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Penis extenders are one of the few penis enlargement solutions that have been clinically proven to increase lentgh and girth permanently over time. One of the most popular devices on the market is the X4 labs penis extender.

How Does X4 Labs Work?

X4 Labs extenders work on the principal of mechanical traction which is as applied to the penis. Basically, the penis is subjected to controlled, constant and safe tension over a prolonged period of time gradually increasing in duration and frequency until the desired result.

The cells, tissues and skin of the are slowly yet surely stretched until such time that the desired increases in length and girth are observed. On the cellular level, the cells undergo a process known as mitosis that allows the penile tissues and skin to expand in both directions. Expansion also happens to the blood vessels of the penis.

My Review and Why I Like It

The X4 is arguably the most popular penis extender on the market. Some of the key feature and benefits include:

  • Effective in increasing the length and girth of the penis by several inches within a few months of regular and proper use
  • Approved as a Type 1 medical device with clinical trials for safety and efficacy to back up its classification
  • Recommended by enlargement surgeons
  • Durable in design coupled with safe materials
  • Safe and easy to use especially when the instructions are followed to the letter
  • Package includes spare parts for extension purposes as the penis grows as well as private storage box and instructional DVDs.

Having been in business for over 10 years, the company offers 180-day money back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and discreet – and free, too – shipping to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. If you are unsatisfied with the results, you will get a full refund – no fuss, no questions asked. X4 Labs reviews are mostly positive.

Is Penis Size Important?

It should be that much easier for a man with a big dick to satisfy a woman, especially considering that “experience” really isn’t that big of a deal. There aren’t that many extravagant techniques, or things to “do” (its more about feeling, confidence, dominance, variance, as david shade etc pointed out, which are traits that are largely independant of experience).

I’m 100% sure that women also associate confidence and dominance with a big dick, so in their minds having sex with a man with a big dick means more aggressive/dominant sex, while sex with a man with a small D probably gets them thinking of a “try hard” (techniques to make up for what he lacks ?

Width is consistently said to be more important than length. All the most sensitive areas are closer to outside of the vagina, so somebody with a wider but shorter dick is valued more than somebody with a longer, thinner penis.

Benefits of Penis Extenders

Penis size alone can make some girls orgasm from simple physiology and psychological factors. Being able to hit certain ‘spots’, being aroused by the sight of it, the feel of it etc etc. I have an above average member and have certainly made some girls admit to never feeling that way – and this way prior to me knowing shit about sex. Granted, if you are absolutely horrible, a big member wont do anything. Alas, some girls are also prone to hyper-sexphobia aka body issues or just very stressed and cant take very much dick.

Which Extender Is Right For You?

Going back to the package, X4 Labs offers five types of its traction device kit, namely, Starter Extender, Gold Extender, Gold Premium Extender, Deluxe Extender and Peyronie’s Extender. Accessories for all five packages are also available. Add in the Mini X4 and the Girth Edition options and your every need and want in penis enlargement has found its match. The X4 is not available in stores, unfortunately. It can only be bought at its official website as well as other authorized websites.

If you are a guy who is unhappy with his natural penis size you do not have to live with this problem for the rest of their life. The truth is that penis extenders have been clinically studied and guaranteed to help men grow their penis naturally.

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Maximize your X4 Labs Results

Despite how eager you must be to start using a penis extender, it’s best to first prepare yourself into the routine. Following are the different guidelines for males who wish to start out with the system.

Measure Yourself

First off, find out the length you’re starting with, otherwise you’d have a hard time figuring out if you actually did grow as a result of the exercises. As already mentioned, the percentage of length increase between a flaccid and erect penis is variable. For this reason, males are advised to measure themselves when flaccid and when erect. Don’t forget to measure your flaccid and erect girth as well. Try to list this down if you want so that you can continue following the progress.

Keep a Journal

A journal is best to help you keep track of week to week progress. You can try measuring yourself once a week or twice a month, depending on the situation. A journal also works best for keeping track of the exercises you’re using. This will help you compare the effectiveness of each workout. For example, did you gain more when jelqing or did you find kegel exercises to be better in the long run?

Grooming and Hygiene

Although this might not always be necessary, many males find it easier to secure the extender with the penis in full view. This means removing all the pubic hair along the genitalia, making it easier for guys to see the progress of their workouts. This also helps you get a more accurate measurement for the penis before and after the exercises. Fortunately, there are several known methods for grooming the penis. You can choose whatever strategy you feel comfortable using.

Warm Up

You need to build up the penis first and get it ready for heavy usage with a penis extender. Further information on warm up and warm down is discussed in future articles.

Gain Length

Manufacturers for extenders have claimed that the product can ass as much as 1.3 inches to a person’s flaccid length. However, studies have shown that the most a person has grown is roughly .45 inches within a few weeks of use. The results are still promising however and should be able to help guys add a few more inches on their shaft length.

Note that the form and type of application for extenders can also address other male enhancement problems. Specifically, extenders have been noted to help with erectile dysfunction, allowing guys to get and retain a stronger and faster erection. It can also help straighten a slight curvature of the penis as well as address minor deformities.

Suggested Routine

The main drawback with extenders is that it might take a long time to achieve the results you want. Individuals will need to wear the item continuously for several months before finding any improvement on their penis. The suggested daily use is no more than two hours in the privacy of your own home. Always be on the lookout for any sign of pain or discomfort when using the extender. The prolonged traction can sometimes irritate the skin, especially for males who are extra sensitive. For this reason, individuals are advised to constantly do a physical check while wearing the item.

Safety Issues

Practically all types of extenders are safe for use. They are specifically made to be worn on the penis and are therefore sturdy but tender enough to hold this sensitive body part. Keep in mind however that the safety of the product relies highly on how you use it. All users are advised to first read the instructions of their purchase before attempting attachment. This shouldn’t be too hard to do and will take only a few minutes each time.

NEVER wear the extender while sleeping. You should be fully conscious while the device is attached to your shaft. Fortunately, you wouldn’t have any problem wearing this item while watching TV, cooking, eating, and various other tasks.

Official Site:  X4Labs.com

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