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In this write-up, I will discuss my findings on whether pheromones really work in humans, the role of pheromones, and what science has concluded.

The study of pheromones began in in the 1960s when a scientist discovered that certain chemicals were used by animals for the purpose of mating. Studies have discovered that pheromones are used by a number of animals and by humans as well, thus leading researchers to look for practical applications for the chemicals produced by the human body.

What Are Pheromones ?

Pheromones are basically chemicals scents that are produced by one animal to the change the behavior of another animal. For example, pheromones from a particular species may be released into the environment in order to deter others from the same species, or to attract others of the same species, typically, of the opposite sex. This is widely seen in the insect world where it plays a crucial role in mating and reproduction.

What Do They Do?

Nearly every animal in the world can detect pheromones, and they are used by different animals in different ways:

  • Mice detect pheromones with their VNO, and these pheromones play an important role in the mating of mice
  • Cats detect nepetalactone with their VNO, thus obtaining the “high” associated with catnip.
  • Snakes sense their prey by sticking out and withdrawing their forked tongue, which touches the VNO as the tongue flicks in an out.
  • Elephants are stimulated as the transfer the chemicals that stimulate their sense to the tip of their trunks, and the chemicals are detected by the VNO.

Animal pheromones are usually released from special hormone glands that create the hormones and secrete them into the air for mating purposes.

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Do Humans Have Pheromones?

There have been quite a few scientific studies supporting the legitimacy of pheromones. ABC News did a report on pheromones which incorporated a look at studies which have examined the merits of pheromone based attraction products. ABC noted that there is truth to the value pheromones present as their effect truly is rooted in science.

Several years ago a well publicized study into pheromones and attracting others was conducted by a major university in Spain. It became clearly evident through the course of the study that there was much legitimacy to the claims surrounding whether or not pheromone scents could deliver on the expectations promised.

Of course, the quality of the particular pheromones colognes will play a significant role in its effectiveness. There are products on the market which may be lacking in quality. These pheromone colognes are more disappointing than anything else which is why it is best to search for those which have received positive marks from consumers. Positive sentiments will be reflected through reviews published on credible websites or blogs.

The truth is that pheromones can help with attraction levels and they can do so in a realistic way. Understanding how pheromones work is the key to being able to harness them.

Different Types of Pheromones

Pheromones tend to trigger specific reactions, including physical and sexual attraction. Below is a list of the different types of pheromones found in the animal kingdom.

Sex Pheromones

The first thing that many people think of when discussing pheromones is sexual attraction. In both humans and other types of mammals, males and females excrete pheromone chemicals that in turn attract the opposite sex. This natural chemical reaction paves the way for triggering sexual excitement that will often lead to mating.

For humans, the release of this type of pheromone is ongoing. In mammals and other species that experience specific mating cycles, the pheromones are manufactured and released only at certain times. This type of chemical excretion is essential for the propagation of different species, including humans.

Territorial Pheromones

Another example of pheromone excretion has to do with establishing the boundaries of what is considered the domain of a specific creature. The general idea is to signal all other creatures that the territory involved is already taken. In the event that another creature wishes to occupy the territory, the excretion serves to signal a need to fight.

One of the best examples of this type of activity is a dog marking a post or tree by urinating at the base.

Territorial pheromones are carried in the urine. Other dogs can smell the urine and identify the marking with another animal. In order to claim the territory, the animal will also urinate on the spot, eradicating the previous claim.

Aggregation Pheromones

This type of classification has to do with excretions that trigger some sort of response in both genders. For example, the release of the pheromone may result in attracting the attention of both genders rather than simply the opposite gender.

Depending on the impact of the individual pheromones this could lead to some sort of conflict or it could pave the way for some type of mating ritual.Considered the widest classification for pheromones, this category is used for any chemical secretions that don’t seem to fit neatly in other classes.

Alarm Pheromones

There are also pheromones that are excreted when an organism feels threatened in some manner. This is essential in the animal kingdom, since it serves as the trigger for the flight or fight response. The excretions also help to provide some idea of what is about to happen between two antagonists.

Depending on the circumstances, both organisms involved will instinctively understand that a fight is about to occur. In some cases, the release of the pheromones may be enough to convince the aggressor that the other party is not going to back down and that flight is the most practical response.

Trail Pheromones

This type of chemical secretion is common in a number of species, including insects. The purpose is to provide a means of getting back to a previous location.

A guidance system of this type can help maintain colonies and aid members of those colonies to forage for food and return it without fail.

A good example of this type of activity is found with ants. The ants will search for food and then return it to the colony for the good of the entire group.

