Alfa Maschio 2.0 NOS Edition Review

Alfa Maschio 2.0

Alfa Maschio 2.0 NOS is a limited edition of AM, but with edgier self-effects. It hits women even harder than the original version of AM. What’s different? It has an alcohol base, unlike other pheromone products that have a silicone base. Also, it uses an original androstenone source from 2013-2014. But this doesn’t mean new Alpha Dream products aren’t just as good as the ones from those years.

About Alfa Maschio NOS

Alfa Maschio NOS 2.0 Edition

The new version has an alcohol base that impacts how pheromone molecules diffuse. But before I continue this review, understand that Alfa Maschio NOS is somewhat different than Alfa Maschio. But you’re probably wondering how this change in diffusion affects the way the product works. You also probably want to know if the new version is just as good as the old one.

Now, you might already know that these products are available in silicone, oil and alcohol formats. Obviously, there are both pros and cons for each format. For instance, oil-based pheromone products have a high concentration, which means diffusion takes a long time. Women don’t react as quickly to them. However, these effects are more natural, and women are hit harder by them. This is probably because some pheromones are more intense than others, which makes them diffuse evenly.

On the other hand, alcohol pheromone products hit women a lot quicker, but they also repel women because the effects aren’t as natural. There are obvious changes in the way women react. Women don’t like this. Silicone pheromone products have an effect that is between alcohol and oil products. The effects are faster and more natural.

Alpha Dream is the only manufacturer that has this type of base for its products. This explains why they’ve remained one of the top pheromone manufacturers for numerous years.

*It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis.

Alfa Maschio NOS vs Original Alfa Maschio

The new Alfa Maschio NOS has both improvements and fails when compared to the original AM. If you saw my review for Evolve-XS, do you remember that I did not like the alcohol version? I had more success with the oil format. Although they are pretty much the same product, they did not impact women the same way. The oil version gave better results.

Full Review

Alfa Maschio NOS’s version has an alcohol base, it works great. But it is hard to use this product because it intimidates women. It is more aggressive and gives out a tough guy vibe. Could it be because the pheromones hit women harder and faster due to its lighter alcohol base? Well, this is what I think about Alfa Maschio NOS.

The self-effects hit harder. You feel them about 20-30 minutes after using the product. It gives you confidence and swagger. It makes you feel like you’re the life of the party. This is perfect, especially if you’re introverted. The same thing happens with the original AM, but you can feel it even more with Alfa Maschio NOS. It makes you even more confident and charming. But then again, this may be because the effects are more pronounced.

Your conversations are sociable and charming. This also happens with AM, but with Alfa Maschio NOS, it is more pronounced. This is good because it makes you get over mental blocks. It’s easier for you to approach women and talk to them. You can move on to the next level comfortably.

Effects of Wearing It

Alfa Maschio NOS has a more blatant effect on women than AM. It prompts them to give more eye contact and become sexually turned on by you. They are interested in you and don’t have a problem with letting go to learn more about you. The original version of AM has a silicone base, which is heavier. It doesn’t diffuse as quickly, which is why it doesn’t provide blatant effects like Alfa Maschio NOS.

You’ll notice more obvious reactions from women when using Alfa Maschio NOS. They stare and want to touch you more. Their flirting is over the top. In many ways, the effects are similar to Pherazone.

However, if you use too much of it, it intimidates women. Be careful. When I first used this product, I used the recommended dosage of 2 sprays. It was way too much. The women exposed to it were almost afraid to talk to me. This happens because the androstenone in Alfa Maschio NOS diffuses quicker. The next time I wore it, I had to tone down this effect. By using just one spray instead of two, I got a better response from women.

Women in the age range of 18-40 like Alfa Maschio NOS. Using just one spray dosage works better with younger women. When I wore the 2 sprays, I got more attention from older women in the 30-40 age range. However, I really don’t want to attract this age group. So, one spray for younger women, and two for older women.

When to Use It

When I use Alfa Maschio NOS, it’s easier to “talk dirty” with women because they blatantly flirt and touch me. My comfort level was higher than before. I believe it because of the androstadienone, which is an intense pheromone that gives off comfort/bonding effects. It doesn’t have a heavy molecular weight. Thus, it makes women friendlier much quicker.

If you’re into going to bars and nightclubs, Alfa Maschio NOS is ideal for you. It works faster to attract women because it has fast hitting pheromone action. AM is still good for this type of environment, but Alfa Maschio NOS works quicker. I’ve seen women do everything faster from walking past me to staring at me from across the room. I’ve even had women treat me like a piece of meat.

Other Effects

  • It has an improved range when it comes to attracting women. I can attract women from as far away as 8 to 12 feet. With AM the distance was only 1 to 8 feet away. This means that nervous women sitting at distant tables will also notice you. In fact, I’ve seen women get up and walk past me a couple of times just to get my attention.
  • Women want to cling to you much faster. Grab their attention and keep it longer. This is because of the androstadienone. Use it to your advantage. Since alcohol diffuses faster, the effects take place faster. Women are interested in you, and they can’t stop thinking about you. Think about that woman that keeps texting you over and over again.
  • Alfa Maschio NOS eventually evaporates, but it stays on my skin for about 3 to 5 hours. But it still impacts women around me for up to 8 hours. Now depending on your climate, your results may differ. But expect it to wear off quicker than AM. This is because it has an alcohol base, whereas AM has a silicone one.
  • You probably can’t use the manufacturer’s recommended dosage. I had to make a few adjustments. Due to its alcohol base, I could not use 2 sprays of Alfa Maschio NOS like I did with AM. I had to tone it down to just one spray.
  • I had this same problem with other alcohol-based products. However, oil-based products such as Evolve-XS got better results for me. The oil-based signature was more natural and believable, but the alcohol spray was too powerful.
  • Also, consider this. You’ll run into many men that are intimidated by your presence. They’re either become aggressive or passive aggressive around you. Weaker men might even try to befriend you because they don’t want to make you mad. The same thing happens with AM, but just like other things, its even more pronounced with Alfa Maschio NOS.


Overall, this pheromone cologne is a winner for guys who are hungry for sex and intimate encounters and more aggressive attraction techniques with women.

*Individual results will vary.

Official Site:

  • 88%
    Concentration - 88%
  • 87%
    Scent - 87%
  • 89%
    Sexual Effects - 89%
  • 84%
    Social Effects - 84%
  • 88%
    Value - 88%


A fun, limited-edition pheromone from Alpha Dream, NOS 2.0 is naughty and bold. Use this pheromone if you want to meet women for sex and close the deal.

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