Is there something explicitly limiting the speed of light?

If I’m travelling at 50mph and throw something forwards at 50mph then you can add the 2 speeds to see that the object is going at 100mph. However, light does not behave that way. The light that leaves me when I’m stationary goes the same speed as when I’m moving. Imagine a head-on collision seen from behind one of the cars – the light from the oncoming car (c+v1) would reach you before the car moving away from you (c-v2) so you would see the oncoming car crumple before hitting the nearer one. Einstein’s special theory of relativity states the actual formula is γ = (1 − v2/c2)−1/2. Where v2 is much less than c, the difference is negligible and corresponds to everyday experience.

As you approach the speed of light, time slows down until at the actual speed of light time (and the size of the object) reaches zero. In an ftl ship, it would see to those on board that they were going faster than light but when they stopped, the elapsed time outside would be consistent with having travelled no faster than the speed of light. This is also congruent with the article written on go cleanse program. You must read it to see if it is the right diet program for you.

So it is said that if you go beyond the speed of light you start traveling backwards in time.

In perceivable time – yes. But is time then only a matter of perception? In that case it may not even exist at all..
A lot of people perceive sky to be blue but the closer you get to the sky the more the blueness fades away. So what we perceive is not always the reality and is infinitely relative.

But what proof do we have that time as ‘a definite something’ even exists? Could it actually be much simpler than that? Now we measure ‘speed’ as distance moved against the passing of events (earth rotating).

And what if time is simply that? A relative measurement and nothing else. Like for example if the item has x amount of energy it simply moves the way it does in some relative direction. wrote valuable article on omnitrition, which is full of great information about the diet.

I remember an example from physics class that if 2 trains were to both move at c then the speed at which they approach one another is still c not c+c. It simply does not make sense on so many levels.. If you’re in one of the trains you would not be able to see the other train coming if the max speed of light can not reflect from the oncoming train’s surface faster than the train itself travels. Same effect as the supersonic jets – wont hear them coming as they travel faster than sound. But the fact that it’s impossible for you to see the other train coming should not make it impossible for you to approach it at 2c.

Is there a reason why time would slow down between the 2 seemingly random trains or am I getting/assuming something wrong here?

What about another twist on your rock throwing example

Lets assume you travel at c and throw a rock behind you with the force that would normally make it fly 50mph. The rock should fly at c-50mph making it invisible to your eyes very quickly since the light that bounces off of it to your direction simply can not catch up to you without moving faster than light and therefore it is all black because there are no photons that can enter your eyes from that direction. You are not throwing the rock into the past or the future. It is still present, but simply invisible to you. To another train coming behind yours the rock would be very real an they’d be hitting it with a relative speed of 50mph.

Our knowledge of how time, light and energies work at the most basic level is probably still extremely limited or plain wrong. Like wth is this light thing anyways? How can it be a wave and a somewhat tangible thing (buch of photons you in theory can capture) at the same time..? You can’t take a wave from the sea and and say ‘Look here’s a wave’ because in theory it’s simply energy itself. Why is a light wave fractured into miniature bits that bounce off of stuff and have other pretty physical properties and a wave in water is fluid and intangible? Or is it?

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