How Pheromone Messages Are Sent

Animals detect pheromones via the vomeronasal organ (VNO), an organ inside the nasal cavity. The VNO is the only organ that can detect pheromones, as the chemicals have no perceptible scent that can be detected by the hairs in the nose.

Pheromones are manufactured in small, specialized structures known as glands. Some pheromone glands are relatively simple and are located on or near the surface of an animal’s body.  The location of pheromones across species is relatively diverse. Some pheromone secretions evaporate as soon as they are released and so become quickly dispersed in the air. Others are waxy or oily;  such pheromones do not evaporate very fast and tend to last much longer.

How Do Pheromones Work in Humans?

In humans they are released through sweat glands. When the VNO picks up the chemical scent of the pheromones, the VNO sends a signal to the hypothalamus section of the human brain. This section of the brain is the part that is responsible for moods, including happiness, sadness, anger, and sexual arousal.

Do Pheromones Hold They Key To Attraction?

Pheromones are kind of like the holy grail of attracting women. The women don’t have a clue that there is that extra special pull making them more attracted to you. They are like little invisible arrows from cupids bow. They come in unscented sprays that you merely need to spray onto your skin to work  .However are these claims malicious, is it really possible to attract women with just a spray from a bottle?

The ultimate answer is that it is incredibly hard if not impossible to tell if pheromones actually work to help you pick you women. Yes the evidence points in their favor and scientific trials have shown that pheromones do have an impact on how people think and feel but it is just too hard to get a definite answer to this question.

Pheromones though are not the be all and end all of picking up a woman. Yes they can help you but merely using the pheromone spray is not sufficient. You also have to let your personality show and appear nice to your potential partner. Pheromones will help you get noticed but its not a walk in the park to score.

Pheromones and Human Communication

Humans emit sex scent signals. While it is well documented that females and males of many species can communicate through chemical signals called pheromones, there has remained some question as to whether humans can communicate this way as well until recently.

Are Pheromones The Secret Scent of Attraction?

What Glands Secrete Pheromones?

Pheromone like compounds are believed to be secreted via axillary (armpit) glands called apocrine glands, which create a nutritional environment for bacteria.

Can Humans Detect Pheromones?

The signals sent by the VNO to the brain tell the hypothalamus that it is picking up a chemical stimulant scent, and the brain reacts accordingly.

The hypothalamus will usually respond to the chemical stimulant of the pheromones by causing the brain to feel good, create a pleasant sensation, speed up breathing, and cause the heart to beat faster. A lot of people automatically associate these sensations with sexual arousal, as these things are usually the effects that indicate arousal.

However, the VNO doesn’t send signals that cause sexual arousal, but the signals sent to the hypothalamus are usually misinterpreted as being sexual stimulation.

How Do Pheromones Help in Communication?

Animals use chemical communication or pheromones to communicate. They may leave their scent to mark territory or attract mates. Because pheromones are programmed to affect you subconsciously, you may not even be aware of it until it issues forth a message or a warning that is impossible to ignore.

Subconscious Effect

The reaction to chemicals is reported to be entirely subconscious, as there is no smell that can be detected by the nose. The subconscious effect is sufficient to stimulate the person’s mind and cause them to feel better, along with the symptoms that they mistake to be sexual arousal.

The fact that pheromones may stimulate the body subconsciously is one of the things that have made them the subject of interest interest.

Can You Manipulate Human Behavior With Pheromones?

Even though studies and news reports strongly suggest pheromones work in humans I wanted to see if I could actually influence behavior in women so they were more attracted to me.

I’ve heard both sides of the argument with a lot of websites saying they work and others saying they are nothing more than a scam. I decided to keep an open-mind about pheromones so my conclusions weren’t biased.

How Did I Test These Pheromones?

A purchased a collection of the most talked about pheromones I could find on the market. This included popular brands like Pherazone, Nexus, and L2K by Alpha Dream. I chose them due to their popularity, accessibility, and money-back guarantee. I stuck with products that garnered mostly positive reviews as I didn’t want to waste my time on brands destined to fail.


Pherazone has been on the market since 2010 and has an exceedingly high concentration of pheromones including androstenone which elevates sexual attraction. I chose Pherazone because it had a reputation for delivering strong results and to see if higher concentrations would have a positive effect.

They also have an extensive list of pheromones being used in their formula which are known to have strong influences on human behavior.

I only applied two dabs around my neck as advised so I didn’t overload.

