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Penis extenders are one of the few penis enlargement solutions that have been clinically proven to increase lentgh and girth permanently over time. One of the most popular devices on the market is the X4 labs penis extender.

The Truth About X4 labs Penis Extender

As someone who wasn’t genetically gifted and well-endowed I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life feeling embarrassed about my size. Penis size alone can make some girls orgasm from simple physiology and psychological factors. Being able to hit certain ‘spots’, being aroused by the sight of it, the feel of it etc etc. Unfortunately, the penis enlargement market is littered with bogus pills, creams, and even dangerous devices that promise a bigger and thicker dick. Why is X4 Labs any different?

The truth of the matter is penis extenders are one of the only devices that have been clinically tested to permanently increase the size of the penis. A quick google search will pull up numerous studies to back it up. I don’t consider myself a gullible person so I decided to do some research on several penis enlargement forums and user groups before deciding to invest in a penis extender. I wanted a greater understanding of what is and isn’t possible in terms of penis enlargement which I have outlined in this review.

I’ve been online long enough to quickly spot a scam so I was already aware that most male enhancement products don’t work. However, penis extenders were something I needed to investigate a little further because I wasn’t sure on whether the science was sound. In theory it makes sense, but is this real science?

Is X4 labs a Scam?

I see this question pop-up a lot and the short is answer is NO.  X4 Labs extenders work on the principal of mechanical traction which is as applied to the penis. Basically, the penis is subjected to controlled, constant and safe tension over a prolonged period of time gradually increasing in duration and frequency until the desired result. This is not some made-up concept. It’s actually a real process that has been documented in clinical studies which I explain below.

The cells, tissues and skin of the are slowly yet surely stretched until such time that the desired increases in length and girth are observed. On the cellular level, the cells undergo a process known as mitosis that allows the penile tissues and skin to expand in both directions. Expansion also happens to the blood vessels of the penis. Comfort is the key when it comes to wearing them so most people will find the investment worth it.

Does it Really Work?

Most people’s bullshit detectors go off pretty quick when they see the words penis enlargement. So why would someone call it a scam? Well, if you don’t have the patience and commitment to enlarge your penis then buying an extender is simply a waste of time. However, the claims on their website of a bigger penis are valid so long as you are willing to invest the time and be patient.

Regarding science, there have been a few prominent studies to back them up, which I read before starting my penis enlargement journey. The one that really stood out was conducted by the University of Turin in Italy. In their clinical study, men who penis extenders everyday for a span of 6 months saw an average increase in length of 36%.  Since this was a verified clinical study and not another internet scam, I was sold on the idea of using a penis extender, and in particular the X4 Labs brand, which I will explain why below.

So, what’s It like having a Monster Penis?

In actuality my penis wasn’t horribly small as one might image before using the X4 Labs. I measured about 5.5 inches hard which is around the national average. But to my eyes it felt pretty damn small, especially compared to those horse-sized cocks you see in porn movies. Now I know there was no way I was gonna grow to 10 inches penis extender or not, but even if I could gain an inch in length I would be pretty thrilled. That’s a pretty significant increase and enough to allow me to hold my penis in two hands. Who doesn’t want to give a girl two hands full? LOL.

In regards to girth, I was actually fairly thick to begin with so this wasn’t a major priority. I just wanted to feel adequate when it comes to length and there was no way I was gonna spend everyday jelqing or hanging a bunch of rocks from my dick. I needed something that was safe and easy to use and actually worked. I had tried a penis pump in the past when I was in high school but didn’t commit enough time to see appreciable results and quite frankly they seem to only increase girth.

Like most guys I just wanted to be big enough to impress my girlfriend and have more satisfying sex. I wanted to be proud of my penis while being a little bit of a show off. It was either go big or go home for me!

Which penis extender is better?

