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Pheromones were first discovered in the 1980’s in different mammals. Scientists discovered that male pigs produced a molecule in their mouths. When this molecule came in contact with a female pig, she became sexually aroused, and would lift her behind up into a mating stance.

Soon after, similar molecules were discovered in different mammals as well as insects. They were found in bodily fluids, sexual organs, as well as in the mouths of these animals. They were dubbed pheromones.

Scientists now know that pheromones function as signals. In the insect world these pheromones are used for a multitude of different purposes. These include signals such as danger, food, sex, and basically anything needed for survival.

However in mammals, pheromones were more commonly used for sexual reproduction. Naturally people started wondering whether or not these pheromones would have some effect on humans.

Do Humans Have Pheromones?

There have been recent pheromone studies that have been conducted. And studies show that pheromones do play a part in human activity. We’ve discovered that pheromones are found in our sweat, urine, saliva, as well as other bodily fluids.

We also know that pheromones do have an active effect on others as well as ourselves. For example, we know that a mother who has just conceived will produce pheromones on her nipple so that her child can find it easier.

The question of the century remains: muscular and tall jock. They not only have different body languages but also their signatures are vastly different.

Signatures play a role in your interactions with others. It has been found that in areas of high level of violence, the males produce larger quantities of Androstenone (I will get into the different types of pheromones and their effects in the following post).

This pheromone is known to come off as Alpha and intimidating. It has also been known to more easily trigger feelings of anger and aggression.

How They Work

Pheromone products work by combining a variety of different individual pheromone molecules into a mix. These mixes are carefully tested over a period of time and optimized towards its intended purpose. The best pheromone products take months to years to complete as their makers really dedicate time and money towards a product that actually works.

Are there Pheromone Products That Actually Work?

There are a couple of well—made pheromone products out there. However, in the current pheromone market situation, chances are they are not the ones being marketed the most. Most of the top pheromone products on Google are not effective ones.

Rather they are the ones best marketed I personally found it quite funny that the best products were the ones made by guys who were more fascinated in their craft than making money off of people.

What Can They Do For Me?

Pheromones will not give you the abilities to fly. They will not make women fall in love with you the moment they stand in your relative personal space. Pheromones offer a signature that you can use to your advantage. It has been speculated by the pheromone community that pheromones can give you a 20% edge in your social, work, as well as your dating life. The other 80% is up to you.

Pherazone Pheromones

The better the other 80% is the more effective your pheromones will be for you. This includes your diet, your fitness, your fashion, your own personal life goals, as well as many other things.

How To Steer Your Pheromones

While pheromones offer you different signatures it’s up to you to “steer” the product. For example if you were to put on a pheromone that would make it easier for people to approach you. It is still up to you to go to a party before wondering why you don’t suddenly have an increase in your amount of friends.

Another example is if you were to put on a pheromone signature that suggested you were a highly sexual man who has been with tons of women. It is up to you to“steer”the product by going out there and hitting on women and using Kino (touch) to indicate that you are in fact this type of male.

If you were to put on a signature that is designed to make you look like a leader at work, then you have to still do your work in order to gain the respect of your co-workers.

The only thing pheromones can offer you is the ability to make all of these things easier by pre-suggesting to others that you are this person. All you have to do when you wear a pheromone product is prove them right.

In the next couple of posts I will go over the different types of pheromones and pheromone products.

What Are Self Effects

On top of making others feel a certain way about you, pheromones also have effects on the person that is exposed to them most, YOU!

There are even people out there in the pheromone community who use pheromone products just to feel these effects. These effects are usually subtle but defintely there.

Side Effects of Wearing Pheromones?

Yes. Just like anything else exposure to chemicals and molecules for too long periods of time may cause acute side effects. Don’t worry, these side effects are very minor and can easily be cured by taking a break from a product.

The only pheromone that is known to have noticeable side effects is dieNONE (which I will cover in the next post).

If anything it’s best to not wear pheromones every single day. If you ever feel tired or weary for some reason, try to take a couple of days off of pheromones before continuing your use. You can  more about how to get the most out of pheromones here.

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Studies Show That Human Pheromones Work
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Studies Show That Human Pheromones Work
Studies show that pheromones do play a part in human activity. We’ve discovered that pheromones are found in our sweat, urine, saliva, as well as other bodily fluid. Human pheromones are the chemicals responsible for love matches, and they help human beings bond together whether it is a man to a woman, a man to a man, or a woman to a woman.
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