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In this article, I review the best pheromone perfumes for women of 2018. While pheromones are a hot commodity for men there’s a booming market for the ladies. Several products have emerged in recent years that claim to harness the power of human pheromones.

Best Pheromone Perfumes For Women

Below are the most effective brands for women to help any man fall for you. Some of the best sellers include:

1. Pherazone – The best pheromone perfume for women that’s packed with a powerful formula and a scent that’s better than some of the most famous designer fragrances. Pherazone gives women an experience, unlike other products. Fresh, sophisticated, and alluring, Pherazone for women is great for everyday use.

2. Captain for Her – Confident women sometimes needs something to give them an edge to attract high-caliber men. Captain offers a formula for women who want something that’s safe to wear at work yet effective. With 8 unique pheromones concocted with a refreshing cover scent, Captain is the one.

3. Scent of Eros – Developed by pheromone researcher James V. Kohl, Scent of Eros contains a light floral scent. It’s infused with 5 mg of copulin pheromones that make men friendlier, chattier, more interesting, and more attracted.

4. Alfa Donna – The “perfect” pheromone for the single woman, this is a sexy, confident, and daring pheromone perfume. If you are newly single than make sure to check it out.

5. Max Attraction Silk – Described as warm and sensual, Max Attraction Silk is an elegant pheromone for women with a romantic twist.  Thanks to the powerful copulins, Silk evokes romantic feelings in men. It makes them feel more comfortable around you. For pure romance, Max Attraction is great.

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Pherazone is the best smelling and most effective pheromone for women. Every time I wear it, I am amazed at the scent and how great I feel about myself. While a little bit pricey, this is a high-quality product that any guy serious about attracting women should never leave home without.



Captain for Her 

Confident women sometimes needs something to give them an edge to attract high-caliber men. Captain offers a formula for women who want something that’s safe to wear at work yet effective. With 8 unique pheromones concocted with a refreshing cover scent, Captain is the one.



Scent of Eros 

Developed by pheromone researcher James V. Kohl, Scent of Eros contains a light floral scent. It’s infused with 5 mg of copulin pheromones that make men friendlier, chattier, more interesting, and more attracted.



My Pheromone Perfume Story

My name’s Lindsay and my friends just call me Lindz. I got into pheromone perfumes following the advice of a close male friend who swears by them. Now, I consider myself a reasonably attractive gal.

I never had much trouble attracting men. The problem was attracting the wrong guys. It was the same old pick-up lines and sexual innuendos I could spot a mile away. In fact, I ignored them. I gave up finding a partner for a monogamous long-term relationship.

Most guys just want sex. And, while’s a time and place for that, I was looking for something more. I wanted a quality partner that was beautiful on the inside and outside. It wasn’t until I used pheromones for women that I discovered their hidden powers.

However, pheromones changed my life I was no longer in a slump and found interesting and attractive men on a regular basis.

*It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis.

Pheromone Reviews

After learning how they worked I started to explore and test various pheromone perfumes.. Below are reviews of the best pheromone perfumes of 2018.


To date, this is the best pheromone I have used.

Pherazone for women is a one-of-a-kind pheromone perfume for women who want to drive men crazy, become the center of attention and boost their sex appeal. It has a beautifully scented formula that provides a refreshing and light aroma.

Use it to entice and captivate men by projecting yourself as high-status women. This is my go-to pheromone for everyday use. I’ve used it numerous times in first encounters. Pherazone meshes with virtually any personality type and tends to bring out the best in people.

Men were captivated by my presence and on their best behavior. Of course, if you’re with a bunch of crazy drunk guys there are no guarantees!

You may not know what being a high-status woman means. Maybe you haven’t experienced the benefits it will give you in life. However, I’m sure you like the idea, and you want to become someone of with greater status. Why is that? And why is having high-value and high-status so important to create attraction?

Let me ask you a quick question. Would Paris Hilton ever have trouble finding a date? Would she ever get to that desperate place of having no one? Of course not ladies!


It’s hard to resist when you smell this good. Really. Whenever I wear it with my girlfriends, guys become playful, unpredictable, and more into me. I’m naturally a chatty girl with a bubbly personality so I can carry a conversion well. My problem has been finding guys that I find interesting.

This is one of the first pheromone perfumes I’ve tried. It’s remained one of my all-time favorites for good reason. As a woman, I’m selective about the type of man I want. Pherazone makes men feel comfortable around me. Since it’s not overly sexual, men perceive me as a high-status and desirable woman. And it’s a great feeling.

