The Greatest Thing Experience has Taught Me About Dating

The greatest thing experience has taught me is that beautiful women act and feel like celebrities. I am not talking about the fake variety like Kim Kardashian. I am talking about actual talented actor/ musician types. Here are some of the qualities beautiful women exhibit:

– Always disqualifying themselves. You never see rockstars brag. They always act humble.
– Always aware of their character. This is needed in acting, especially when you are in the “hero” role.
– Hates being objectified
– Repelled by insecure behavior
– Wants to get treated like a normal human being
– Repulsed by supplicating behavior
– Are often lonely because 90% of guys are not confident and secure enough to handle them
– Craves a more dominant presence
– Coming from a vibe of completeness

Authenticity Is Sexy

When I used to be surrounded by beautiful women, I finally realized what the sexual fraternity looked like. It was just cool, high self esteem, self-effacing people. When you are already “significant,” you don’t over-compensate. You disqualify and efface yourself. And most importantly, because you have no lack of self-confidence, you value authenticity and character.

This is why 80% of guys blow themselves out. They act like tools. I even heard so-called experts claim guys should become tools to attract the most beautiful women. This is the opinion of someone who has no idea what it is like to walk amongst beautiful women.

This was when I had my harem. All the mysteries revealed themselves to me and I almost threw up at all the times I tooled myself out or overcompensated in the past with women.

The Importance of Social Conditioning

As for why it works: In my understanding it comes down to social conditioning. Just like men, women are inherently sexual creatures, and based on my experience I believe women probably enjoy sex more than men. Women who have a lot of sex, are however viewed by the majority of guys, those who are insecure, as ‘sluts.’ This goes for both ‘nice’ and ‘bad’ guys, which are just two different symptoms of insecurity. A ‘nice guy’ will be judgmental about the girl’s sexuality, and find a ‘slut’ to be ‘below his standards’. In reality it’s just her sexuality increasing his feeling of insecurity (‘will I be enough for her?’ ‘will she be faithful?’).

A ‘bad guy’ will try to minimize his own insecurities by abusing the woman’s own insecurities. He’ll put her down, and make her feel like shit. If she truly believes that no one else can like her, she won’t go looking for someone else. And she’ll stick around because she does get some validation from the fact that the ‘bad guy’ still wants to have sex with her.

Most Women Hide Their Sexuality

This leads to most women hiding their sexuality from the ‘nice guys’ in order not to drive them away with ‘sluttiness.’ And to some (mostly insecure) women trading sex for validation with the ‘bad guys.’ Enter a confident/experienced guy: The woman is not being judged for being sexual, and she can act like her true self – the sexual creature she is – with a guy who is actually nice because that’s the decent way to be (not the same as being a nice guy).

A confident guy acts in a way that gives off a vibe that lets women know that they can have sex with him without being judged. A woman will not be judged by a confident guy directly, nor will she be judged by anyone else, because the confident guy won’t go around gossiping about having had sex with her – after all the sex is no big deal to the confident guy.

This means that for women, a confident guy is some form of a social ‘get sex for free’-card. There will be no social repercussions from having casual sex with a truly confident guy. Because of this, being that confident, non-judgmental guy, is some sort of ‘get sex effortlessly’ card for guys.

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