Scent of Eros Pheromone Review

In this article, I review Scent of Eros pheromones.

I’m sure you’re sitting there feeling just like I was. Unconfident, discouraged and wanting to improve your game with women. Right? I know that’s how I was feeling just a couple weeks ago. We all want to improve in these areas, and as you’ve probably figured out, pheromones are among the best ways to do it. But with all the options out there, and in so many different price ranges, how are you supposed to know what to get? You’re interested in the Scent of Eros pheromone product (since you’re reading this article after all), and let me tell you, you can’t go wrong with it.

Why I Started Using Scent of Eros

How do I know? Because I used it myself and am a witness to the results it gives you. The very first day I used it, I was stoked because I could tell it was going to help me out in so many different ways. For example, the boost in confidence it gave me was almost too great to describe. Normally I’m a really quiet, reserved guy who doesn’t speak unless I’m spoken to.

All that completely changed when I started using Scent of Eros. Just the smell of it made me feel more confident, outgoing, and like I could actually hold a conversation with a woman without stumbling over my words or saying something stupid (which I’m really good at). It doesn’t give you a headache or make you feel lightheaded either, which is great. You don’t have much game when your head feels like it’s getting beat with a sledgehammer.

Pheromone Effects

As far as the effect on women goes, it performs just like you want a pheromone to. Sadly, all these other products have big claims, but the only thing they do is make women realize that you smell funny. Such is not the case with Scent of Eros. The effects were rather subtle — they weren’t jumping over each other to get to me — but then again, you don’t want your pheromone to be over the top. I saw small things, like how ladies would approach me first instead of the other way around. As I was talking to them, they smiled and looked genuinely interested, which is something I definitely wasn’t used to. The women seemed sincerely attracted, which helped a lot when I actually started making some moves.

If there’s one thing I have to give props to Scent of Eros for though, it’s the price. Really, you can’t find a better deal out there for a pheromone. I’m sure you already know how these companies like to gouge you with prices because they know you’re desperate. Well, the people behind Scent of Eros have done it differently, because they provide a high-quality product at bargain prices. Personally, I haven’t run out of my bottle yet, but once it’s gone, I have the order page bookmarked so I can buy it again.

The Scent of Eros Formula

While heavy androstenone products create an alpha male aura, Scent of Eros creates a very warm and gentleman like aura due to androsterone and androstenol. It enhances your natural attributes and appeal allowing you to easily attract women. Since it has androstenol and androsterone, it has the power to create a nice soothing atmosphere for talking and flirting, allowing the wearer to get intimate. Check out my other review on Scent of Eros at

I recommend this pheromone product for flirting. However, like most pheromone products, it can only amplify or help when there is something to amplify or help with. If you and the girl you like aren’t flirting, don’t expect any miracles from some. If you can at least talk and get some sort of good communication going on, then SOE can help.

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