This is one of the reasons Pherazone is great. You can use it anywhere without being overpowering. Create more opportunities to meet high-caliber men. It can be at the store, sitting at the coffee shop, or meeting people at work. Or, you could use it build the romance with that special someone. It’s my personal favorite and has got the most use of all my pheromones.

Concentration: 72 mg per fluid ounce
Price: $89.95
Return Policy: 30 Days
Works best for: Everyday usage. Pick-Up. Social. Intimacy.
Overall score: A/A+
Official Site:

Captain for Her

A popular perfume sold by Pheromone Treasures, Captain for Her contains 22.5 mg of 6 unique pheromones to give women the edge they. Use it to attract high-caliber partners. Pheromone Treasures is a relatively new name to the pheromone industry. But they are quickly becoming popular with the pheromone crowd. Some of my girlfriends swear by them. Naturally, I wanted to try it.

Due to the formula, Captain has a great cover scent making it ideal for everyday use. Women use this pheromone for a variety of reasons. They use it to get more attention, to get men to open up about their feelings or increase attraction. It can also be used to boost popularity. Captain contains Alpha Androstenol and EstratetraenolThey make guys feel more relaxed in your presence and elevate their mood. It’s a social ice-breaker and perfect for meeting new guys in casual settings.

Captain for her is primarily a social pheromone. It can help women who are looking for long-term relationships and quality partners. If you want something more on the sexual side then check out my review of Alfa Donna below.

I noticed the effects of Captain to be a bit more subdued and subtle compared to other pheromones. Really, this depends on your personality type. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I definitely follow in the latter category. Wearing Captain calms me down around guys and makes the situation more comfortable. It creates a calm atmosphere where you can engage in social banter.

Light Refreshing Scent

The scent of Captain is light and floral. It’s not as bold as Charme and the pheromone concentration is not as potent as Pherazone. However, it’s pleasant and different making it a nice alternative. It’s useful when you want to mix things up. If you’re pretty good at meeting guys and want to gain an edge then consider Captain. However, if you find yourself more challenged in the dating game consider Pherazone. It gives you that needed the boost in confidence.

Concentration: 22.5 mg per fluid ounce
Price: $29.99 – $67.99
Return Policy: 60 Days
Works best for: Pick-Up. Sexual Attraction.
Overall score: B+
Official Site:

Scent of Eros

Developed by pheromone researcher James V. Kohl, Scent of Eros contains a light floral scent. It’s infused with 5 mg of copulin pheromones that make men friendlier, chattier, more interesting, and more attracted. Just in case you didn’t know, James Kohl is a respected scientist. He spent the past 25 years studying the relationship between pheromones and human scent. Several of his research papers have been published online.

Well, enough with the pep talk. While it’s not a miracle, it can make a dramatic difference on guys that are interested in you. It makes you feel confident and sexy just by wearing it. I had to borrow a bottle from my girlfriend over the summer when I ran out of Pherazone. The results were fantastic. Even though it’s a light scent it won’t last all day. You may need to reapply. It has warm, woody, and earthy fragrance notes.

Like many of the pheromones on this list, Scent of Eros creates a pleasant and happy feel. It makes you feel more popular with your friends. It also makes you more outgoing in social gatherings. If you’re the type of lady that’s shy when it comes to meeting people Eros can help. You’ll feel comfortable and relaxed around guys.


If you’re the conversational type then this is a good choice. Because it helps build rapport, men will open up to you. It helps to put your best foot forward. For a lasting first impression consider Scent of Eros.

Concentration: 15 mg per fluid ounce
Price: $49.95
Return Policy: 60 Days
Works best for: Pick-up. Social. Romance
Overall score: B+/B
Official Site:

Alpha Dream Charme

An exciting perfume by Alpha Dream, Charme is an everyday use pheromone for women. Use it to increase trust, commitment, and sex appeal from young men.

I know a lot of women lose confidence as they grow older. They find it harder to receive the same level of attention as their younger counterparts. When I hit my early 30s, I had those feelings too. Fortunately, Charme helps older women overcome this problem.

Feel More Confident

What makes it so effective?  Charme contains 7 different pheromones formulated for women to elicit the response they want from men. If you have self-doubt or lack of confidence approaching men this is the pheromone for you. Most of my girlfriends were impressed with the fragrance. They described it as light and sexy! It’s certainly not a cheap smelling perfume.

