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While there are many products on the market designed to increase penis length, not all of them can live up to the promises. An exception is the Sizegenetics line of extending equipment. After more than two decades in the business, the manufacturer has the art of providing the best product on the market down pat. Here are some things that you need to know about the extender and what it can do.

How It Works

Unlike pumps, extenders can be worn under loose clothing for extended periods of time. That makes it easy to carry on with the daily routine without anyone knowing that the equipment is in place. This is important, since time is definitely a factor in how the Sizegenetics unit works its magic.

In a sense, the extender works a bit like lifting weights or building let mass by walking and running. As the extender stretches the penile tissue, it effectively breaks it down and causes it to expand. The constant traction that the extender exudes leads to permanent gains, provided that the device is used according to the instructions.

What About Comfort?

This line of extenders comes with a wide range of settings. That makes it easy enough to find one that does provide the traction needed but will not result in damage or soreness. Many men find that they set incremental goals for enlargement along the way to the ultimate goal. For example, if the plan is to gain an inch over the next several months, using a setting that makes it possible to attain a half-inch will likely be more comfortable. Once that goal is reached, it will be easy enough to change the setting and go for that additional half inch.

What About the Chances for Damage?

No man likes the idea of doing permanent damage to the penis. Fortunately, these extenders do come with safety releases that make it easy to disengage them if the need arises. The range of settings also makes it possible to find one that provides the necessary tension but will not cause scarring or any kind of change in angles or general shape. What the extender will do is stretch the penile tissue so that it can accommodate more efficient blood flow and enjoy a larger erection.

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Will Results Vary?

While many men find that the Sizegenetics extenders do provide results, the amount of time needed to achieve them will vary. Part of this has to do with how many hours the device is worn each day. Men who choose to wear their devices for more hours will notice changes faster than someone who only wears the extender for an hour or so.

Remember that while you set the goal, it pays to make use of the recommendations that come with the extender. Doing so will make it easier to responsibly utilize the unit and get the best possible results.

Why settle for something that won’t produce lasting results, and is not comfortable to wear? The best bet is to go with an extender that is easy to use, won’t produce pain, and comes with a guarantee that covers just about all the bases. Once you get used to the process of putting on the extender and identify the right setting for now, get ready to see a difference in a matter of one or two months.

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