X4 Labs has a wide range of penis extender packages which can be a little confusing for consumers like me. With each one averaging several hundred dollars penis extenders are not cheap. I consider them an investment for long-term results. Anyways, which package should you get? Frankly, it comes down to money and what do you want to spend. Make no mistake, you will get the same results with all of them. The only real difference is what you get in terms of accessories, bonuses, and spare parts. Why does this matter? Well, at some point you will more often than not need to buy a spare extension rod as your penis becomes larger or you may need a new comfort pad as the old one has worn out. In a nutshell, the bigger packages give you more of what you will eventually need.

If I could only become one, the best overall choice is the Premium package because it offers the best value and comes with everything you need. Going back to the packages, X4 Labs offers five types of traction device kits, namely, Starter Extender, Gold Extender, Gold Premium Extender, Deluxe Extender and Peyronie’s Extender. Accessories are included in each package.

Furthermore, all of their extender kits come with access to their helpful penis enlargement forum, an instruction manual, quick start DVD, extra extension rods, and extra foam so you can grow and adjust to your size as your progress.

X4 Labs Luxury Gold Edition

The X4 Labs Gold Edition is a complete penis extender kit that is packaged in a leather case. It’s a 24 karat plated penis extender It comes several accessories including 12 cleaning swabs to keep your extender clean, 2 velcro straps to secure your penis, a cleaning fluid to clean your extender, a water based lubricant, gold extension rods to make your extender longer during your progression. If you have the bucks, this is a great kit to own and really comes with all the bells and whistles; namely tons of accessories, bonuses, and spare parts.

What You Get

It also comes with an instructional DVD, a user manual that shows you different ways to wear the extender, a $50 gift certificate for spare parts, an invite to the X4 Labs penis enlargement forum, and a second DVD called Penis Access that shows you a bunch of penis exercises to help you with your progression. You also receive three packs of foam to use with the straps and six extra nooses.

Super Comfortable

With the extender, you’ll be adding the extension rods as you make gains. I found them well designed and easy to screw in with lots of spring tension while still keeping  you comfortable. If you decide not to use the comfort straps you can use the rubber noose and slide it inside the provided foam pads. The foam makes it very comfortable when worn around the penis head.

More Ways to Wear It

The Gold Edition kit also offers an optional velcro strap which is not offered with their other packages. The velcro wraps securely around the memory foam so you can quickly adjust the fit. In summary, the the Gold Edition offers three different ways to wear your penis extender and plenty of accessories and extra parts to keep you going for the first 6 months and more of your penis enlargement program. You get everything you need at your disposal for maximum results.

One thing to keep in mind  is one of their top tier products with the highest spring tension compared to any extender on the market. It has an even greater tension (4200 grams vs 2800 grams)than the extremely popular Sizegentics system .

Official Site

X4 Labs Premium Edition

The Premium Edition comes with all the essentials plus 6 nooses which is great if you loose or break one. It also has 3 sets of the short foam pads meant to be worn with the straps and 3 sets of the long foam pads meant to be worn with the noose.

I’d like to point out that the foam pads are extremely comfortable to wear and have surpassed my expectations. It’s very smooth and soft on the penis.

5 Year Warranty

When you buy the Premium Edition you get a 5 year warranty on the product so you’re covered on wear and tear and can use it as much as you want. If it breaks (unlikely), you’re covered.

As you make progress with your extender, you can screw in the extension rods provided in the kit and continue to experience gains. I’d recommend to use the cleaning pads to keep your device as your penis will be spending a lot of time in the extender. Besides coming with an instruction manual that shows you what the product is all about and different ways to wear it you also get a second DVD called Penis Access that shows you a bunch of exercises you can do to help with your progression.

The extender itself is light and smooth which is key to your comfort along with the smooth tension. My personal favorite way to wear is the extender is the strap as opposed to the noose. I find it’s the most comfortable way and it does not slip off.

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X4 Labs Deluxe Edition

The X4 Labs Deluxe Edition comes in a discreet package like all their products and includes all the basic accessories such as rubber straps, extra extension springs, four comfort straps, four nooses, and and extra foam cushioning, and an instructional DVD.

