who likes to use his own cover scent, they have an unscented formula.

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Does It Really Work?

So does Pherazone really work or is it just pheromone hype as usual? The answer yes it works so long as you give it a chance. I will explain more on this later.

Due to it’s popularity, some shady manufacturers and marketers have gone to great lengths to discredit Pherazone such as selling counterfeits, making fake reviews so they can sell their own brands, and creating general confusion in the market. This actually made me a little hesitant to try them at first. So, without naming names, there are a few things you may to consider.

  1. They have been in business since 2010. Usually when a company has been in business for over 5 years they are doing something right.
  2. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee. I never try pheromones that I can’t return because if they don’t work for whatever reason; body chemistry, personality, dosage, expectations, etc, I want to get my money back.
  3. There product is made in a FDA-certified lab which ensures Pherazone contains real pheromones.

One thing you may notice is I only recommend a handful of pheromone products on this site. Again, most of the pheromones on the market are of such low concentration it’s not even worth the money and time.

Recommended: Indicators of Interest.

First Impressions and Results

I started using Pherazone soon after breaking up with a long-term girlfriend. Desperate to get back in the game I decided to take the plunge. I had used other pheromones in the past with mixed results but this experience was a bit different.

With Pherazone, it’s like wearing the most expensive designer cologne only to be warmly greeted and noticed by women, many of which, appear readily available to socialize and get to know you. With attraction, it all comes down to the vibe your giving off. When I wear Pherazone, my confidence is boosted, and my presence expanded as a desirable alpha male.

Who Should Use It?

You might want to use Pherazone if you want more sexual encounters, a more active social life, more dates, and to strengthen romantic feelings with your partner.


If you take the right approach with women by acting cool and confident, and making an effort, you will experience an immediate edge with this product. There have been several times while wearing it that opportunities had been created for me to approach or be approached by a beautiful woman and escalate things to the next level, whether it’s a first date, or a sexual encounter.

Overall, if you want to try pheromone colognes go for something that uses a powerful concentration. The results may surprise you.

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  • Groot

    As I’ve experienced it, the Pherazone effect is a deal-closer and relationship maker, nothing more.

    When you get up close with a girl and she just smells so *right* that you become drunk on her – that is the pheromone effect.

    It has often been said that who you end up married to comes down to random luck and pheromones.

    I’ve been in relationships where I stayed beyond the use by date, simply because of how *right* she smelled. In the same way, I’ve left girls because they smelled *wrong*. It isn’t about smelling good or bad, it is this deep, animal instinct.

  • Deonna Lawley

    I like the way this stuff smells on my boyfriend, it is subtle and pleasant. Not sure if it’s the pheromones in this but I can’t keep my hands off of him when he wears this around me.