Volume Pills In-Depth Review

In this article, I review Volume Pills and what type of results to expect.

About Volume Pills

Sperm pills include all-natural herbs, nutrients, and minerals. They’re essential to your diet because they boost ejaculation and libido. But, the problem is most guys don’t have the time, knowledge, or inclination to get everything they need. This is where supplements help.

Volume Pills are one of the best supplements to boost sperm. People assume that a big load means a higher sperm count. This isn’t the case. Semen and sperm are two things. Sperm count has little to no effect on semen volume. While sperm pills contain ingredients beneficial for sperm production, their purpose is to increase semen. In so doing, they allow men to enjoy bigger orgasms that last longer.

The science behind this is straightforward. An orgasm results in a series of contractions along with intense feelings of pleasure. As a general rule, semen is not expelled during the first contraction. The follow-up contractions will produce the biggest squirts. And the amount released will decrease with each subsequent contraction.

Bigger and Better Orgasms

pheromone communicationLike I said, this is straightforward. The more contractions you have, the longer your orgasm. And your contractions become powerful, and again, this equates to pleasure.

Leading Edge Health manufactures Volume Pills ™. They’re so confident their customers will love it, that they offer a 67-Day money-back guarantee.

Why? Because they know their pills work. If they increase volume, they’ll make orgasms intense. That alone makes customers satisfied.

In men, low testosterone is the most common inhibitor of libido. But there’s more involved. If you elevate your testosterone levels back to “normal” your libido returns.

Libido is an interaction of many things. Imagine the billions of biological interactions that occur for a healthy libido. Or, especially for an orgasm. If something’s off or missing the whole process can stop. And libido and intercourse fail.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for producing sperm in a man’s body. Production starts in the testicles, which are in the scrotal sac hanging outside the body.

The reason the testicles hang outside the body is that their sensitivity to temperature. Therefore, to produce healthy sperm, the testicles need to stay cooler than the rest of the body. When sperm is made it’s stored in the testicles.


Dietary intake is THE number one factor to particular attention to. Studies demonstrate a staggering 80% success rate in couples with infertility after they incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Antioxidants are important for healthy sperm production. Science suggests that oxidative stress damages sperm cells and contributes to infertility.

Volume Pills contains a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and herbs to increase your sperm production.


Zinc is an essential trace mineral that mature men require for healthy sexual activity. Higher levels of zinc are in the prostate and semen. It helps maintain sperm count, mobility, and normal levels of serum testosterone. Folic acid and zinc are two important sperm boosters. Researchers demonstrated a dramatic increase in sperm count in infertile men taking folic acid and zinc. Zinc is found in Volume Pills as well as Semenax.


Various studies show that taking maca over a long period of time has a positive effect. The result is an overproduction of hormones, for example, testosterone. This hormone causes a boost of energy. It has a positive effect on coping with negative external influences such as stress. Maca helps increase sex drive and performance. Natural medicines contain maca root to increase libido, stamina, and erection firmness. Furthermore, it improves sperm quantity and quality.


This ingredient enhances sexual motivation and euphoric emotions. It’s been proven to have a positive influence on sexual performance, satisfaction, and motivation. Solidin also contains L-Dopa. This is a dopamine precursor, which is a brain neurotransmitter that provides pleasure. Solidin is proven in animal studies to improve sexual motivation.

Xi Lan Rou Gui and Hong Hua Fen

These ingredients make the penis larger by improving blood flow. This means harder erections. Both ingredients are vasodilators, which increase circulation. Penis expansions reduce blood outflow, which means bigger erections. Also, with Hong Hua Fen, this means less chance of heart disease.

Ku Gua

This ingredient increases testosterone levels, which are essential in the production of semen. It also reduces body fat when testosterone levels rise. Ku Gua is also used by people who have indigestion and diabetes. Not only does Ku Gua increase testosterone levels and improve semen production, it boosts sexual desire. Scientists have determined that it has proteins that can potentially promote anti-HIV activities.

Fucus vesiculosus

A seaweed found on the costs of the North Sea, Fucus vesiculosus has several health benefits. They include lowering high blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, and anti-aging properties. This ensures improved sexual health. It’s essential for optimal thyroid health too. In addition, it’s used to combat high cholesterol, exhaustion, obesity, and arteriosclerosis.

Other Ingredients

  • 4’, 5, 7-Thrihydroxyflavone and Emblica Officinalis
  • San Gou Mu
  • Dong Chong Xia Cao
  • Ling Zhi
  • Xian Mao
  • Tian Men Dong
  • Drilizen
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