Perfect for Beginners

With the one inch rods attached, penis enlargement beginners will be ready to start lengthening and stretching their penis. You can wear either the provided comfort strap (my preference and more comfy) or the foam cushioned noose. The Deluxe Edition will deliver the same results as all their extenders as they are designed exactly the same. The only difference is it doesn’t come the velcro straps, bonuses, and extra parts as the more expensive packages.

I’ve worn the Deluxe Edition for a while and never had a problem with it falling off.

Eventually, you may end up buying more rods, cushions, or want more options to wear it but it you are on a budget and just looking to get started this is a good entry level package that gets the job done.

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X4 Labs Peyronies Ultimate Edition

The Peyronies Edition is designed for guys who want to correct curvature of the penis in as little as three months.

If the curvature of your penis is uncomfortable for your girlfriend a penis extender is safe and effective way to straighten without having to resort to invasive surgery. Having a curved penis can make it difficult to have sex with a woman and lower a guy’s self esteem.

This is one of their most complete penis extender packages and comes with a ton of accessories such as a vacuum pump which can improve blood flow to and increase the girth, vitamin E supplement, extra straps, nooses, tension springs, a carrying case, and more.

If you’re on a budget you probably won’t need all the extras but if you want to cover the whole nine yards and make a a long term commitment to penis enlargement and suffer from a crooked penis than it’s a good option.

Official Site

X4 Labs vs Sizegenetics

The two most popular penis extenders on the market are remarkably similar but they do have some differences. Both devices provide excellent results and can give you gains of 1-2 inches. In terms of pricing, Sizegenetics offers four different packages and they all come with the same extender device. The packages are marked by the types of accessories, spare parts, and bonuses you get.

With X4 Labs, they have 11 different packages and depending on which one you buy you get a slightly different extender device differentiated by the ways you can wear it. Overall, the pricing and results between the two products is nearly the same with the X4 Labs being slightly more expensive and a little more comfortable to wear. As mentioned previously X4 labs also offers more tension with 4200 grams as opposed to 2800 grams.

X4 Labs Routine

The main drawback with extenders is that it will take several months to achieve the results you want. I know a lot of guys want a quick fix but it’s just not impossible. In fact, I wouldn’t even consider buying a penis extender unless you are willing to put in 6 months of work. Your penis can only grow so fast and all those pills and lotions you see advertised promising a huge penis are nothing more than snake oil. So, in reality, you will need to find the time. Fortunately, this is not as hard as it may seem.

Semenax Pills: What They Can Do?

Finding The Time

The first challenge to consider in enlarging your penis is finding the time to wear an extender for 6-8 hours per day. It’s an arduous task and not something you can just casually do just anywhere. You need to find some time in your day that gives you a little privacy with your penis extender. How do you know you have the time? Well, most people actually do. Think about it. If you are sitting on your computer right now reading this article that is time you could spend growing your penis.

The best times to use a penis extender are usually when watching TV on the couch, using the home computer, and just relaxing after work. You can even split up your routine and wear it for a few hours in the morning and a few more at the end of the day. The most important thing is to watch for consistency.  You want to move forward with your gains.

Split your Day in Half

This has been my solution and has worked out well. I get up at 6am, make a cup of coffee, and sit in front of my computer for two hours preparing for the day while getting in a quick extender session. That allows me to knock off two hours of my routine in the morning before I go to work.  When I come home, I got 4 hours left to go and break that up into two hour sessions with a break for dinner in between. I’ll ususally finish off the night with the last two hours watching Netflix or doing something within the privacy of my home.

Don’t let the extender control your life. You can still go about your day while wearing it.

The Power Hour

After you have used your extender for 6 months and have seen some good gains you can wear it for a full hour with maximum tension before you take it off. By this time your penis will be well accustomed to extreme stretches and should already have gains. This power hour method can make a significant difference in your future gains.

