Different Types of Pheromones You Need To Know

In this article, I discuss the different pheromones used in colognes and perfumes . You’ll learn why they’re important and how to use them. There are dozens of pheromone products available. However, there are only 5 molecules that have significant effects.


AndrostenoneThe Alpha Pheromone (also known as NONE)

Effects include: Women feel sexual arousal, intimidation, respect from men, and aggression from others. Androstenone was the first molecule discovered by scientists. It’s used in the majority of products because it creates sexual tension.

Using a product with Androstenone will increase your chance of success with women.

Alpha Androsterone

The Status Pheromone (also known as RONE)

Effects include: coming off as a respected person. Feelings include status, authority, wisdom, trust, and reliability. Androsterone makes the user feel mature.

Asian women become more receptive towards men who have elevated alpha androsterone.


AndrostadienoneThe Love Pheromone (also known as dieNONE)

Androstadienone is naturally produced by males when they sleep. Effects on women include feelings of long, affection, and love. Women feel a sense of comfort and happiness when they’re around the user. Androstadienone lessens the side effects of menstruation such as cramps and mood swings.

WARNING: dieNONE is known to cause acute depression from extended exposure. Try to apply products with dieNONE away from your nose. If you feel depression you can wear them less.

Beta Androstenol

AndrostenolThe Trust Pheromone (also known as B-Nol)

Effects on others include a feeling of deep connection. People are prone to trust you and open up. Others feel like they’ve known you for a long time. People feel comfortable with you. It can open opportunities for deep conversation and rapport. This pheromone is used to make users feel approachable and less intimidating.

These are the five major pheromones found in the majority of products. However, on their own, they’re not effective. Pheromone vendors have discovered that by combining them in various mixes, their effects become potent. That’s why the majority of pheromone products are not filled with individual molecules, but mixes of them. These mixes come in 3 types: Status, Sexual, and Social products.

Alpha Androstenol

AndrostenolThe Social Pheromone (also known as A-Nol)

Effects on others include being more sociable, open, friendly, and happy. People perceive you as sociable. It’s commonly used to buffer products containing NONE to make the user approachable and less intimidating.

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Classification of Pheromone Types

There are, of course, a lot of other pheromone molecules that companies use. However, they’re used much less than the BIG 5. The big 5 are important. You can dictate what type of product it is just by using them.

Status Pheromones

Status pheromones use a mix of NONE and RONE. They excel in work environments. They’re appropriate for work and won’t induce awkward feelings. The user feels like a stronger version of himself.

If you were on a basketball court you would come off as a well respected local star. If you’re on a date you would come off as an important person. Status pheromones amplify importance. They make the user seem like he’s the leader of the pack. They make you feel more mature and wiser.

Through personal experience, I’ve had co-workers listen to my instructions even though I was not in charge. I’ve had my boss pull me aside and tell me how glad he was to have me in the office. All of this was only after I started wearing status products daily.

Status pheromones are great to use at work. Co-workers are more likely to respect you. You’ll get more respect from co-workers and even your boss. You may get attention, respect, or even a raise after wearing using them. They also work great on dates. They make you feel important. You’ll seem like you have extremely high-value and women will show respect.

However, it’s important you have the stuff to back this up. This is why I mentioned before that pheromones can only do 20% of the job. If you come off as important, but don’t have anything interesting about yourself, then this image will quickly fade away.

Social Pheromones

Social pheromones use the molecules A-Nol and B-Nol to create a friendly vibe. There useful when meeting new people. They’re good for clubs, dates, and other gatherings.

Social pheromone mixes make the user feel approachable and comfortable to be around. There’s usually a sense of intimidation when it comes to talking to a stranger. Have you ever noticed a couple of people that have an open arms vibe to them? Social pheromones recreate the signature of someone who’s easy going and approachable. Others may perceive the user as someone who’s outgoing, confident, and happy.

Social pheromones work best in social settings. They’re great for parties, mixers, and hanging out with your buddies. They make the night more enjoyable and relaxed. They’re also frequently used by men who come off as intimidating.

