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In this article, I review Vero Lab’s Liquid Trust, a powerful cologne. Imagine, you walk into a crowded room. You look around taking in everyone as you make your way through the room. You’re aware of everything; the sights, the music, the people, and the smells. Finally, the crowd parts and there’s the one woman that gets your attention. This woman is all you can focus on while the rest of the world just melts away.

Liquid Trust is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to attraction sprays.

What does Liquid Trust do?

Instead of pheromones, it contains a special social hormone. Studies show it can help people gain the trust of others.  It can enhance positive emotions through social interactions. The original formula for Liquid Trust is pheromone free. Now there’s a pheromone-containing formula with synergistic effects.

So why do people use it? One reason is that trust is the building block of a meaningful relationship. Whether it’s a business deal or relationship with that special someone. It can also improve your willingness to take risks. Let’s go over some of the physiological functions we’re trying to take advantage of.

*It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis.

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The Cuddle Hormone

You may have heard of this one. This is the cuddle hormone. It’s released from skin to skin contact you have with someone. It’s also released in social environments where people are enjoying themselves. And when is it released the most? Directly after orgasm.

It causes feelings of trust and overall attachment to another person. Your goal should obviously be to increase the release of this cuddle hormone if you want more intimacy.

If you’ve ever been accused of having no chemistry with someone, look no further than the lack of. I use Liquid Trust with my girlfriend and the results are great. While it won’t leave her with an insatiable appetite for sex it keeps her calm. She feels more relaxed. And since she has a high-strung personality, it has a beneficial and soothing effect on our relationship.

It Helps Women Fall In Love

Some men are lucky to have money, good looks, or a great personality. These men can easily attract women. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have any of these attributes. We can’t afford to rely on our natural tendencies to attract a woman. If we do get their attention, often it’s for the wrong reasons. Life is a game of averages. There’s a small percent of charming, successful and good-looking men that immediately attract women. This leaves most of us at a disadvantage.

The reason why money seduces women so easily is due to the fact that security unleashes chemicals of “love”. These chemicals are all consuming and cloud a women’s mind. They become attached to the source that stimulates the chemicals inside of them.

It influences the moods and expectations of the woman’s mind. It doesn’t work as just a supplement; it triggers the mind to interact with it to create the feeling of “love” in a woman. It works in conjunction with the expectations in a woman’s mind.

It’s for this reason that it is appropriately called a love hormone. I’ve known several pheromone enthusiasts use it to elevate their relationships. Take advantage of those feelings of trust you invoke to make her more comfortable. This will lead to great things.

Level the Playing Field

liquid trust oxytocinHow do you make a woman fall in love? First, we need to understand why women fall in love in the first place. When a woman falls in “love” she is a slave to the chemicals stirring in her mind.

Liquid Trust is a product I would supplement with my pheromones to heighten the closeness in our relationship. It’s not something that I have to use all the time but it will help her feel at ease.

Boost Confidence

The triggers that stimulate the cuddle hormone in a woman are deeply connected to the male properties triggered by testosterone. In a wonderful mutual dynamic, testosterone and 0xytocin are in a dance of romance. Testosterone leads in the waltz of attraction swooning them.

It gets courted further and further by the strong masculine traits. These masculine traits are summarized by one word – “confidence”. If you’ve read any of my other articles you know the importance of confidence. It creates attraction and builds a healthy loving relationship.

Having confidence means that you have an attitude that says that you’re always in charge. But don’t forget that confidence also means that you need to be playful. Smile at her like you’re laughing at a joke she needs to hear. It’ll make her even more curious to know you. Women are extremely curious. So, make sure you stand out.

When you’re around the woman you desire, entertain her. Wrap her in a blanket of her dreams. Your clothes and your looks will help, but mainly your confidence will come from within. Express an attitude where you’re in charge and be playful.

Is Liquid Trust a mind-altering substance?

Although I’ve experienced a dramatic emotional impact of using Liquid Trust at a critical moment in my life, results vary. What happens when it is administered to an emotionally and physically healthy individual? It’s likely that person will notice minimal changes. It does not get one “high.” nor does it alter one’s level of consciousness.

If you use it before going to a dinner party, would you be more outgoing and gregarious? Would you interact with greater ease and laugh more often? It could happen, but the effects would likely be subtle. To put it in perspective, think of a woman in labor. I’ve never seen a laboring mother who was given Pitocin® radically change her demeanor. But it does help her move through labor.


Because Liquid Trust has no scent at all, there’s no need to worry that anyone knows you’re wearing it. However, a lot of guys opt to wear a cover scent or pheromone cologne. Worried about side effects? There are no harmful side effects. As the day goes on, Liquid Trust’s special formula releases slowly. However, it can be used with any pheromone cologne.

First Impressions

All you need is to spray it on a few times in the morning right after a shower. Or you can spray it a few times before you go out for the evening! With Liquid Trust, you’re in control.

There’s strong evidence to suggest you can trigger the cuddle hormone in women with strong eye contact. Eye contact will be the first step in the courting of women that mystifies you. When making confident eye contact with a woman, make sure to smile, and don’t forget to blink. If you stare like a drooling fool, it won’t work. When you make strong eye contact make sure your teeth are clean and you’re full of confidence.

Just to be clear, my experiences with Liquid Trust have been non-sexual. That’s not what it’s for. Instead, I’ve used it successfully at work and in my personal life to bring comfort to those around me. I’ve developed a sense of mutual trust and respect. I know some folks use it in real estate to close deals. This demonstrates the far-reaching benefits of building trust.

Getting The Best Results

If you want the best results then approach her unafraid remembering that as long as you’re confident, you won’t be able to lose. Confidence along with penetrating eye contact produces attraction in women. She may pretend not to care but inside she will be flying from the high that comes from Liquid Trust. You only need a dab or two around your pulse points.

When you approach her, make sure you continue locked in on her eyes and don’t stare at her TITS!!! Never show any wavering of your confidence. Your confidence is the key. As you approach, her mind will begin to stir with an excitement and curiosity and fear. These strong emotions will begin unleashing it in her further. You’ll overwhelm her with emotions. But don’t worry, it’s all part of the process.

Your job now will be to keep the cuddle hormone flowing. You’ll need to stay the course. As she looks at you, you’ll keep penetrating her eyes (making sure to smile and blink). Walk up to her close enough for a handshake but far enough so that you don’t make her feel trapped.


You can wear Liquid Trust at work, at the store, or wherever you go; it’s scentless and discreet so no one will even know you have it on. Just a few sprays of Liquid Trust at the beginning of the day and it’s time to play. It will help bring that special someone right to you. While it’s not a substitute for a dedicated pheromone cologne or perfume it does have its benefits. Liquid Trust is the only product I know of it’s kind. The great thing is you can use it with your favorite cologne and experience amazing trust building effects.

*Individual results will vary.

Where To Buy

Liquid Trust can be purchased through If you have a comment or question, please share below.

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    Value - 75%


Liquid Trust offer the advantage of build trust. It works great for building relationships. Use it with your favorite pheromone spray for dynamic effects.

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