Daily Usage Amount

The suggested daily use is no more than 5-6 hours per day. However, if you are taking it off and giving yourself mini breaks to promote blood circulation in the penis you can wear it for even longer for even faster gains.  Always be on the lookout for any sign of pain or discomfort. The prolonged traction can sometimes irritate the skin, especially for males who are extra sensitive. For this reason, individuals are advised to constantly do a physical check while wearing the item.

 InfiniteFit Quad Support System Review

Comfort is one of the main-selling points and what attracted my attention to trying the X4 Labs system. After doing much research, I knew there was no way I could attach something to my dick for 6 hours a day if it wasn’t extremely comfortable. The whole “no pain, no gain” philosophy does not apply here. The good news is the quad support system allows you to wear a set of straps, velcro, foam padded nooses to secure the penis to maximize comfort and let you wear it all day long.

Having three different support options for your penis makes it one of the most comfortable and secure penis extenders I have ever used. You can even upgrade the base of the extender if you have a wide cock because specifically designed for men who have a lot of girth. I think X4 Labs really hit the nail on the head with the Quad Support system because it allows guys with any size penis to use their product comfortably and effectively.

A Secure Fit

One great aspect about all of the X4 Labs penis extenders is they are very lightweight and easy to wear while still being tough and durable. When you want to adjust the straps their is a little clip on the cradle that locks them into place so they don’t slip. This prevents the device from falling it off when you wear it. Some of the cheaper extenders on the market don’t offer this and I have found it very important for a snug fit.

Maximize your X4 Labs Results

Despite how eager you must be to start using a penis extender, it’s best to first prepare yourself into the routine. The following are the different guidelines for males who wish to start out with the system.

Measure Yourself

First off, find out the length you’re starting with, otherwise you’d have a hard time figuring out if you actually did grow as a result of the extender. As already mentioned, the percentage of length increase between a flaccid and erect penis is variable. For this reason, guys are advised to measure themselves when flaccid and when erect. Don’t forget to measure your flaccid and erect girth as well. Try to list this down if you want so that you can continue following the progress.

Keep a Journal

A journal is best to help you keep track of week to week progress. You can try measuring yourself once a week or twice a month.  A journal also works best for keeping track of any penis exercises you’re using in conjunction with the extender. This will help you compare the effectiveness of each workout. For example, did you gain more when jelqing or did you find kegel exercises to be better in the long run?

Grooming and Hygiene

Although this might not always be necessary, a lot of guys  find it easier to secure the extender with the penis in full view. This means removing all the pubic hair along your cock, making it easier to see the progress of your workouts. This also helps you with a more accurate measurement of the penis before and after usage. Fortunately, there are several known methods for grooming the penis. You can choose whatever strategy you feel comfortable using.

Warm Up

You need to build up the penis first and get it ready for heavy usage with a penis extender. Further information on warming up and down will be discussed in future articles.

Are The Results Permanent?

This is a common question and rightfully so. The answer is yes. If used correctly, extenders can add as much as 1.3 inches to your flaccid length, according to studies. However, some guys have added even more through continued use, although the additional gains tend to reach a point of diminishing returns. Speaking from personal experience, when I first started using the X4 labs, I had an erect length of 5.75 inches. After around 500 hours of usage (I kept a journal), I measured 7 inches hard. These gains are above average for 6 months and very impressive for someone who was new to penis enlargement. However, I did follow the program to the tee and made it a priority in my life for the first 6 months. If you follow the guidelines and take all the necessary cautions I don’t see how you could not make any gains. It’s certainly not rocket science and a heck of a lot safer than penis enlargement surgery.

Girth vs Length

One misconception about penis extender is that they will dramatically increase the girth of your penis. This is simply not the case. While you can add a solid inch in length your girth gains will be relatively small. A much better solution would be to use water-based penis pump like the Bathmate. If you want to maximize length and girth then just get both.

