Nexus Pheromones Review [UPDATED]

Nexus is a well-known pheromone cologne. Specifically, it’s an alpha-male pheromone designed to increase attraction from women.

Nexus is one of the best sellers on the market and is our #2 choice because it doesn’t have as high of a concentration of pheromones as Pherazone. Regardless, it’s a masculine smelling pheromone that will make you irresistible. The company offers great customer support and is readily available to answer any your questions.

First Impressions

What I like about Nexus is their versatility. They take the most popular synthetic pheromones and combines them into one super formula.

Pheromones can amplify the best parts of your personality making you more attractive and confident.

3 Bottles


7 Pheromones

2 Bottles 


7 Pheromones

1 Bottle


7  Pheromones

*It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis.


Nexus pheromones come in a discreet package and cool little spray bottle that fits in the comfort of your hand. It was a little bit smaller than I imagined. Fortunately, there is enough to last for 30 days if you use two squirts per day. It can be applied along with your favorite cologne, sprayed on the pulse areas of your chest and neck.

Only two or three sprays are needed. Any more is a waste of the product. One application may last up to ten hours. This gives you plenty of time to hang out with friends and meet new people. It’s small enough and discreet to be carried with you wherever you go.


One of the biggest questions men ask is will this product help me score with women? Do Nexus pheromones really work? For the most part, yes but it depends. Don’t get me wrong.

It smells great with a wide range of pheromones in each bottle. However, how you use it will influence your success. In other words, don’t expect pheromones to do all the work for you.

Nexus Pheromones can give you the confidence to talk to women but you have to keep it going. Learn how to take control of the situation and guide the conversation.

This comes with practice. Remember, take control of the situation and let the pheromones enhance your persona. I like to use pheromones to break the ice with girls. Whether I meet them in a club, bar, or social event. I got several hits from women the first weekend I used it.

Some of them of I acted upon and exchanged numbers.  Every situation is different, so it’s best to adapt. One thing I noticed is the vibe with Nexus is more sexual than other pheromones.

Half of the women I encountered seemed like they wanted to get into my pants. Now, I’m a reasonably attractive guy and workout often. However, this was more attention than I was accustomed to.

It was certainly a step-up compared to not using pheromones. Even in work environments, I found people receptive and friendlier. I’d attribute this to the beta-androstenol that can put people at ease and calm them down.

If you have a secret crush in the office I might advise giving Nexus a try. Just be careful. You don’t want to jeopardize your career!

A Total Confidence Booster

There’s no secret recipe for confidence. You can’t snap your fingers and wake up one day with a new sense of one’s self. However, you can change, day by day.

Confidence is a pattern of thoughts and behaviors. And like any pattern, confidence is increased through practice; through habit.

Nexus is a total confidence booster when I’m around women. It gives me a cool aura that women gravitate to. Building inner confidence is important for growing as a person. It helped me become successful with women.

With enough practice with pheromones your confidence may become so strong you may not need them.

When we are confident, we make it a habit to think and act more positively. There are always things that can get us down, but confidence is about approaching them with the right attitude. Confidence is believing that we can overcome. It is easy to come apart when the day is long and every little detail seems to be going wrong.

I’ve learned to build my confidence and experience with women over the years. I’ve gone from a total zero to hero with pheromones. Nexus is one those products that are just too much fun.

You’ll find that with younger girls, they want someone who is fun. Nexus pheromonescan create that party-like youthful atmosphere that they desire. Again, it’s a fun pheromone that works for millennial and younger generations.

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How To Maximize Your Success with Nexus Pheromones

Nexus is a great pheromone but it’s not a shoe-in for success. This is where a lot of men go wrong. Some pick-up lines may work depend upon the girl, the context, and the delivery.

However, experts contend that the easiest pick-up line is often the best.

If you notice women because of what you consider mutual interest, it’s likely that she’s noticing you too. In this case, simply saying “hi” with a nice smile will do the trick. This will open up communication and pressure her to carry the momentum into the next topic.

The best strategy is to use an impersonal, interrogative comment. Studies show that this is the least threatening, and most effective. This is the type of comment that can work regardless of the setting or context. If you’re at a party, you can say “there’s a lot of people in here, isn’t there?”

If you’re outside you can say, “Nice weather, huh?” A lot of people try to flirt right off the bat with something witty. They don’t realize that a simple, impersonal question is the best way to ease into the conversation. Cheesy pick-up lines are lame and will probably lead to rejection.

You can use Nexus pheromones to create a natural vibe around her. You don’t have to try hard and can just be yourself. You can let the conversation flow naturally. Don’t even act like your into her – at least not the right way. Instead, build up anticipation and make the situation fun.  Women love a good tease and they love playful banter. You want to come off as a cool guy and not too pushy. You should be fun to be around.

The longer response to your harmless question, the better the results. If the target uses “you” and “I” in the response, then you’re golden. A favorable response to your question about the weather might go like: “I love the sun, how about you?”

Maintain Eye Contact

Once the conversation has begun, it’s important to remember to maintain eye contact. The listener should look at the speaker’s face for 1-5 second periods.

The speaker doesn’t have to maintain eye contact as much. He/she is more concerned with looking away in moments of thought.

When the speaker wants to signal that it’s the listener’s turn to talk, the speaker can reestablish eye contact and listen. This system of basic eye contact exchanges ensures that the conversation doesn’t have awkward pauses. Being close to her gives your pheromones a chance to go to work and do their magic.

