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In this article, I will review the best pheromone perfumes for women of 2017. While pheromones are a hot commodity for men looking to pick-up women, there is a booming market of pheromone perfumes for women. Several products have emerged on the consumer landscape in recent years and they all claim the ability to harness the power of human pheromones.

Below are the most effective brands for women to help any man fall for you.

Best Pheromone Perfumes For Women

Some of the best sellers include:

Pherazone – A premiere pheromone perfume for women that’s packed with a powerful formula and a scent that’s better than some of the most famous designer fragrances, Pherazone gives women an experience unlike other products. Fresh, sophisticated, and alluring, Pherazone for women is great for everyday usage and will give women the confidence and results they need to be an object of desire.

Alpha Dream Charme – A unique pheromone offered by Alpha Dream that gives older women who seek younger guys the edge they need. Charme is an exciting formula that help women build long-lasting relationships with the boy next door. While it can be used openly throughout the day, it really shines best when used on a first encounter with a hot guy.

Captain for Her – Confident women sometimes need something to give them an edge to attract high-caliber men into their love live. Captain was formulated for women who want something thats safe to wear at work yet effective in the presence of attractive men. With 8 unique pheromones concocted with a refreshing cover scent, Captain is the one.

Alfa Donna – The “perfect” pheromone for the single woman,  this is a sexy, confident, and daring pheromone perfume for energetic woman who are on the market for a man.

Max Attraction Silk – Described as warm and sensual, Max Attraction Silk is an elegant pheromone for women with a romantic twist.  Thanks to the powerful copulins, Silk evokes romantic feelings in men and makes them feel more comfortable and emotional around the wearer. For pure romance, Max Attraction Silk is a great choice.

Pheromone Reviews

Below are the reviews of the best pheromone perfumes of 2017.


A one-of-a-kind pheromone perfume for women who want to drive men crazy, become the center of attention, and boost their sex appeal and confidence, Pherazone for women is a beautifully scented pheromone formula that provides a refreshing, light aroma to entice and captivate men by making you a high status women.

Now you may not know how what being a high status woman means or what benefits it will give you in life, but I’m sure you like the idea, and you want to become someone of higher value and higher status. So, why is that? And why is having high value and high status so important in creating attraction with your man or other men?

Now before We start… let me just ask you a quick question. Would Paris Hilton ever have trouble finding a date? Would she ever get to that desperate place of not having anyone…a place that I know many single women in the world get to?


It’s hard to resist when you smell this good. Whenever I wear it with my girlfriends, guys become playful, unpredictable, and more into me.

This is one of the first pheromone perfumes I’ve tried  and it’s remained one of my all time favorites for good reason.  As a woman, I am very selective about the type of man I want to attract. Pherazone makes men feel comfortable around you and since it’s not overly sexual, men view you as a higher status and more desirable woman. Pherazone projects you as a “high value, high status woman”.

In other words, their subconscious mind has already made assumptions about you; those assumptions of which may be many, but they world basically add up to mean one thing: high value.

This is one of the reasons Pherazone for women is a great product; you can use it for everyday usage without overpowering anyone and create more opportunities to meet high-caliber men whether it be at the store, sitting at the coffee shop, or meeting people at work, or build romance with that special someone. Overall score: A/A+

Concentration: 36 – 72 mg per fluid ounce
Official Site:

Alpha Dream Charme

An exciting perfume by Alpha Dream Charme was designed be a everyday use pheromone for women that want to increase trust, commitment, and sex appeal from younger men.

I know a lot of women lose their confidence as they get older and find it harder to get the same level of attention from men as younger girls. Charme was created to help these women lure in younger hot guys who would be open to a relationship.

Feel More Confident

What makes it so effective?  Charme contains 7 different pheromones formulated for women to illicit the response they want from men. If you have self-doubt or a lack of confidence approaching men then this is the pheromone for  you. Most of my girlfriends were impressed with the fragrance which was described as light and sexy.

It only takes a couple squirts on your pulse points to get the head turning effects of this perfume.

If I were to compare this to Pherazone, it has a bit of a wilder, scandalous aroma and effect on men. While both are excellent at what they do, Alpha Dream is a bit more specialized for the cougar seeking a young stud where Pherazone tends to have broad appeal and work on almost any type of guy. Either way, you really can’t go wrong.

I know only too well that when wearing Charme, I exude the essence of the perfect American Good Girl: fresh, squeaky clean, well—rested, and ready for the day. I can’t begin to tell you the number of undercover successes I’ve achieved with this pheromone fragrance. Overall score: A-/B+

Concentration: 17.2 mg per fluid ounce
Official site

Captain for Her

A popular pheromone sold by Pheromone Treasures, Captain for Her contains 22.5 mg of 8 unique pheromones to give women the edge they need to attract higher quality men.