Measuring Your Gains

So a lot of guys want to know how much they are going to gain with the X4 Labs penis extender. In other words, how many hours do you need to wear it to gain one inch? If you’ve never done male enhancement or haven’t gained any size in the past (less than a quarter of an inch) then you will probably gain one inch within 6 – 8 months. This estimate is based off clinical studies, user results in the penis enlargement forums, and my own progress journal.

This estimate is provided that you wear it 6-8 hours a day. At the very least I would wear it for six hours a day for 6 days a week. You could possibly wear it every day but I would see how you react to it. It would probably be a good idea to give yourself a day off to rest and grow.

6-8 months

Noobies can expect to gain one inch in length if worn 6-8 hours a day for 6 days a week. 156 days worn 8 hours per day is roughly 1,330 hours.  The more you do it the easier and more comfortable it will become.

Is X4 Labs Safe?

In terms of penis enlargement, penis extenders are the safest way to permanent enlargement. Unfortunately, pills don’t work and surgery can be very dangerous and painful. Penis extenders are specifically made to be worn on the penis and are therefore sturdy but comfortable enough to hold your penis. In reality,  the safety of the product relies highly on how you use it. All users are advised to first read the instructions of their purchase before using it and to start off with lighter resistance the first month. The only way I can see a penis extender being dangerous if is you put a ridiculous amount of tension on your cock, which would be limited by the amount of extension rods you used, or if you decided to sleep with it and cut off circulation.

Repeat: NEVER wear the extender while sleeping. You don’t want to cut off circulation to your penis while sleeping. This can happen if you roll on to your stomach.  However, you wont’t have any problem wearing it during the day whether it’s while watching TV, cooking, eating, and various other tasks. If you become becomes uncomfortable than you probably are using too much tension. It’s really that simple.

Benefits and Features

Some of the key feature and benefits include that have made it popular include:

  • Effective in increasing the length and girth of the penis by several inches within a few months of regular and proper use
  • Approved as a Type 1 medical device with clinical trials for safety and efficacy to back up its classification
  • Recommended by enlargement surgeons
  • Durable in design coupled with safe materials
  • Safe and easy to use especially when the instructions are followed to the letter
  • Package includes spare parts for extension purposes as the penis grows as well as private storage box and instructional DVDs.

Having been in business for over 10 years, the company offers 180-day money back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and discreet – and free, too – shipping to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. If you are unsatisfied with the results, you will get a full refund – no fuss, no questions asked. X4 Labs reviews are mostly positive.

If you’re a guy who’s unhappy with his natural penis size you do not have to live with this problem for the rest of their life. I was always self-conscious about my endowment as teenager and it wasn’t until later in life that I decided to take the journey to natural penis enlargement. I am so glad I did. The truth is that extenders have been clinically studied and guaranteed to help men grow their penis naturally. I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about them but after doing research and reading forums I committed myself to six months of usage to see what I could achieve. Boy am I glad that I did.

Bragging rights aside, their is nothing more flattering to hear my girlfriend say that I have a “horse-sized cock”. Maybe it’s just a guy thing but I love knowing that I can fill her up and give her amazing orgasms with a big dick 🙂

Final Thoughts

Using the X4 Labs extender has been a rewarding experience. If I said it was easy to enlarge your penis I would be lying. The X4 labs extender is not a miracle device. You have to use it nearly every day to get appreciable results. But the results are worth it. Gaining an extra inch of length in 6 months is a big deal for most guys. That’s the difference to having an average sized cock and being hung. And while not all women feel the same about a mans penis size, it’s good to know you have more than enough to get the job done. And if you happen to date a size queen you will already be equipped for her.

If you’re ready to commit the time to a bigger penis for the next 6 months than I would recommend using the X4 Labs extender. It’s reliable, easy-to-use, comes with everything you need, and simply works.

Where to Buy X4 Labs

All orders are packaged discreetly so nobody will know what you ordered. Keep in mind the X4 extender is not available in stores and only be bought through the official website. It can be found at  X4Labs.com. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below and I’ll make sure to get back to. Thanks for reading.

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