Pherazone For Men: 15X More Pheromones

Increase Attraction, Get More Attention, and Rekindle Your Relationship with Pherazone…

What Makes Pherazone #1

Because of its high concentration of 7 powerful pheromones specially formulated to improve every aspect of your love life. Get the results you’re looking for with Pherazone’s winning formula – the highest concentration of pheromones combined with the best fragrances guaranteed to get you attention.

Pherazone has 36 milligrams of pheromones per fluid ounce in their entry-level product and 108 mg in their Ultra (highest concentration in the world).  Below are the pheromones in each bottle.

15X Strength

 • World's #1 most effective pheromone

 • Scent similar to Royal Mayfair by Creed and Voleur De Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

 • 30 day money-back guarantee

Best Seller

10X Strength

 • Spice up relationship

 • Scent similar to D&;G One and Villain by Ed Hardy

 • 30 day money-back guarantee

3X Strength

 • Attract wome effortlessly

 • Scent similar to Giorgio Armani Aqua de Gio and Bleu de Chanel for Men

 • 30 day money-back guarantee

How Does It Work?

All men release pheromones into the air via our sweat…… And these chemical messengers subconsciously communicate information to women about our physical state, genetic make up, immunities, and more, all in hopes of arousing an instinctive response.

Pherazone has a great selection of the most desirable fragrances, many of which smell almost identical to expensive brand names, including a couple of my favorites: Creed Aventus for men and women, Creed Royal Mayfair, Acqua Di Gio, Dolce Gabbana, and numerous others.

Pherazone has gone above and beyond in providing a product that’s guaranteed to give you the results you’re looking for. You can not go wrong with their winning formula of the highest concentration of pheromones in the world combined with the best fragrances guaranteed to get you attention.

Check out our Pherazone success stories and decide for yourself!


  • Guaranteed results with up 1500% MORE pheromones
  • Increases social interaction
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Women become very flirty
  • You become more irresistible
  • Women notice you
  • Proven to be effective
  • Positive reviews/results was found
  • Use it alone or with other perfume
  • Reputable company product
  • Builds up attraction
  • World’s best selection of fragrances proven to attract women
  • Works up to 12 full hours
  • Best value – Get more pheromones for your dollar
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Drawbacks

  • You will equally attract women of all ages and levels of attractiveness
  • No free samples available
  • Not available in stores
  • While doing extensive tests with Pherazone, everyone assumed I was wearing expensive designer colognes. The real benefit is you’re getting the best smelling fragrances in the world combined with Pherazone’s winning pheromone formula.

    7 Powerful Pheromones In Each Bottle

  • Androstenone – Increases sensual desire in women towards you
  • Androstadienone – Known as ‘the love pheromone: Gives you the advantage you’ve been looking for. Helps to attract physical intimation
  • Androstadienol – Known to improve attraction
  • Androsterone – A very dominant sent: Making you more irresistible both physically and emotionally
  • Beta-androstenol – Promotes relaxation: Similar to good bottle of wine
  • Alpha-androstenol – A very powerful attraction pheromone:  known to increase intimacy and feeling
  • Androstadienone – Heightens responsiveness; elicits feelings of caring
  • Pherazone offers a range of high quality products with varying price points. Depending on which package you select, you can expect to spend a low of $89.95 to a high of $225.95. Standard shipping is only $9.99.

    We would highly recommend purchasing either the Ultra or Super Concentrated as economically you get more pheromones for your dollar and with the higher concentration the product lasts longer and is more effective.

    This pheromone spray for men will draw women like a magnet, skyrocketing your confidence and taking your attraction to a whole new level, to get you more dates than ever. Ultra is the most powerful pheromone in the world.

    Rating: 3.83/5. From 169 votes.
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    Human grade pheromones in this elite men’s pheromone cologne will subconsciously attract women. Turbocharge your appeal and get the advantage you’ve always wanted.

    Rating: 3.77/5. From 33 votes.
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    Pherazone pheromones cologne for men consists of FDA lab-certified pheromones delivered in an elegant airless bottle, for guaranteed longevity of the product. This is their least expensive formula and it still packs 3x more pheromones per dollars than leading brands.

