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There is an old misconception Herpes Simplex 1 only infects “above the belt” by manifesting as cold sores. Herpes Type 2 was previously considered “below the belt” and caused genital lesions. However, the medical profession has found oral-genital contact can spread either, so that types of herpes have become virtually insignificant.

Let’s define Herpes. It is very contagious. It is transmitted by bodily fluids. Proper hand washing precautions should be taken to keep the virus from a cold sore from spreading to the genitals. The first time herpes symptoms appear is called the primary occurrence and it worse than recurring outbreaks.

Symptoms generally occur within 4-7 days after contact. Initial symptoms are burning, chronic itch or tingling. In a couple of days, pimply sores pop up on reddish skin. Later, the pimples metamorphose into agonizing blisters. When the blisters burst, they secrete blood and yellowish pus. Approximately a week after the first symptoms, scabs form, which signals healing has begun. While it is rare, it is possible for Herpes to spread to the eyes. This requires speedy attention of a medical professional.A person can be infected and not know it. Symptoms may not show for some time following contact, yet the person can still be contagious. This is because viral shedding occurs during the tingling stage. Of course, people who have active lesions shed the virus and are contagious.

What are Natural Treatments for Herpes Simplex 1?

There is no sure cure for Herpes. Certain treatments help relieve pain, burning, itching, etc. But, the virus is subject to reoccur for the person’s lifetime.

Cold Sores

These are small lesions appearing on lips, nostrils, gums and/or roof of mouth. Once a person is infected with Herpes Simples 1, it can remain dormant in the body until fever and/or a cold triggers a flare-up. Extreme temperatures can also cause cold sores. Anyone susceptible to breakouts should limit/avoid foods containing arginine, an amino acid that sustains the virus. Arginine rich foods include: peanuts, chocolate, beer, peas and chocolate. Lysine counteracts arginine. (Health food stores carry this amino acid supplement.) Some foods are lysine rich but low in arginine, such as figs, apples, pears and papaya. Lentils, soybeans and black beans contain a whopping 2,500 milligrams lysine. There is a good probability cold sores won’t erupt if ice treatment is begun immediately. Just rub an ice cube over the affected area for 10 minutes, 3 times per day. Put a little salt on your fingertip and apply to affected area. Apply pressure and hold for a couple of minutes. This treatment is the most painful, but also the most effective in speedy healing of cold sores.

Potential Problems in Herpes Relationships
Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes occurs in a woman’s cervix and/or vagina. In men, the virus appears on/around the penis. It can materialize around the anus of either sex. Apply Tea Tree Oil to lesions after showering. Use one drop per lesion for quicker resolution. Aloe Vera gel can also be applied to lesions following a shower. Home grown Aloe Vera is preferable. Cut a few stems and store in fridge until ready to use. The cold gel is comforting to the blister as it reduces pain, itching and redness. Epsom Salt has been used in various home remedies for decades. Soaking in a warm bath, with a heaping helping of Epson Salt helps calm itching and dry up lesions.

Herpes Simplex Herbal Therapy

Ongoing research is demonstrating that topical ointments with highly concentrated amounts of Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) may treat cold sores resulting from Herpes. Lemon Balm’s anti-herpes, antiviral properties are tannins, aka polyphenols that cling onto cells viral receptor locations. They prevent infection from spreading by filling in spaces, thus stopping viruses from attaching to cells. A large study consisting of a dermatology practice and three hospitals in Germany concluded when lemon balm cream was used during the primary infection of Herpes Simplex 1 was recorded! In addition, the cream reduced healing time in oral and genital Herpes. European herbal ointments for treating Herpes contain a super-high concentration of lemon balm. Unfortunately, these herbal preparations are not available in the U.S. Dried melissa officinalis leaves can be used to make teas, or lemon balm tea is available. Use 2-4 teaspoons of lemon balm leaves per one cup boiling water. Soak a cotton ball in tea and apply to affected area several times daily. Give Natural Treatments for Herpes Simplex 1 a chance. They are safer and do not cause dreadful side-effects like mainstream medicines.

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