Do Athena Pheromones Work?

We tested Athena Pheromones and were SHOCKED by the results…

If you’ve heard of pheromones you may have seen the report done on ABC’s 20/20 news program regarding the Athena Institute. We put Athena pheromones to the test to see if they really worked.

The Athena Institute offers two products:

Athena Pheromone 10X – An unscented aftershave for men designed to increase romantic attraction from women. Mix one vial of 10X with 2-3 ounces of your favorite alcohol-based aftershave and wear at least every other day. 10X must be stored in a ‘splash-on’ bottle with a screw-top that can be tightly closed.

Athena Pheromone 10:13 – A cosmetic fragrance additive for women to promote her sexual attractiveness.  Simply empty the entire contents using the provided funnel into a 2-4 ounce bottle. This can be an alcohol-based perfume, cologne, or eau de toilette. Then dab the mixture above the upper lip, behind ears, and elsewhere at least every other day.

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Featured on ABC News 20/20

ABC News 20/20 also conducted an experiment with two sets of identical twins in a speed-dating test, using the same Athena Pheromones.

Dr. Cutler’s Pheromones Research

Athena Institute Pheromones

Dr. Winnifred Cutler, a reproductive biologist and founder of Athena Institute, conducted a scientific experiment into the existence of human pheromones. This was the first of its kind among colleagues, in 1986.

Her findings show that chemicals in male sweat have a regulating effect on menstrual cycles. They suspected it was androstenone, a chemical that happens to be a sex pheromone in pigs.

Do Athena Pheromones Work?

There is lingering controversy as to whether Athena products have real pheromones. Many feel she is taking too much credit for the discovery of human pheromones. It was not long after their coverage on ABC news that the pheromone market began to heat up.

So what makes some pheromone some brands better than others? And can you use that to your advantage? It comes down to potency.

Concerns We Have 

  • Formula and concentration is unknown
  • No scented version available
  • No spray bottle available
  • No money back guarantee
  • Formula has not been updated 

Do Her Pheromone Claims Go Too Far?

JV Kohl

According to laboratory scientist JV Kohl, she did.

For over twenty-five years, James Vaughn Kohl has been researching the relationship between smell and sexual preferences.

Over at the pherotalk forums, he made this post:

“Winnifred Cutler, Ph.D., markets Athena 10:13 and 10X. While she can take credit for some early work on human chemical communication, she goes too far by saying “she discovered human pheromones,” just as Dr. Teresa Crenshaw goes too far when she claims to have predicted the discovery of human pheromones.”

Why Concentration Matters

The stronger the pheromone concentration, the more you can expect women to notice you. According to Dr. Vimal Murphy of The University of Washington School of Medicine, “Just because the cologne or perfume has pheromones doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be effective.”

If you’re looking for results it’s important to find a product with the highest concentration. Synthetic human pheromones are extremely expensive to manufacture. So, if the product is cheap you can normally assume that it may not necessarily be effective.

The Bottom Line

Of all the pheromones we have reviewed, Pherazone provides the best value for your money overall. From the one-of-a-kind formula to the stellar customer service, the folks at Pherazone make your satisfaction a priority. Unlike some other companies, there are no hidden fees. Your purchase is simple and straightforward. You will be hard pressed to find a better pheromone on the market.

If you are considering purchasing Pherazone, our recommendation is that you choose either the Ultra Super Concentrated or the Super Concentrated to achieve more impressive results as well as to receive the best return on your investment.

*Individual results will vary.

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