X4 Labs Device Review and Results [UPDATED]

Products like X4 Labs are a dime a dozen in the market due in part to the prevalent male desire for longer, larger and wider  coupled with sustained erections. These products include oral supplements, topical creams and hanging weights although we must say that the best results come from using mechanical traction devices such as the extender manufactured by X4 Labs.

Mechanical Traction: Principle Behind the Device

The main principle behind the efficacy of X4 is mechanical traction as applied on the physiological aspect of the male organ. Basically, the penis is subjected to controlled, constant and safe tension over a prolonged period, said tension of which is applied both on the internal and external components of the males organ.

The cells, tissues and skin of the  are slowly yet surely stretched until such time that the desired increases in length and girth are observed. On the cellular level, the cells undergo a process known as mitosis that allows the penile tissues and skin to expand in both directions.

Such expansion also happens to the blood vessels of the penis. It should be noted that it is a physiological process whereby blood rushes to the organ, thus, making it appear engorged and enlarged. This is a fact known to the doctors of X4 Labs during their design of the extender.

Positive Observations

The X4 is arguably the most popular product of its kind, if not the most popular penis enlargement method, and for good reasons, too. The most common positive observations made by satisfied customers about it are:

  • Effective in increasing the length and girth of the penis by several inches within a few months of regular and proper use
  • Approved as a Type 1 medical device with clinical trials for safety and efficacy to back up its classification
  • Recommended by enlargement surgeons
  • Durable in design coupled with safe materials
  • Safe and easy to use especially when the instructions are followed to the letter
  • Package includes spare parts for extension purposes as the penis grows as well as private storage box and instructional DVDs.

X4 Labs has been in business for 10 years, thus, explaining its reputation for reliability in the industry. As proof of its commitment to the quality of its penis extender, the company offers 180-day money back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and discreet – and free, too – shipping to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. If you are unsatisfied with the results, you will get a full refund – no fuss, no questions asked. X4 Labs reviews are mostly positive.

Going back to the package, X4 Labs offers five types of its traction device kit, namely, Starter Extender, Gold Extender, Gold Premium Extender, Deluxe Extender and Peyronie’s Extender. Accessories for all five packages are also available. Add in the Mini X4 and the Girth Edition options and your every need and want in penis enlargement has found its match.

Negative Observations

The X4 is not available in stores, unfortunately. It can only be bought at its official website as well as other authorized websites. We always suggest buying from the official website for your own protection. You cannot enjoy the safety, efficacy and guarantee of the original product when it is bought from suspicious sources. Just log in to the X4 Labs and purchase the extender there.

Is Size Important?

It should be that much easier for a man with a big dick to satisfy a woman, especially considering that “experience” really isn’t that big of a deal. There aren’t that many extravagant techniques, or things to “do” (its more about feeling, confidence, dominance, variance, as david shade etc pointed out, which are traits that are largely independant of experience). I’m 100% sure that women also associate confidence and dominance with a big dick, so in their minds having sex with a man with a big dick means more aggressive/dominant sex, while sex with a man with a small D probably gets them thinking of a “try hard” (techniques to make up for what he lacks ?

Width is consistently said to be more important than length. All the most sensitive areas are closer to outside of the vagina, so somebody with a wider but shorter dick is valued more than somebody with a longer, thinner penis.

Also how big are we talking about here?

I believe penis size alone can make some girls orgasm from simple physiology and psychological factors. Being able to hit certain ‘spots’, being aroused by the sight of it, the feel of it etc etc. I have an above average member and have certainly made some girls admit to never feeling that way – and this way prior to me knowing shit about sex. Granted, if you are absolutely horrible, a big member wont do anything. Alas, some girls are also prone to hyper-sexphobia aka body issues or just very stressed and cant take very much dick.

In the end, I believe falling anywhere near average to above average is beneficial; anywhere above that or below that and you may want to consider alternative strategies to sex.

There’s definitely a big psychological aspect to it, and it is very important for the woman to be extremely aroused and excited but I truely believe penis girth is really what gives you the big edge. Note that whenever size comes up and girls are talking about it, 90% say its the thickness that matters.

Google cherry’s first black lover. It is an amateur porn video where the guy fucks the shit out of a woman, shes cumming like crazy without touching her clit. The guy has a dick as thick as a soft drink can.

I’ve never been able to fuck a girl like he did, by simply going up and down on a girl and I doubt her husband/boyfriend who organized the whole thing can too. Hes even asking a couple times if she’s okay because the whole thing is so INTENSE for her. Now this is an extreme example, the woman is very sexually receptive and can orgasm quite easily as well, not your average woman.

So I’m not saying you need a dick as thick as his, I honestly believe his size is too thick for most women, but in order to really fuck the shit out of a girl you need to atleast have some GIRTH which falls into the big range which is approximately 6 inches of girth. I urge everyone with an average size penis to watch it for a bit and tell me if this is something you can replicate (Without fisting or using dildo’s) because I honestly can tell you right now that I have not found a way.

Official Site:  X4Labs.com