Men who are tall and muscular can easily intimidate others. Social pheromones help counteract this effect. They make them more approachable. There good for one-on-one conversations. However, you have to be careful using them. There can lead to scenarios inappropriate for the situation at hand. I’ve had instances where absolute strangers have spilled their hearts out to me. One time a girl I barely knew cried on my shoulder.

Sexual Pheromones

Attraction pheromones use a large amount of NONE balanced with A—Nol, and B-Nol to recreate a manly, sexual, signature. Use them to attract women in sexually charged places such as clubs, bars, and parties.  Use them to rekindle a dying relationship.

Sex pheromones make women feel sexual arousal when near the user. They make the user seem more alpha and manly. However, wearing too much can easily make you seem like a threat to other males.

The best places to use sex pheromones are on a date where sexual tension is appropriate. It’s inappropriate to wear them at work. When used correctly there the most attention-grabbing of all pheromone products. You can easily seduce a girl by wearing them in the right place. They can bolster your relationships. And they may lead to a night of passionate sex with your lover.

Romantic Pheromones

Romance pheromones are different than sex pheromones. They still use NONE as their main ingredient. But they added a mix of RONE, A/B-Nols, and sometimes even dieNONE. Their purpose is not to fill a woman with lust, but rather attempt to make her fall for you.

Romantic pheromones make women think about you constantly. There are products out there that aim to recreate the“fallout” effect. I’m referring to when a woman is so in love with you that she becomes obsessed.

They work best on dates or when you have multiple opportunities to meet women. These products take multiple exposures to take effect. Romance pheromones create the shining star vibe. These products are sociable and make the user stand out. They’re not only perfect to use for one-on-one dating scenarios but also in group settings. When they do take effect it’s quite obvious.

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Types of Pheromones in Nature

There’s a vast amount of pheromones in the animal kingdom. Many of them trigger specific reactions, including physical and sexual attraction. Below is a list of the different types of pheromones.

Sex Pheromones

The first thing people think of when discussing pheromones is sexual attraction. In mammals, males and females excrete pheromone chemicals that attract the opposite sex. This natural chemical reaction paves the way for triggering sexual excitement that often leads to mating.

For humans, the release of this type of pheromone is ongoing. In mammals and other species that experience specific mating cycles, pheromones are released only at certain times. This type of chemical excretion is essential for propagation.

Territorial Pheromones

Another example of pheromone excretion has to do with establishing the boundaries of what’s considered the domain of a specific creature. The general idea is to signal all other creatures that the territory is now theirs. In the event that another creature wishes to occupy the territory, the excretion becomes a warning.

One of the best examples is a dog marking a tree by urinating at the base.

Territorial pheromones are found in urine. Other dogs can smell the urine and identify the marking with another animal. In order to claim the territory, the animal will urinate on the spot, eradicating the previous claim.

Aggregation Pheromones

This type of classification has to do with excretions that trigger some sort of response in both genders. It may result in attracting the attention of both genders rather than simply the opposite gender.

Depending on the impact of the individual pheromones this could lead to some sort of conflict or it could pave the way for some type of mating ritual. Considered the widest classification for pheromones, this category is used for chemical secretions that don’t seem to fit neatly in other classes.

Alarm Pheromones

There are pheromones that are excreted when an organism feels threatened. This is essential in the animal kingdom since it serves as the trigger for the flight or fight response. The excretions help to provide some idea of what is about to happen between two antagonists.

Depending on the circumstances, both organisms involved will instinctively understand that a fight is about to occur. In some cases, the release of the pheromones may be enough to convince the aggressor that the other party is not going to back down and that flight is the most practical response.

Trail Pheromones

This type of chemical secretion is common in a number of species, including insects. The purpose is to provide a means of getting back to a previous location.

It helps maintain colonies and aid members of those colonies to forage for food and return it without fail. A good example of this type of activity occurs in ants. They will search for food and then return it to the colony for the good of the entire group.


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