Top Pheromones for Men 2017 [UPDATED]

In this article, I will discuss my findings on the best pheromones of 2017.

By definition, pheromones are odorless airborne chemicals transmitted by animals to influence behavior in the opposite sex .

The real purpose behind them is to send a signal to potential mates and to make them respond with an affirmative (or a negative) reaction. In humans, they are used to increase sexual attraction, elevate social status, and to increase romantic feelings.

Best Pheromones For Men

Some of the best sellers include:

Pherazone – Currently the most potent pheromone on the market (72 mg per fluid ounce) comes in a scented and unscented formula available for men, women, and gays. Contains 7 different proprietary pheromones. An excellent pheromone that’s appropriate for work, leisure, and dating and comes with 30 day money back guarantee. – Read: In-Depth Review

Alpha Dream LIIK Pheromones  – A scented pheromone cologne with an attractive formula that is great for general use.  Seasoned customers use this for everyday use. Includes 7 different pheromones. Works great for guys who want to elevate their alpha male status. – Read: In-Depth Review

Nexus PheromonesA masculine smelling pheromone cologne that’s not overly powerful. Wearing Nexus will put you in a good mood and help you pull in women. – Read: In-Depth Review

Aqua Vitae – A popular and effective pheromone cologne that works well for flirting with women and breaking the ice, Aqua Vitae is a crowd pleaser that has gotten me noticed by women. If you want to give off a celebrity vibe to the hottest women around, then try Aqua Vitae by Liquid Alchemy Labs.

Alpha 7 Scented – A popular pheromone cologne, Alpha 7 works great at parties and social events. It gives men confidence.

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My Test Results Of Pherazone

I was not feeling good about myself or my outlook for the future. I had just broken up with a long time partner and was approaching 40. How was I ever going to find someone who might be interested in me.

I tried to date and play around the field but didn’t have much luck. I never stopped flirting and trying to start conversations with women I met, even strangers. But something was missing. My son told me he had purchased some Pherazone spray after seeing it on television and seemed to have gotten some positive reaction to it. So what the heck, I decided to try it myself.

The Perfect Scent

I really enjoyed the scent, it was subtle and not overpowering. So I just started using it every day when I left the house. On a trip to the local mall, I happened to pass through the women’s perfume section and noticed a beautiful young woman giving out free samples.

I decided to go and talk to her even though I knew there was not much to gain from it. She was shy and standoffish but I noticed she was not put off. So a few days later I returned and started chatting again.

This went on for about 2 weeks and I was wearing my spray every time. I finally asked her if she would like to go out and hike with me when she had a day off. She was an outdoor person like myself. To my utter disbelief, she agreed and the rest is history.

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Great for Every Day Usage

We’ve been together for 2 years now. It’s funny, when we were hiking that day, she mentioned that I smelled really good. I was shocked. It seemed like a very personal comment to make. I told her it was probably the cologne I wear. She said she had smelled it before at work but didn’t want to ask. So I told her I’d get her a bottle if she liked it so much because it has a neutral effect whether a man or woman wears it. We both use it still, but I jokingly warned her about using it when I’m not with her!

Overall score: A/A+

Concentration: 72 mg per fluid ounce
Works best for: Everyday usage. Pick-Up. Social. Intimacy.

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Pheromones Used In Pherazone

pherazone-sidewaysAndrostenone: Common to humans and pigs, Androstenone is referred to as the male pheromone even though it is found in both men and women. The pheromone is associated with aggression and the products containing this pheromone help create a dominating presence.

It can also generate sexual vibes in women who prefer the aggressive, very macho type of men. Men should use a cologne containing Androstenone, and not use it as a stand-alone product because it is quite pungent.

Androstenol: Found in human sweat, this pheromone has a musk-like odor and helps the wearer seem more affable and approachable, as compared to the intimidating Androstenone. It helps stir up the romance and makes the wearer a chatty, friendly person.

Women look upon the wearer as a virile and healthy man. All these factors above help men break the ice with women and then take it from there.

Androsterone: This pheromone is secreted only by humans. It helps men seem more masculine and macho without the aggression of Androstenone. Women perceive the Andresterone-wearer to be a protector – a reliable, trust-worthy person who can secure them. The pheromone-wearers have also experienced mood-elevating effects.

