Precisely How Pheromones Work

Pheromones Bypasses The “Rational Brain” To Target Men’s Ancient, Instinctive Mating Behaviors!

All women release pheromones into the air via our sweat…
… And these chemical messengers subconsciously communicate information to women about our physical state, genetic make up, immunities, and more, all in hopes of arousing an instinctive sexual response.


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Part 1: Why Pheromones Are The Most Exciting News About Sex
Part 2: Precisely How Pheromones Work
Part 3: How Pheromones Can Get You A Quality Boyfriend
Part 4: Answers To Your Pheromone Questions
Part 5: Best Pheromone Perfumes for Women

1. Hypothalamus

Glands in our armpits, genital regions, and navels secrete a clear liquid that contains pheromones.

2. Olfactory Tract

Our pheromone scent reaches the noses of women.

3. Olfactory Nerves

The olfactory system (starting with the nose) bypasses the RATIONAL brain.

4. Vomeronasal Organ

This information is fed directly to the brain center in a women’s brain.

5. Pheromones

If the information communicated by our pheromone scent is positive (i.e. this girl is healthy, fit & fertile) then a sexual response may be observed.

The Attraction Formula

A Potent Combination of 7 Human Pheromone Compounds …. Amplified A THOUSAND TIMES for Maximum Effect!

  1. Androstenone – Signals dominance; attracts potential mates
  2. Alpha-androstenol – Induces feelings of comfort & attraction
  3. Androsterone – Communicates masculinity; mood-elevating effects on women
  4. Epiandrosterone – May communicate youthfulness
  5. Beta-androstenol – The “icebreaker pheromone”
  6. Androstenedione – Heightens sexual responsiveness, elicits feelings of caring
  7. Androstanone – Powerful, masculine effect


How Pherazone Can Dramatically Improve Your Love Life

  • Lingering attention, smiles and eye contact
  • People you have previously met before show more interest
  • Meet more of the right kinds of people that you’re attracted to
  • Become more confident talking to people you’ve never met
  • Other people will intuitively respect you more
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Intensify and deepen initial contact after meeting a people
  • Gives you an edge others don’t have
  • Finally have the kind of sex you have always wanted
  • Stop worrying about finding a life mate
  • Get your life moving again, and get out of romantic limbo

If you’re single or divorced, you can improve your life mate choices dramatically. Too often men just put their lives on hold, or worse settle for someone who they can’t possibly be happy with.

Choose The Pheromone Formula Right For You



7 Pheromones


Best Seller

Captain for Her 


6 Pheromones

Regular Strength

Scent of Eros 


1 Pheromone

Regular Strength

Take the next step to put the power of this special formula to work in YOUR love life right now. You’ll be glad you did.

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Part 3: How Pheromones Can Get You A Quality Boyfriend

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