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In this article, I will discuss how pheromone sprays work on humans and what you need to know about choosing the best pheromone.

Most pheromone colognes and perfumes come in spray bottle with an atomizer which is a refillable spray device consisting of a cap, removable top, sprayer and bottle. … Smaller atomizers are convenient for carrying in a purse or on trips when you do not want to carry your regular-sized fragrance bottle with you.

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Pheromones Used in Colognes

Below are the most common pheromones used in spray colognes.


AndrostenoneA very common pheromone for men and women is androstenone.

It can be found in both males and females, but predominantly in males.

In non-scientific circles, this is known as the alpha male pheromone, which taps into the age-old drive in women to choose the strongest mate, the alpha.



This pheromone for men is a bit different from androstenone, but accomplishes the same effect overall. Androsterone puts off an aura of masculinity and domination; however, the aggressive or intimidation factor is markedly missing.

People wearing this particular pheromone may give the impression of being reliable, safe, secure and protective. Again all qualities that women seek in a male, whether they realize it or not.


AndrostadienoneAndrostadienone is a pheromone for men, in that it is only present in male sweat! While detractors will say the pheromone attraction claim is bogus, researchers are working diligently to prove them wrong.

One such study at the Stockholm Brain Institute used this pheromone and brain-imaging scans to determine what affect if any the odor would have on heterosexual and homosexual men and women.

Groups of 12 volunteers were selected; each sniffed androstadienone followed by a brain scan to determine which areas of would become most active. Interestingly straight women and homosexual males had a similar response, the anterior hypothalamus region lit up like a Christmas tree.

Straight males and lesbian women reacted to androstadienone much the same as they would to any scent. The cortex and the amygdala showed the most blood flow in these two participant types. Which is the area that would light up with pretty much any odor.

Can you increase pheromone output naturally without a spray?

There are some interesting theories about pheromones out there, including some crazy ways to boost natural production.

Things like masturbation, abstaining from showering and even taking certain steroids are all reported to have an effect on pheromone production and release.

The VNO: The Pheromone Sensor

Of course, you should remember that none of these claims are scientifically researched and taking steroids should never be taken lightly.

You may not be able to increase pheromones naturally, but there are other solutions.

If you are having a hard time meeting women, try pheromone laden colognes. As mentioned earlier studies are showing promising results.

Some will say that the effect is merely a placebo, in other words you believe the pheromone product is working to attract females therefore you are more confident and easy to talk to.

Let’s think about that for a moment, setting aside the research data above, what if it were a placebo affect? The end result is you meeting, talking to and dating women!

Benefits of Spray Pheromones

Are you tired of slinking around the outskirts of normal life? Men and women naturally gravitate toward relationships but if all the women you know are gravitating toward someone else, it could be time to take action. Adding pheromones to your cologne collection is definitely a great place to start.

These hormones send out messages to the opposite sex stating you are all man, alpha, provider, protector and much more! All of this could be yours without learning cheesy pickup lines, going on 50 blind dates or hitting the online dating sites. Get back in the saddle effortlessly withpheromones for men.


Are you convinced yet that pheromones for could make a big difference in your love life? The news is all abuzz about new studies that indicate a gene could be responsible for humans being able to pick up on pheromones.

Research and studies are ongoing, but preliminary findings are good when it comes to pheromones for men and women. If ABC news finds there may be something to this whole process with their twins experiment, doesn’t it bear a second look?

Pheromones added to your daily grooming could be opening dating doors for you that you never imagined even existed. Are you tired of sitting home alone on Saturday night? Ready to find the “one”? Using products containingpheromones for men will vastly improve your chances of any of the above.

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