Alpha Dream l2K Pheromones

l2kf-sidwaysL2k can be described as a smooth and powerful pheromone cologne that has a strong sexualized alpha male scent. L2K is more of a young mans cologne and works great in club and bar settings.

Young Women Love It

At my age, I usually tend not to hit the club scene but found it still to be effective around younger women. L2k can last up to 6 or more hours depending on the temperature.

L2k has sexual undertones due to the high concentration of androstenone. With a low dose it becomes a social pheromone. I have worn it work and had friendly conversations with girls and increased attention. It makes me feel more approachable to women of all ages.

Overall Score: A-/B+

Concentration: 27 mg per fluid ounce
Works best for: Clubbing. Nightlife. Intimacy.

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Nexus Pheromones

nexus-pheromone-perfumeNexus is one of the most underrated yet surprisingly pleasant pheromone colognes. With Nexus, women tend to be more comfortable around me making it easier to approach them and strike a conversation. Obviously, you have to be approachable for women to take notice of the pheromones but since this cologne smells great it makes it easier to closer.

The scent is not overpowering and with 7 different pheromones it’s gotten me noticed. I have had more success with  women in their 30s and 40s while wearing Nexus.

Works great on Cougars

The type of results you get will depend on what type of “game” you have and your personality. I have never been shy around younger women so by wearing Nexus my confidence is higher than usual which is attractive to women.

Overall Score: B+

Concentration: N/A
Works best for: Clubbing. Nightlife. General.

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Aqua Vitae

Aqua VitaeSold by Liquid Alchemy Labs, Aqua Vitae is a sophisticated product that works best for casual usage. This is the type of pheromone cologne that works on women who are a bit selective in their choice of men and want to get to know you before getting closer. It’s perfect for those difficult situations where you need to break the ice with a girl by starting a conversation. This is when first impressions really count and you can’t afford to come off as a goof ball.

The greatest benefit it provided to me was removing any feelings of self-doubt and worrying too much about her initial impression. Aqua Vitae gives you a cool and attractive vibe around women. I didn’t have to worry about fear of rejection or not having the proper motivation to approach her.

A Sexy Confidence Booster

This pheromone has a natural vibe and is a real confidence booster. Approaching women with Aqua Vitae is as simple as asking her a question, making a statement, or asking a favor. You may come to realize that it’s possible to meet women without throwing yourself at their mercy!

Overall Score: B+/B

Concentration: N/A
Works best for: Breaking the ice. Approach. Rapport.

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Alpha 7 Scented

Alpha 7 Scented contains a balanced pheromone formula making it accessible for all types of guys. Reported effects include increased attractiveness, confidence, and perceived authority but there is so much more to it than that. We all know women love guys who are confident and lust over a man who displays a sense of authority. Due to the infusion of androstenone pheromones, Alpha 7 helps amplify those masculine traits making you feel like a total alpha male stud.

There have been situations where I felt intimidated by beautiful women and didn’t have the balls to approach them. With a few squirts of Alpha 7 a lot of those worries and fears dissipated as I noticed women were more receptive and warm in my presence. It’s little things like this that can make a big difference to a guy’s confidence and how he proceeds with the conversation. At the end of the day meeting women is about not being self-conscious and just being playful and fun. Pheromones help amplify your best qualities and making you more appealing and desirable on a subconscious level.

Let’s not forget the scent which is refreshingly sweet and classy just like a designer cologne. As  a stand alone cologne this is the type of product any guy would want in his groom kit. It smells good and women like it.

Everyday Use

Alpha 7 is the type of product that can be useful in a variety of situations whether it’s work related, causal interactions, or approaching women for the first time. Besides give you a sense of ease Alpha 7 can help bring out your charisma making social interactions more effortless and smooth. Even if you are a shy guy pheromones can help you become more successful with women and as a person.

Overall Score: B

Concentration: 21 mg per fluid ounce
Works best for: General. Elevated Status. Classy women.

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Other Popular Pheromone Colognes for Men

Below are some of the other high-quality pheromones I have tried and reviewed.

Alfa Maschio

Alpha Dream came out with these phenomenal pheromone products around 2010 with one of which is Alfa Maschio. For those that enjoy the bar and club scene, this is going to be one of your go to weapons. When I first used it and tested it I found the sweet spot to be 2 sprays because it has a relatively high pheromone concentration.  Each time I wore it to the bars I received compliments from the ladies and some head turns.

