Pheromones For Women That Work

Pheromones have been the subject of great interest in recent years, as many scientists and researchers have seen the potential for their use as a means of stimulating and attracting members of the opposite sex. Pheromones were first identified over 50 years ago in the year 1953, though the pheromone discovered was bombykol. This pheromone is secreted by female moths as a means of attracting male moths to them.

Human pheromones were first discovered in 1974 by Dr. George Dodd, who discovered the alpha-androstenol sex pheromone. This discovery was made after a woman, Martha McClintock, noticed that women living in close proximity would undergo a change of their menstrual phase in order to ovulate at the same time each month. This hypothesis was proven to be true after many experiments, thus leading to the discovery of these human sex pheromones.


Pheromones have no smell that is received by the olfactory senses, but there is a special organ in the nose called the VNO. The pheromones do not need to be detected by the olfactory senses in order to have the subtle subconscious effect, but the signals sent out by the pheromones need to be detected by the VNO. Many of the human pheromones for women sold the market today will have a detectable scent, as they are highly concentrated to boost the effect.

How do Pheromones Attract Men?

Pheromones do not actually cause arousal or attraction in men, though the effects appear to be the same. Pheromones are received by the VNO, and the chemicals in the pheromones stimulate the hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that controls emotions and feelings. When the pheromones are detected by the VNO, the brain is stimulated to feel good, creating a pleasant sensation in the body. The blood courses through the body faster, the breathing speeds up, and the good mood that accompanies these feelings are misconstrued as sexual arousal. The truth of the matter is that sexual arousal is not the end result of the pheromones, but the results are interpreted.

Biologists studying the effects of sexual arousal on humans will note that all of the sensations caused by pheromones are associated with sexual arousal. Elevated heart rate, faster breath, and a pleasant sensation are all associated with sex, which is why the results of pheromones are confused as being sexual arousal. The average man will have no way to differentiate between the two, which is why they will automatically associate the way they feel as a result of the pheromones as being sexual arousal.

Pheromones for Women

There are three types of pheromones, but two of them are produced by men as a means of attracting women. Copulins are the pheromones produced by women, and they are released from the woman’s vagina during ovulation. Men that detect the scent of copulins on a woman tends to feel attracted to her, as she is producing the “come hither” scent that has contributed to the continuation of the human race. As a result of the copulins secreted by the woman’s vagina, men have been attracted to women and had intercourse with them during their ovulation. For this reason, these pheromones are associated automatically with sexual arousal.

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Using pheromone perfumes to attract men is a good way to increase one’s sex appeal. Thanks to the fact that men are unable to differentiate between the feelings caused by pheromones and those caused by sexual arousal, they will automatically and instantly be attracted to the woman wearing the perfume. They may have no idea why their body is reacting in that fashion, but they will only know that it is drawing them towards the woman wearing the pheromone perfume.

It is important to note that only 80% of the people in the world are able to detect pheromones, and are thus affected by them. The other 20% will take no note of the pheromones, as they have no VNO to detect the subtle chemical scent. Many women find that their pheromone perfumes don’t work on some men, and this is due to the fact that many men and women around the world have no way of detecting the scent.

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