How They Work

Pheromones are airborne chemical messengers released from the body (through, for example, sweat and urine) that have a physical or emotional effect on another member of the same species. … This is a very important finding because it shows specific areas of the brain that are activated by these chemicals.

A pheromone is a chemical that an animal produces which changes the behavior of another animal of the same species.
ABC’s 20/20 news with Bill Ritter ‘tested’ pheromones on two New York single women over age 40 to see if they can help improve their love-lives.

How To Apply

Apply 1-2 sprays to all the normal perfume spots: wrists, behind the ears, throat, and chest. 


Of all the pheromones we tested, none of them had the same magical effects of Pherazone. This is in no small part to the insanely high pheromone concentration.

There is a reason why Pherazone is so popular these days – it simply works. If you’re tired of being single or not getting enough satisfaction in the bedroom then take action now and have no regrets!

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My obsession with pheromone began when I chosen as a subject for a study on how effective pheromones were. I was shocked with the results.

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