It only takes a couple squirts on your pulse points to get head-turning effects with Charme.

Compared to Pherazone, it has wilder, more scandalous aroma and effect. While both are excellent at what they do, Alpha Dream is more specialized. It’s best for the cougar seeking a young buck. Pherazone, on the other hand, has a broad appeal and works on almost any type of man. Either way, they both excel at what they do!

Wearing Charme, I exude the essence of the perfect American Good Girl. In other words, I feel fresh, squeaky clean, well rested, and ready for the day. I can’t begin to tell you the number of undercover successes I’ve achieved. If you consider yourself a cougar and want a young guy this is the pheromone for you. It’s playful, it’s fun, and works crazy well.

Concentration: 17.2 mg per fluid ounce
Price: $69.50
Return Policy: 60 Days
Works best for: Romance.
Overall score: B
Official Site:

Alfa Donna By Alpha Dream

The “perfect” pheromone for the single women, Alfa Donna is sexy, confident, and daring.  I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t wear this too often but it’s not because it doesn’t work well. In fact, it works too well! This is for a different audience. It works best for women who are promiscuous and want to hook-up. With all due respect, I’m not that type of girl.

However, that’s not to say some of my friends won’t. In fact, I have a few girlfriends who are bold and daring. They had no problem finding a hot guy for casual fun. One friend in particular, who will remain anonymous, adores Alfa Donna. She’s definitely the wild-type and likes to go to bars and clubs on the weekends. From her account, Alfa Donna has been a godsend for meeting men.

First Impressions

She describes it as projecting an aura of extreme sexual confidence and making her feel radiant around men. Women report men as being more chatty and flirtatious. I describe it as a fun, flirty, and youthful smelling pheromone. It’s more sexual than Pherazone but less social than Captain for Her. From her experience, she notes that Alfa Donna is a strong sexual pheromone. The hits from men were constant. Overall, she loves the effects and plans to buy more.

So, ladies, you can achieve a new level of awareness. You might dramatically change the way you think how others perceive you. If you want to hook up with hot guys this may be what you’re looking for. I won’t judge! LOL. Just one little spritz and someone may be on their way to a love connection!

Concentration: 30 mg per fluid ounce
Price: $59.50
Return Policy: 60 Days
Works best for: Sexual Attraction
Overall score: B
Official Site:

Max Attraction Silk

Max Attraction Silk is a unique pheromone for women.  It helps elevate romance.  The manufacturer is Luvessentials. They are a hidden gem among pheromone enthusiasts. They’ve produced powerful pheromones for him and her for over a decade. As a woman, meeting guys means more than just getting physical. It’s about building a long-lasting committed relationship. With Silk, my experience has been that men will notice you for your inner and outer beauty.

Romance in A Bottle

I found men willing to come over and engage with me. There were banter and a heightened sense of attraction. It was obvious with their eyes locked on me. Silk was exerting a hypnotic influence over them. The thing that really stood out for me is the warm, sensuous fragrance. This really isn’t a sexual pheromone because its potency is too mild. Instead, it acts as a social pheromone making it ideal for a casual get together with friends. It’s also great for social functions.

As a lot of you know, finding a loyal man is not easy. I enjoy wearing Silk when I want something that’s light and non-obtrusive to liven up the atmosphere. As an event planner, I’ve found it works pretty well at work when I’m being introduced to new clients. It just makes it easier to introduce myself and make them feel welcomed. You may even consider using it at the office if it works for your situation.

A lot of men have a difficult time grasping an emotional connection with women. You may be surprised by how easy it is to boost a man’s emotional connection with the right perfume. In fact, most women mess up a man’s natural attraction for them by doing too much! If you’re looking to meet a sweet, romantic guy or just want some fun then check out Max Attraction Silk.

Concentration: 42 mg per fluid ounce
Price: $59.50
Return Policy: 60 Days
Works best for: Pick-up. Sexual Attraction
Overall score: B
Official Site:

Mojo Pro

Mojo Pro is an affordable pheromone perfume sold by It’s formulated to boost a woman’s confidence and sexual attractiveness.  This is an entry level pheromone. It’s perfect for girls who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pheromone perfume.

While it’s not as concentrated as the more expensive formulas it still delivers. It has a refreshing scent and pleasing results. The 3ml pocket atomizer allows you to conceal it in your purse. That way, you can apply it when you’re on the go.

