Top Pheromones For Men 2016

Pheromones are natural odorless substances that are externally secreted by a fertile animal’s (including human) body. The real purpose behind this secretion is to send a signal to a member of the opposite sex and to make them respond with affirmative (or a negative) reaction. This phenomena was known to occur in animals, and it was in the mid-1980s that it was proved that even humans secrete pheromones.

How Pheromones Work in Humans

Now, there are four types of pheromones secreted by us – (a) Sex-inducing pheromones secreted by humans (b) Pheromones that bond child to mother after the child is born, which are secreted by all animals; (c) Pheromones related to menstrual cycle, secreted by humans; and (d) Territory-marking pheromones that are secreted by animals.

It is now important to understand the Vomeronasal Organ in our body. It was way back in 1703 that medical researchers became aware of a left-over object in the nasal cavity, which is now known as VNO or Vomeronasal Organ. This is the organ that detects pheromones, which send women wild with desire. It makes women sniff out and respond to a particular chemical contained in male pheromones, which goes by the scientific name of 5α-androst-16-en-3-one, alias the Androstenone family of pheromones.

There are three major pheromones Androstenone, Androsterol and Androsterone. This family of pheromones is found in male and female sweat and urine and the pheromones in the male sweat are the substances that attract women. In fact, you will be surprised to know that these pheromones are used as an active ingredient in many products that are used to lure female animals into an artificial insemination process.

The question is: why do these pheromones attract women? The answer is that these substances evoke a strong desire for mating. They work on a completely natural level. They were meant to be secreted so that men could attract women so that both sexes could fulfill their sexual desires. Nature meant it to be that way.

What proves that these pheromones work as a female magnet is the presence of extra dollops of the androstenone family of pheromones in alpha males. Males who score high with females are nicked as Alpha Males. So, when this nick-naming went on for far too long, scientists got together and conducted a study on a bunch of alpha males, and they found one thing in common – that all the alpha males being researched upon secreted high levels of androstenone pheromones!

The studies went a little further and roped in women who had had sexual encounters with alpha males. These women said they preferred to have sexual intercourse with alpha males because they felt an amazing sex appeal emitting from the men. The studies dug deeper and it was discovered that men with extra androstenone were more confident while dealing with their male business associates, friends and employees.

The top rated pheromones

There are three top pheromones: Androstenone, Androstenol and Androsterone. Here’s how each pheromone works:

Androstenone: Common to humans and pigs, Androstenone is referred to as the male pheromone even though it is found in both men and women. The pheromone is associated with aggression and the products containing this pheromone help create a dominating presence. It can also generate sexual vibes in women who prefer the aggressive, very macho type of men. Men should use a cologne containing Androstenone, and not use it as a stand-alone product because it is quite pungent. An overdose can cause headaches and overtly aggressive behaviour, which can put off the opposite sex.

Androstenol: Found in human sweat, this pheromone has a musk-like odor and helps the wearer seem more affable and approachable, as compared to the intimidating Androstenone. It helps stir up the romance and makes the wearer a chatty, friendly person. Women look upon the wearer as a virile and healthy man. All these factors above help men break the ice with women and then take it from there. Overdosing should be avoided because it can cause a tired feeling, headaches or weakness.

Androsterone: This pheromone is secreted only by humans. It helps men seem more masculine and macho without the aggression of Androstenone. Women perceive the Andresterone-wearer to be a protector – a reliable, trust-worthy person who can secure them. The pheromone-wearers have also experienced mood-elevating effects. According to researchers, wearing Androstenone has no side-effects.

This is how pheromones work. Now that you know about the 3 top rated and most important pheromones, use the knowledge to buy a pheromone-containing cologne that goes with your image. For example, if you’re already very aggressive, buy Androstenol-containing products; if you’re the metrosexual type, go with Androsterone products, and if you’re unsure of yourself, then buy Androstenone products. Better still, mix up all the 3 for best results.

What is the most powerful pheromone?

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