    Rating: 3.72/5. From 603 votes.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are pheromones?

    Pheromones are natural air-borne chemical hormones the body produces to create attraction.

    Is there a guarantee that it works?

    Yes, you have 30 days to return it for a full-refund if you are not totally satisfied no questions asked.

    How long will it take to start seeing results?

    Pherazone work immediately, so you should see results as soon you apply it. A single application is most effective in the first 6 to 12 hours of use.

    Is there any evidence that shows pheromones can be applied to our skin in an effort to attract men?

    The science is real and the evidence is clear. There are dozen’s of scientific double blind university studies.

    How long will it take to start seeing results?

    Pheromones work immediately, so you should see results as soon you apply it. A single application is most effective in the first 6 to 12 hours of use. However, bathing and swimming can dramatically reduce its effect and may require reapplication.

    Can it really attract women?

    Yes, pheromones like Pherazone work subconsciously to increase attraction. In fact, pheromones have been extensively studied in the animal kingdom.

    Can I use pheromones to make my partner more interested in me?

    Yes, pheromones are often used to rekindle a relationship and increase feelings of love and intimacy.

    Can I mix pheromones with my cologne or perfume?

    Yes, mixing pheromones with cologne or perfume is a great way to use pheromones. We usually recommend you use an unscented pheromone to mix with your current cologne or perfume. Cologne fragrances are generally very complex and adding one scented product to another can lead to unexpected results. Be careful or leave that to the pros.

    How long does it take to receive my order?

    All orders are shipped by the next business day via United States Postal Service with confirmed delivery receipt. You should allow 5 to 7 days for delivery.

    What name will show up on my credit card statement?

    Pherazone respects your privacy, and all credit card charges will be from “AAD”. No identifying information will be revealed on the statement.

    Is their packaging discreet?

    Yes. Packages are sent out in plain manilla envelopes and will read “AAD”. There will be no indication on the packaging as to it’s contents.

    *Individual results may vary

    The Bottom Line

    Of all the pheromones we have reviewed, Pherazone provides the best value for your money overall. From the one-of-a-kind formula to the stellar customer service, the folks at Pherazone make your satisfaction a priority. Unlike some other companies, there are no hidden fees. Your purchase is simple and straightforward. You will be hard pressed to find a better pheromone on the market.

    If you are considering purchasing Pherazone, our recommendation is that you choose either the Ultra Super Concentrated or the Super Concentrated to achieve more impressive results as well as to receive the best return on your investment.

    • 92%
      Scent - 92%
    • 94%
      Results - 94%
    • 94%
      Value - 94%


    Of all the pheromones we tested, none of them had the same magical effects of Pherazone. This is in no small part to the insanely high pheromone concentration. There is a reason why Pherazone is so popular these days – it simply works. If you’re tired of being single or not getting enough satisfaction in the bedroom then take action now and have no regrets! Try It Today!

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    Article Name
    Pherazone is a powerful pheromone cologne. It has the highest concentration of pheromones on the market. The concentration varies from 26 mg to 108 mg per fluid ounce.
    About Mark Alexander 84 Articles
    My obsession with pheromone began when I chosen as a subject for a study on how effective pheromones were. I was shocked with the results.


    1. As I’ve experienced it, the Pherazone effect is a deal-closer and relationship maker, nothing more.

      When you get up close with a girl and she just smells so *right* that you become drunk on her – that is the pheromone effect.

      It has often been said that who you end up married to comes down to random luck and pheromones.

      I’ve been in relationships where I stayed beyond the use by date, simply because of how *right* she smelled. In the same way, I’ve left girls because they smelled *wrong*. It isn’t about smelling good or bad, it is this deep, animal instinct.

      Rating: 0.10/5. From 1 vote.
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    2. I like the way this stuff smells on my boyfriend, it is subtle and pleasant. Not sure if it’s the pheromones in this but I can’t keep my hands off of him when he wears this around me.

      Rating: 0.10/5. From 1 vote.
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    3. hi I have been aloyal customer for years now the product is great is their any kind of discounts

      Rating: 0.10/5. From 1 vote.
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