Affordable Entry Level Pheromone

If you want a lightly scented pheromone that will capture a man’s attention this is the product for you. It has a subtle but noticeable effect. It also works well for women who are in a relationship or just want to meet a cute guy. It’s perfect for meeting up over a cup of coffee. It has a leisurely feel and mild effect on him. It’s also suitable to wear in the office or out on a date.

Due to the low potency, I didn’t rate it as highly as the other pheromones on my list. That’s not to say it can’t work for you. It has more to do with the concentration and price.  At $12.95 there is no way this is going to pack the power and effects of a more expensive pheromone perfume. One way to look at is Mojo Pro is a different market and for the casual pheromone user. If you want to give pheromones a try without shelling out a lot of money, consider Mojo Pro!

It will make you feel sexy and heat things up.

Concentration: N/A
Price: $12.95
Return Policy: 60 Days
Works best for: Pick-up. Social
Overall score: B
Official Site:

NPA Touch For Her

NPA (New Pheromone Additive) is a pheromone for women made by LaCroy and sold through  It comes in an easy to use spray bottle you can mix with your favorite perfume. While I’m not a big fan of unscented pheromones, I have grown a fondness for this product. My biggest gripe with unscented formulas is you have to mix them with a cover scent. Quite often pheromone colognes and perfumes are optimized for synergistic effects.

Use with your Favorite Perfume

NPA works surprisingly well with almost any perfume or fragrance. Two squirts seem to be the sweet spot because it’s fairly potent. You can try spraying it in different areas. Just apply your favorite perfume and see if it has a different effect. Some users have reported it makes a difference. However, the type of cover spray you choose is up to you. I’m a big fan of N°5 and Fracas but individual preferences will vary.

Another thing going for NPA is that it’s fairly inexpensive at $54.95. However, NPA does have good brand recognition amongst pheromone aficionados. While I haven’t tried a lot of unscented pheromones this one worked well. The effects of wearing NPA were noticeable by my girlfriends and I. Overall, it’s classy and non-obtrusive and casts a gentle aura of comfort around men. This is another pheromone for women that makes guys feel relaxed. As a result, they will open up.

Again, the biggest benefit to using unscented pheromones is you can mix them with different scents for different results. So, if you want to apply your own cover scent go right ahead!

Concentration: 10 mg per fluid ounce
Price: $54.95
Return Policy: 60 Days
Works best for: Pick-up. Social
Overall score: B
Official Site:

Mistress Pheromones For Women

Mistress is a hidden gem that’s sensual and alluring with a unique feminine scent. I was shopping for gifts for a friend’s upcoming birthday when I stumbled across this one. I decided to give it a try since it was inexpensive. Unfortunately, online reviews are scarce. However, the good news is Mistress works.

It’s more sexual than most women pheromones. This makes it ideal for girls who want to get a little wild with the right guy. You may have a thing for young men and want to give off sexual signals. Well, you can grab his attention with Mistress. A close friend of mine had recently broken up with her long-term boyfriend and was back on the market. After the break-up, she was just looking for fun. I said “what the heck”, before buying her a bottle. This sounds like something she would like!

The formula includes copulins, vomeropherin, estratetraniol, TRP2 (Axillary Secretions), and V1R/V2R (Vaginal Alipathic Acids). Mistress is available through one of my favorite pheromone stores, Love-Scent. They have a wide range of pheromone products for men and women. They even let you try them for 30 days with a money-back guarantee.

Concentration: N/A
Price: $48.95
Return Policy: 60 Days
Works best for: Pick-up. Social. Romance
Overall score: B-
Official Site:


This is a pheromone perfume to eliminate anxiety in women while boosting confidence. If you find yourself suffering approach anxiety, the fear of interacting with a stranger you find attractive, Eileah can help. It comes in a variety of scented formulas that include herbal essence, vanilla, and strawberry. These scents have a guaranteed concentration of 23 mg of pheromones per fluid ounce.

Overall score: B
Official Site

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Copulins are used in Women Pheromones

Copulins are the pheromones produced by women and they are released from the woman’s vagina during ovulation. Men that detect the scent of copulins on a woman tend to feel attracted to her. As a result, intercourse increases during their ovulation.

For this reason, pheromones influence sexual arousal. There are actually several other pheromones used in perfumes and colognes that you can read about.

Do Pheromones Have A Scent?

Pheromones have no smell that is received by the olfactory senses, but there is a special organ in the nose called the VNO. This is short for vomeronasal organ. Keep in mind pheromones don’t need to be detected by the olfactory senses to have a subtle subconscious effect. Instead, the signals sent out by the pheromones need to be detected by the VNO. So girls, make sure you get close to your man. Otherwise, he won’t be able to pick up your pheromones!