Due to the formula, Captain has a great cover scent making it ideal for everyday usage. Women use this pheromone perfume for a variety of reasons, such as, to get noticed by men,  get men to open up about their feelings if they like her, boost attraction, and boost her popularity.

What Are Pheromones and How Do They Work?

Light Refreshing Scent

The scent of Captain is light and floral. It’s not as bold as Charme and the pheromone concentration is not as potent as Pherazone.

If you are naturally pretty good with meeting guys and just want to gain an edge without something overpowering than this is the pheromone for you. If however, you find yourself more challenged in the dating game and need something with a little more kick to give you that needed confidence than you may want to try Pherazone. Overall score: B+

Concentration: 22.5 mg per fluid ounce
Official site

Alfa Donna By Alpha Dream

The “perfect” pheromone for the single woman, Alfa Donna is a sexy, confident, and daring pheromone perfume for energetic woman who are on the market for a man.

First Impressions

Women have reported men as being more chatty and flirtatious with an age range of 20 – 60. My girlfriend introduced her best friend to pheromones and she described her experience with Alfa Donna as fun, flirty, and youthful.

From her experience, she noted that Alfa Donna is more of a sexual pheromone with the hits from guys being constant. Overall, she loved the effects and plans to buy more.

Overall score: B+

Concentration: 30 mg per fluid ounce

Official Site

Max Attraction Silk

Max Attraction SIlkMax Attraction Silk is a unique pheromone for women as it’s catered towards women looking for romance. As a woman, meeting guys is more than about getting physical. It’s about building a long-lasting committed relationship. With Silk, men will notice you for your inner and outer beauty.

Romance in A Bottle

I found men more willing to come over to me and engage in banter with a heightened sense of attraction. It was obvious with their eyes locked onto me and the long stares that Silk was exerting a hypnotic influence over them.

If you’re looking to meet smart, romantic guys then Max Attraction Silk is worth checking out.

Overall score: B

Concentration: 42 mg per fluid ounce

Official site

Copulins are used in Women Pheromones

Copulins are the pheromones produced by women, and they are released from the woman’s vagina during ovulation.

Men that detect the scent of copulins on a woman tend to feel attracted to her.

As a result of the copulins secreted by the woman’s vagina, men have been attracted to women and had intercourse with them during their ovulation.

For this reason, these pheromones are associated automatically with sexual arousal.

Scent of Pheromones

Pheromones have no smell that is received by the olfactory senses, but there is a special organ in the nose called the VNO.

Pheromones do not need to be detected by the olfactory senses in order to have the subtle subconscious effect, but the signals sent out by the pheromones need to be detected by the VNO.

Many of the human pheromones for women sold on the market today will have a detectable scent, as they are highly concentrated to boost the effect.

How do Pheromone Perfumes Attract Men?

Pheromones do not actually cause arousal or attraction in men, though the effects appear to be the same. Pheromones are received by the VNO, and the chemicals in the pheromones stimulate the hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that controls emotions and feelings.

When the pheromones are detected by the VNO, the brain is stimulated to feel good, creating a pleasant sensation in the body.

The blood courses through the body faster, the breathing speeds up, and the good mood that accompanies these feelings are misconstrued as sexual arousal. The truth of the matter is that sexual arousal is not the end result of the pheromones, but the results are interpreted.

More Than Just Sex

Biologists studying the effects of sexual arousal on humans will note that all of the sensations caused by pheromones are associated with sexual arousal.

Elevated heart rate, faster breath, and a pleasant sensation are all associated with sex, which is why the results of pheromones are confused as being sexual arousal. The average man will have no way to differentiate between the two, which is why they will automatically associate the way they feel as a result of the pheromones as being sexual arousal.

Choosing The Right Pheromone

Concerns may arise regarding whether or not pheromone perfumes can actually deliver on their promises. So, are they able to do this?

In general, pheromone perfumes of high quality can do so. We know this because there have been effective tests noting that when exposed to high grade pheromones, a man may be attracted to a woman who has a faint pheromones scent. Of course, the ability to synthetically enhance the pheromones via a perfume product greatly enhances the likelihood this will be the outcome.

The benefits gained by women using pheromones based perfume can be quite pronounced. The most obvious benefit would be the ability to attract more men more often when this is desired. In short, when a woman ventures out hoping to meet someone new, the pheromones in her perfume make her social pursuits a little easier.

Best Results with Pheromone Perfumes

Using pheromone perfumes to attract men is a great way to increase one’s sex appeal. Thanks to the fact that men are unable to differentiate between the feelings caused by pheromones and those caused by sexual arousal, they may be automatically and instantly attracted to the woman wearing the perfume.

They may have no idea why their body is reacting in that fashion, but they will only know that it is drawing them towards the woman wearing the pheromone perfume. Using the right perfume with the proper stack of pheromones can help your ability to find a partner dramatically.

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Best Pheromone Perfumes For Women
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