Of course, there’s a lot more to attracting and picking up a target then knowing when to look during the conversation! You should strive to avoid certain pitfalls.

Most conversations should be 50/50. Don’t be depressive and don’t drone on about your problems. It’s good to show you’re listening by nodding, smiling, and responding emotionally. You should paraphrase what she says to show that you’re listening.

Men can use simple comments by telling a woman that she is lovely or looks beautiful. Intrusive, crass comments are a major no-no. Being too mundane, pausing often, not talking, talking too much about oneself, delivering too many compliments or getting overexcited are also no-no’s. You need to strike a balance and be a good listener.

Conversationalists must be sure to disclose information at even rates. Playful and light-hearted humor will make the conversation interesting. Keep the good feeling alive. Judge how much the other person is revealing and try to match that about yourself. The whole point is to progress naturally.

The bottom line: Don’t be too revealing and don’t be so mysterious that nobody will get to know you.

Easy Does It

If a man seems less stressed, he is in for a real treat. Men with less stress signal to potential partners they’re better for handling life’s problems. It’s an evolutionary thing. It tells women unconsciously that the guy won’t freak out and lose his cool. Because women are physically smaller and weaker, they require a man who can work his way rationally through issues.

They need a man who can navigate difficulties without exacerbating problems and without putting the woman and offspring at risk. The ability to handle stress is a strong genetic component that potential mates seek.

The bottom line: Play it cool with her. Don’t freak out over little things. Women like guys who are cool under pressure.

Pheromone Formula

Nexus uses seven different pheromones in their spray.


This includes Androsterone, which has a mood-heightening effect on women,  A great pheromone to use, Androsterone makes women men perceive men as more masculine. It helps guys find potential mates. It’s also highly sexual and does most of the heavy lifting for sexual attraction. If you wear androsterone you may expect to appear more physically attractive to women.


Androstadienone makes women more caring and heightens their sexual awareness. It prompts them to want to be closer to you and can make them want to touch you. They may want to hold you more than usual. A great pheromone for women for emotional connection, androstadienone is often called “the love pheromone”.

Unlike androsterone, it’s less dominant in nature and shouldn’t be used for sexual intercourse. Instead, use it to create a feeling of genuine intimacy and love.


Alpha-androstenol is a pheromone that makes women feel comfortable around you. It’s classified as a powerful sex pheromone. It’s great to use around women you want to be sexually involved with and increases her feelings of intimacy.

Androstenone and Androstenone

These compounds make you appear dominant and powerful. It tricks the responses in women to think you will be a better mate than other males. Androstenone has a musky but pleasant scent, often described as woody and sharp smelling. Users wear it because it can project dominance around women who are attracted to alpha males.


Lastly, there is Beta-androstenol. Known as the icebreaker pheromone, it can make it easier for women to approach you. Beta-androstenol makes women feel relaxed and friendly. This is great for meeting shy women. Believe it or not, even hot girls can be reserved around guys they find attractive.

Nexus Pheromones Vs. Pherazone

While I have given Pherazone the highest marks of all the pheromones I’ve used, does that mean you shouldn’t try Nexus? No. These are different pheromones that influence women in slightly different ways. A lot of your success will depend on your body chemistry and personality.

How do you click with others? It’s impossible to say which pheromone will work best for you without trying them. From my experience, I have more consistent results with Pherazone.

Nexus works similarly. However, it has a different scent that women can interpret as sexual. This leads to more sexual encounters. Again, it’s hard to say which is better for you. If you already own one then get the other. You can also try them both and see which one you prefer. The cool thing about pheromones is there are so many different formulas. Just find the one that matches your personality.


Based on my results, I’m confident to wear Nexus in any environment. For one, it has a great smell. The pheromones don’t seem to bother people or rub them the wrong way. In fact, my experience has been quite the opposite.

I encourage people to explore using pheromones in different settings to see gauge how they match your personality. There’s a reason why women respond to men the way they do. It’s because of natural selection. With pheromones, we can get the advantage.

Disregard what some of the negative reviews may say about Nexus. I found them to be highly effective at upping your game. Yes, you will meet new women. I’ve made several friends, some of which have escalated into sexual encounters.

Whenever I wore it, I felt empowered around women. Understand that confidence is one of the most attractive traits for women. People with low confidence may stop trying because they tell themselves, “what does it matter?”. When you think little of yourself, you are stuck.

Being stuck in a rut is a terrible thing—it prevents us from ever exploring our full potential. This is one area Nexus can help. It allows you to work on your inner game while boosting your outer game. You won’t become confident overnight with pheromones.  Yet, the more you wear them the quicker you’ll get there.

Confidence is visible. Confident people carry themselves with an air; a presence. They don’t divert their eyes or lower their heads or cower and hide in the face of incredible stress. Confident people tackle stress and seize the moment and get the girl. That is really one of the secrets of attraction.

*Individual results will vary.

Concentration: N/A
Price: 65.89 CAD
Return Policy: 67 Days
Works best for: Clubbing. Nightlife. General.
Overall Score: A-/B+
Official Site:

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  • 84%
    Scent - 84%
  • 86%
    Sexual Effects - 86%
  • 88%
    Social Effects - 88%
  • 84%
    Value - 84%


Pheromone products like Nexus to help give you that edge and get noticed by more women which can lead to dating and sex. In some ways, Nexus reminds me of Pherazone; useful for everyday usage, pleasant smelling, and includes many different pheromones for combined effects. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee so it’s worth trying it to see if it’s right for you.

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