Most pheromone perfumes for women will have a detectable scent. This is because they have a high concentration of fragrances to boost the effect.

How do Pheromone Perfumes Attract Men?

As previously mentioned, pheromones are received by the VNO, and the chemicals in the pheromones stimulate the hypothalamus. This is the part of the brain that controls emotions and feelings.

When pheromones are detected by the VNO, the brain is stimulated to feel good, creating a pleasant sensation in the body.

This is how it works. The blood courses through the body faster and your breathing speeds up. The good mood that accompanies those feelings is then often misconstrued as sexual arousal.

However, sexual arousal is not the end result of the pheromones, but the results are open to interpretation. Pheromones might put him in a good mood and make him more into you. Obviously, that can lead to sex if that’s what you desire.

More Than Just Sex

Another way to look at pheromones is to examine the work of biologists studying the effects of sexual arousal on humans. They note that all of the sensations from pheromones correlate with sexual arousal.

Elevated heart rate, faster breath, and a pleasant sensation are all associated with sex. This is why the results of pheromones are confused as being sexual arousal. The average guy will have no way to differentiate between the two. This is why they will automatically associate the way they feel as a result of the pheromones. If you’re in a loving relationship, pheromones can help rekindle the romance and create more intimacy.

Choosing The Right Pheromone

Concerns may arise regarding whether or not pheromone perfumes can actually deliver on their promises. Are they able to do this?

In general, pheromone perfumes of high-quality and concentration can do so. When exposed to high-grade pheromones, a man may be attracted to a woman who has a faint pheromones scent. I know from personal experience and experimenting with dozens of popular brands. Of course, the ability to synthetically enhance pheromones via a perfume product increases your odds.

The benefits for women using pheromone perfume can be quite significant and worthwhile. The most obvious benefit is the ability to attract more men more often. When a woman ventures out hoping to meet someone new, pheromones in her perfume make her social pursuits easier.

And it’s not just about attracting any guy. Pheromones have helped me seek higher quality love interests with greater physical and emotional chemistry. With pheromones, it’s always been about finding partners that match your natural chemistry.

Best Results with Pheromone Perfumes

Using pheromone perfumes to attract men is a great way to increase one’s sex appeal and self-confidence. As women, we’re on a higher pedestal than our male counterparts. Whether it’s at work or at home, women just don’t have it as easy. Pheromones help me feel better about myself and create lasting memories. Using the right perfume with the proper stack of pheromones can help you find the partner of your dreams.

*Individual results will vary.

Final Words

Well, that is about it with my experience with pheromones. It’s certainly been a fun and positive experience. People will have varying opinions on what works and what doesn’t. Regardless,  I can attest the best way to find out what works is to try them yourself!

Disclosure: some of the links on this website are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase an item following one of the links, I may receive a commission. Regardless of that, I only recommend the products or services, that I strongly believe will benefit our readers.

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Rating System [SAMPLE]
  • 96%
    Concentration - 96%
  • 92%
    Scent - 92%
  • 89%
    Sexual Effects - 89%
  • 91%
    Social Effects - 91%
  • 90%
    Value - 90%

Review Criteria

In comparing these different pheromone brands, I broke down my product ratings into what matters the most to users based on feedback, research, and my own experience. You can find my individual ratings on the product review pages.

Concentration: Without a doubt, concentration and the quality of the pheromone blend will play a significant role in the hits you get from women and overall experience.

Scent: You can have the most powerful pheromones bt if you smell like a skunk, you will cancel out the benefits of using these sprays. A quality fragrance that women find alluring will work in harmony with your pheromones and amplify the effects.

Sexual Effects: A lot of guys are looking for pheromones to help men elevate feelings of sexual attraction with women. These pheromones tend to have higher concentrations of androstenone, a known sex pheromone added to colognes.

Value: Pheromone prices can start as little as $9.99 and go all the way up to several hundred dollars per dollar. While the higher performance pheromones tend to cost more, it’s good how effect the product is relative to the cost.

Best Pheromone Perfumes For Women
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Best Pheromone Perfumes For Women
Some of the best pheromone perfumes for women include: Pherazone, Alpha Dream Charme, Captain for Her, Alfa Donna, and Max Attraction Silk. Using pheromone perfumes to attract men is a great way to increase one's sex appeal.
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