It’s very easy and versatile to use and has a heavy sexual mix and what I really like about this pheromone is that it hits hard and fast. This is one of my favorite pheromones and easily one of my top 10.

Alter Ego

Alter Ego is a pheromone cologne that has been out for quite a while and has helped people out in a variety of ways. It comes in a small bottle with an eye dropper top. Alter Ego has a sharp fragrance that’s a little more pungent than Chikara and seems to last quite a while. It’s more of a classic scent mens cologne. Two drops is the sweet spot to use in social situations to see what type of reactions you’ll get.

My general results were pleasant interactions with women around me. It enhanced the social situation by making women easier to talk to. I felt more confident like I was a better looking guy.

Chikara Pheromones

Chikara comes in a spray bottle thats applied to the neck and other pulse points. It enhances your ability to impress other people, particularly females, with a warm, well-rounded, sweet fragrance. It’s strong and fairly long lasting.

If you want to be pursued by women than Chikara can help women initiate the conversation with you whether it’s in a coffee shop or a bar.

Pheromone Colognes vs. Perfumes

Pheromone colognes rely heavily on androstenone (boost sexual arousal and alpha male dominance), androsterone (boost social status), and androstenol (makes people more social and happy). These colognes are formulated to give men what they want; more dates, more sex, and more attraction from women. It’s no surprise that women like to be with guys that smell good.

Wearing a pheromone cologne is a unique way of expressing yourself. Depending on the product you choose, wearing a fragrance can make you more attractive and more approachable. Other benefits to wearing a high-quality mens pheromone is an increase in how women trust you, less emotional stress, more confidence, and a much better chance of getting her phone number.

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Pheromone perfumes on the other hand rely more on copulins to produce feelings of romance and love, and help create a chemical bond between males and females. They can also cause a man to have heightened sexual attraction. The needs of women are somewhat different to that of a man hence the different pheromone formulas.

Pheromone colognes can increase masculinity, confidence, and dominance in men, all considered attractive traits to women while pheromone perfumes make women more exciting, seductive, and desirable. In other words, they can amplify the most alluring qualities that men fall in love with.

Does Concentration Really Matter?

One of the biggest problems consumers face is knowing whether there actually are pheromones in the products they buy. There is no oversight in the pheromone industry as to whether manufacturers are really putting pheromones in their products or simply water.

Pheromones are incredibly expensive to synthesize with a 55 gallon drum of pheromone mixture by some estimates to cost in excess of $50,000. It’s difficult to imagine how manufactures could sell genuine pheromone products at rock bottom prices.

Another problem facing consumers is validating whether their pheromones are made in a quality-controlled laboratory. Premium pheromones are manufactured in FDA certified laboratories which allows for greater quality control and effectiveness.

The FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by regulating human and animal drugs, biologics (e.g. vaccines and cellular and gene therapies), medical devices, food and animal feed, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. If you’re buying a pheromone product that is not produced in an FDA certified lab, there is no proof it contains real pheromones.

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This handy chart shows the range of concentrations in some of today’s most popular brands. With up to 38 mg per ounce in their standard formula and 108 mg in their Ultra formula, Pherazone offers up to 10x more pheromone than some of it’s competitors.

Does Price Matter?

There is also a huge discrepancy in the price range of pheromones with some costing as little as $9.95 and upwards of $225 per bottle. What really matters  when it comes to value is the cost per mg. How much are you pay per milligram of pheromone concentration?

Starting at $89.95, Pherazone is valued at $4.99 per milligram of pheromone which is one of the best values on the market as of 2017. Compare that to Chikara which goes for $6.99 per mg, or Alpha 7 ($11.42 per mg). But price alone won’t determine how good a product is. I would also consider how it smells, how long it lasts, and the results.

If you are new to the pheromone game you may end up trying multiple products before you find the one that works best for you. Consider this guide as a starting point in your pheromone journey and success with women.


Testing Pheromone Colognes

Sweet spot testing is when you test a particular pheromone blend to find the dosage that works best on you.  Since everybody’s chemistry is different the best amount will vary per individual which is why you should test. You can determine your optimal dosage in as little as a week with average timeframe being two weeks.

