Best Pheromone Perfumes to Get Your DREAM MAN

How many times have you watched OTHER women go home with the HOTTEST MEN in the room and wondered… “What it would take for ME to get a man like that, too?”

Well, I’m here to tell you that you *CAN* do it… and it’s > MUCH EASIER THAN YOU THINK.

Men are magnetically attracted to the sex pheromones of healthy, strong, fertile women as part of a subconscious, instinctive drive to procreate and maintain our species.

Best Pheromones of 2020

1. Pherazone (Best) – Considered the best pheromone perfume on the market (according to independent surveys). It contains the highest concentration of pheromones to make you irresistible and sexually desired by men. Easy-to-use. Long-lasting. Fresh, sophisticated, and alluring. 30-day money-back guarantee. – Rating: A+ Visit Site

2. Captain for Her – Confident women sometimes needs something to give them an edge to attract high-caliber men. Captain offers a formula for women who want something that’s safe to wear at work yet effective. With 8 unique pheromones concocted with a refreshing cover scent, Captain is the one. Rating: B+/B Visit Site

3. Scent of Eros – Developed by pheromone researcher James V. Kohl, Scent of Eros contains a light floral scent. It’s infused with 5 mg of copulin pheromones that make men friendlier, chattier, more interesting, and more attracted. Scent of Eros creates a pleasant and happy feel. It makes you feel more popular with your friends and more confident around men.  Rating: B Visit Site

4. New Pheromone Additive is a pheromone for women made by LaCroy and sold through Love Scent.  It comes in an easy to use spray bottle you can mix with your favorite perfume. NPA works surprisingly well with almost any perfume or fragrance. Two squirts seem to be the sweet spot because it’s fairly potent. You won’t be disappointed. Rating: B Visit Site

The MAGIC Secret of Pheromones

  • Make Him OBSESSED Over You
  • Get over your fear of rejection – no matter how unsuccessful you’ve been in the past
  • Get The Devoted Love You Deserve
  • Make men Feel ATTRACTION

A Comparison of the Top Pheromones


Highest Concentration. Available Scented & Unscented. 30 day money-back guarantee. Ships worldwide.


Most Popular

Captain for Her 

60 day money-back guarantee. Ships worldwide.


Scent of Eros 

60 day money-back guarantee. Ships worldwide.


*The stronger the pheromone the better the results.

How Pheromones Work to Induce A Sexual Response

Pheromones are chemical signals emitted to subconsciously attract the opposite sex.

Pheromones Bypass The “Rational Brain” To Target Men’s Ancient, Instinctive Mating Behaviors! All women release pheromones into the air via our sweat… … And these chemical messengers subconsciously communicate information to women about our physical state, genetic make up, immunities, and more, all in hopes of arousing an instinctive sexual response.

Scientific studies have actually shown that subjects who used synthesized pheromones had sex more often (a 47% increase in sexual intercourse) than those who used a placebo (a 9.5% increase).

Pherazone Is the Highest-Rated Pheromone of 2020

Concentration: 36-72 mg per fluid ounce
Price: $89.95+
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Works best for: Getting laid. Dating. Pick-Up. Social. Romance.
Overall score: A/A+
Official Site:
Questions? Call/text us at +1 (424) 428-9793

Pherazone is currently the best pheromone on the market (up to 108 mg per fluid ounce) and comes in a scented and unscented formula available for men, women, and gays. It contains 7 unique pheromones.

A highly effective pheromone that’s formulated to get you laid and more dates it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The World’s Highest Pheromone Concentration

Pherazone Concentration

Pheromones work immediately, so you should see results as soon you apply them. Keep in mind, individual results may vary so the more you use them better your chances.

It only takes a couple sprays before the pheromones immediately go to work. And since it works subliminally, you will feel more confident and desirable, making you even more attractive towards men.

Since pheromones have no smell, he will just think it’s an ordinary perfume. Little will he know that pheromones are working subconsciously to draw him towards you.

Pherazone Original

The original formula contains a powerful mixture of 7 unique concentrated pheromones and a tantalizing sexual scent that men love. Perfect for beginners who wants something powerful and effective.

Notes: Perfect for beginners who wants something powerful and effective.

Price: $89.95

Pherazone Super Concentrated

A more powerful formula with the same amazing scent and even more powerful effects. Pherazone Super Concentrated contains twice the pheromones as the original and twice the results.

Notes: Perfect for intermediate users constantly pursuing men and actively using pheromones

Price: $159.95

Pherazone Ultra Super Concentrated

The most powerful pheromone on the market for those who want it all. It contains three times the strength of the original formula and a new and improved fragrance that rivals the most expensive perfumes available. Nothing comes close to this pheromone.

Ultra Super Concentrated is a top-tier pheromone for women who want the ultimate sexual attractant.

Notes: Ultra Super Concentrated is hands down the most powerful pheromone and ultimate sexual attractant.

Price: $225.95

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Turbocharge Your Success With Men

Obviously, creating initial attraction is only the first step in closing the deal with men – whether you’re looking to attract a potential mate, spice up an existing relationship, or just enjoy a little short-term fun. But imagine the confidence this secret edge will can you as handsome women are suddenly more eager to talk and flirt with you. Imagine men competing for YOUR attention – instead of the other way around.

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Rating System [SAMPLE]
  • 96%
    Concentration - 96%
  • 92%
    Scent - 92%
  • 89%
    Sexual Effects - 89%
  • 91%
    Social Effects - 91%
  • 90%
    Value - 90%

Review Criteria

In comparing these different pheromone brands, I broke down my product ratings into what matters the most to users based on feedback, research, and my own experience. You can find my individual ratings on the product review pages.

Concentration: Without a doubt, concentration and the quality of the pheromone blend will play a significant role in the hits you get from women and overall experience.

Scent: You can have the most powerful pheromones bt if you smell like a skunk, you will cancel out the benefits of using these sprays. A quality fragrance that women find alluring will work in harmony with your pheromones and amplify the effects.

Sexual Effects: A lot of guys are looking for pheromones to help men elevate feelings of sexual attraction with women. These pheromones tend to have higher concentrations of androstenone, a known sex pheromone added to colognes.

Value: Pheromone prices can start as little as $9.99 and go all the way up to several hundred dollars per dollar. While the higher performance pheromones tend to cost more, it’s good how effect the product is relative to the cost.

Best Pheromone Perfumes For Women
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Best Pheromone Perfumes For Women
Some of the best pheromone perfumes for women include: Pherazone, Alpha Dream Charme, Captain for Her, Alfa Donna, and Max Attraction Silk. Using pheromone perfumes to attract men is a great way to increase one's sex appeal.
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