Do Rawchemistry Pheromones Work?

We tested Rawchemistry Pheromones and were SHOCKED by the results…

If you’ve heard of pheromones you may have heard about RawChemistry, a popular pheromone oil. It’s claimed to be highly effective to attract women. We put it to the test to see if it really worked.

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This product literally has over 7000+ reviews on Amazon – but don’t be fooled

This product literally has over 7000+ reviews on Amazon – but don’t be fooled. This is the internet, where anything is possible. And FAKE reviews are one of those things that can and do happen (yes, even “verified” ones). 

This can happen with services available on the internet which provide fake verified reviews… 

… and it can also happen when free products are given away in exchange for a review.

The manufacturer doesn’t have to say it has to be positive, but it more than likely will be (because people just love free stuff).

It’s impossible to know for sure, but I strongly believe 80+% of the reviews are total rubbish.

In fact, after browsing through their feedback, I noticed a few mentioning they received free samples in exchange for a review… I’ve captioned them in case you’re reading from a mobile device.

Test Results

But after my initial skepticism, I decided to give it a shot anyway and see if there may be something worthwhile.

However, I quickly found some minor effects – so it wasn’t completely useless.

  • Night clubs and bar scenarios… absolutely nothing notable to speak of. Women seemed to act as normal, no attention grab, no personal space invasion, no more than “normal” amounts of touching or flirtation. That being said, night time environments can be difficult tests to pass for any pheromone cologne product, even great ones.
  • Social circles with majority of females… I noticed girls seemed a little chattier than usual, but I have a baseline of how many of my close female friends react when using various pheromones (the variety of women varies in age, ethnicity, attractiveness, levels of attraction towards me for as much accuracy as possible). It was nothing too far out of the ordinary.
  • Women I don’t know in various places (work, malls, etc)… while I did see some minor extra attention, it was also nothing too far out of the ordinary. I noticed some women come into my personal space, which may just be chalked up to hopeful thinking.

Concerns We Have 

  • Formula and concentration is unknown
  • No unscented formula available
  • It’s been reported that positive reviews were solicited from customers in exchange for a free bottle

Why Concentration Matters

The stronger the pheromone concentration, the more you can expect women to notice you. According to Dr. Vimal Murphy of The University of Washington School of Medicine, “Just because the cologne or perfume has pheromones doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be effective.”

If you’re looking for results it’s important to find a product with the highest concentration. Synthetic human pheromones are extremely expensive to manufacture. So, if the product is cheap you can normally assume that it may not necessarily be effective.

The Bottom Line

Of all the pheromones we have reviewed, Pherazone provides the best value for your money overall. From the one-of-a-kind formula to the stellar customer service, the folks at Pherazone make your satisfaction a priority. Unlike some other companies, there are no hidden fees. Your purchase is simple and straightforward. You will be hard pressed to find a better pheromone on the market.

If you are considering purchasing Pherazone, our recommendation is that you choose either the Ultra Super Concentrated or the Super Concentrated to achieve more impressive results as well as to receive the best return on your investment.

*Individual results will vary.

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