Basically, you want to use three day blocks where you only use one pheromone spray or drop. I’ll then apply the pheromone to my upper body around the neck and upper chest. After the three days, I will wash off any pheromones on my body and start over by doubling the dose for the next three days and then assess my results.

Best Pheromones For Women

Not just for men, women use pheromone-based perfumes to attract men and boost their sexual appeal. There are a variety of pheromone perfumes with enticing fragrance and the added benefits of these hidden chemical messengers.


Using the same successful formula as their mens products, their women formula has become increasing popular due to its addictive perfume scent. My girlfriend love it to wear and loves the fact it smells like a designer fragrance.


When we go out and without a doubt it she smells incredibly light, fresh, and sexy. I can’t help but tell her how great she smells. The aromas has a citrcus like quality. One reviewer has described it as akin to Light Blue fragrance. Fresh out of the shower is the feeling that comes to mind for me.

Women tend to be a bit more selective when deciding upon a perfume to wear and it appears Pherazone has gone to great lengths and testing to create something unique and unrivaled in an already crowded market. Unfortunately, it only comes in one size but maybe they will make different packages in the future.  When we think of perfume, we don’t necessarily think of power. Instead we tend to think of seduction and desire, romance, beauty, or magic, because that’s what perfume makes us see or feel. But power is what Pherazone offers. Related:

Overall score: A/A-

Concentration: 72 mg per fluid ounce
Works best for: Everyday usage. All occasions.

Official site

Alter Ego For Women

A perennial favorite, Alter Ego perfume is a sexy pheromone-infused fragrance that gives women confidence. Even though the pheromone concentration of 30mg per fluid ounce pales in comparison to Pherazone, the scent is arguably just as intoxicating.


Women have described guys as going bonkers, giving compliments, and always wanting to be near them. Men tend to lean in closer as you become the center of attention. Another thing going for it is the cost. Pherazone is a premium pheromone and costs a bit more.

My cousin swears by Alter Ego for women when it comes to turning the tables on some of these guys by playing the hopelessly romantic “Innocent Flower.” She thinks it must be something about the soft and rosy, yet lively and citrusy notes that give men a false sense of being in control. And yet, the truth of the matter is that they lose all sense of direction and control which just floats gently away on a peaceful cloud of violet and water-lily notes. Talk about unadulterated undercover pheromone power. This is it.

You can get two bottle of Alter Ego for nearly the price of one bottle of Pherazone. Both products do the job. In the end, it really comes down to which scent do you like better and what are your goals.

Overall score: B+

Concentration: 30 mg per fluid ounce
Works best for: Socializing & Dating.

Official Site

Alfa Donna By Alpha Dream

The “perfect” pheromone for the single woman, Alfa Donna is a sexy, confident, and daring pheromone perfume for energetic woman who are on the market for a man.


Women have reported men as being more chatty and flirtatious with an age range of 20 – 60. My girlfriend introduced her best friend to pheromones and she described her experience with Alfa Donna as fun, flirty, and youthful. She’s raved about the refreshing scent of Alfa Donna, and loves the lush, intoxicating quality of the fragrance and for the variety of ways she can wear it.

From her experience, she noted that Alfa Donna is more of a sexual pheromone with the hits from guys being constant. Overall, she loved the effects and plans to buy more. This is a sensual pheromone fragrance, and the design concept that accompanies it are made for bad girls, who want to meet a strong man.

Overall score: B+

Concentration: 30 mg per fluid ounce
Works best for: Sexual.

Official Site

What To Do Next?

The power of pheromones literally changed my life. Not once, but several times. Each time it was an amazing instantaneous transformational experience. And each time I knew it the moment it happened. If you are still on the fence about pheromones make sure to check out these articles below. Also, let us know your reactions, insights, and ideas in our comment section.

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  • Groot

    It’s a scientific fact they work. No argument about that.

    About practical results, I tested a couple “brands” a couple years ago, some work, some don’t, some work better than others, and some are just utter crap.

    Speaking of the ones that do work, you’ll get mixed results, depending on many factors, but yeah, they help.

    And no, it’s not placebo effect, at least not in my case (I tested).

    • Mark Pommett

      I would tend to agree with you. Pheromones work for the most part but vary depending on body chemistry. Pherazone is a good one albeit a bit pricey.