Alpha Dream L2K

A strong sexual pheromone cologne by Alpha Dream, this one has gotten a lot of attention and appeared to be a crowd favorite. L2K has an elevated level of androstenone which makes also a strong sexual pheromone.

Users have reported L2k as having a strong seduction formula and claimed it made girls more open to talk about sex, flirty, touchy, and more.

Since, I was looking for a product that could spark sexual interest I decided to try this one too.


An oldie but possibly goodie. Nexus is one of the earlier pheromone products on the market and still sells well so I was inclined to test it. They claim to use androstenone and other seductive pheromones to create sexual tension.

Also, the combination of 7 pheromones and claims of long-last action were considered.

With three pheromone colognes to test all making similar claims and with similar ingredients, I was ready to go forward with my experiment and see if they really worked, even if just slightly.

First Impressions

Before I got to try them on I was blown away by how awesome they smell. If I was shopping strictly for a cologne these would be at the top of my list. They make you smell young, refreshing and hot.  Even if pheromones didn’t work, the amazing scent would surely make you more attractive to women.

You still need to create natural attraction and build rapport! Humans are self-conscious species and rational and the old laws of attraction still apply. What pheromones can do is “amplify” the thing’s your doing right. Pheromones gives you confidence and that affects women in a positive way.

In fact, confidence is one of the most attractive traits a man can have.

Pheromones for Sex

Things get really exciting when you use pheromones on a girl who already exhibits interest in you.  Pheromones tend to make women uninhibited and let their instincts truly take over. In fact, I believe pheromones can play a role in your sex life if used appropriately.

This would explain why my experience with Pherazone has been so good. Using it on women who I knew were already into me allowed things to quickly escalate sexually. Your chances of engaging in sex go up if she is already into you.

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More Sexual Intercourse

Scientific studies have actually shown that subjects who used synthesized pheromones had intercourse more often and ABC News reported a study where human pheromones increased the attention female participants received from men by a whooping 50%.

To test whether these potions helped people find romance, “20/20” sent sets of 20-something male and female twins to a speed-dating event and gave them each a scent – one twin in each set received a scent containing Cutler’s pheromones.

My Results and Conclusion

So, did these pheromones actually work and do anything? The short answer is, yes, but …. it also depends. While there is compelling scientific evidence that they exist in humans and work, the results are dependent on variety of factors such as personality type, confidence, social interactions.

In other words, you probably won’t be able to pick up a girl you never met solely based on the pheromones you wear.

Getting The Best Results

Some people say don’t have success with pheromones and argue they don’t work So what’s the key? Work on improving yourself. By improving your inner game and approach to women and being more confident and relaxed, you can amplify your success with pheromones. Pheromones just give you an edge but they are not a magic pill.

The more you approach women and the less concerned you are about whether you succeed or fail the better your skills and chances will develop. Women like men who are less self-consciousness and happy to be themselves.

Why Do They Work?

Pheromones are a subject of continued interest for scientists from around the world, as researchers are finding that the interesting and unique chemical effects of pheromones are different for every person. Pheromones have become increasingly popular over the years with manufacturers infusing them into colognes, perfumes, oils, and even candles.

While pheromones are still controversial, there has been some interesting press coverage and research findings on them over the years.

A number of different studies have been conducted in recent years, with the results varying:

    • Up to 91% of the people tested experienced increased eye contact with women
    • As many as 80% of test subjects were approached by women within the first week of trying the pheromones
    • Up to 75% of the test subjects felt more masculine and had improved confidence in their sexual abilities
    • As many as 68% of the male subjects had more sex as a result of the pheromones

Are Pheromone Colognes Really Worth It?

So, with all the research and exciting findings about pheromones being published does that mean they will work for you? My answer is maybe. You see, humans are much more complicated and self-aware than animals.

There are so many different factors that can determine your success with women beyond the scope of just using human pheromones. If they were so easy, than they would probably be banned. However, that’s not to say they can’t work.

In general, pheromone colognes of high quality can do so. We know this because there have been effective tests noting that when exposed to high grade pheromones, a man may be attracted to a woman who has a faint pheromones scent. Of course, the ability to synthetically enhance the pheromones via a perfume product greatly enhances the likelihood this will be the outcome.

More often than not, they will give you an edge, and make it easer to attract women women. The rest is up to you!

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What Are Pheromones and How Do They Work?
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What Are Pheromones and How Do They Work?
Pheromones are chemical substances which our bodies produce naturally, to be dispersed into the environment. Studies have actually shown that subjects who used synthesized pheromones had intercourse more often and ABC News reported a study where human pheromones increased the attention female participants received from men by a whooping 50%.
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