Semenax Pills: What They Can Do?

In this article, I review Semenax pills and researched whether they can really increase your semen volume.


There is a variety of sexual health and performance benefits made possible through the use of Semenax. Orgasm intensity increases, which makes sexual performance more enjoyable. Increased orgasm control is a possibility, and this means being able to last longer. A tremendous increase in semen volume is possible, which should appeal to those men interested in being more virile.

Intriguing Effects

How do these benefits occur? Upon taking the capsules, the proprietary blend of ingredients is absorbed by the system. The effect is an increase in semen volume through an increase in seminal vesicle fluids, prostate gland fluid, bulbourethral gland fluid, and seminal gland plasma.

Confidence Boosting

The physical benefits of taking the pills absolutely should not be ignored, but no one should ever dismiss the psychological benefits that are possible as well. The various psychological benefits absolutely do have value.

A Natural Supplement

The ingredients found in Semenax are all-natural and not derived from any unwanted chemical substances. In addition to very helpful amino acids, the ingredient stack includes traditional male health ingredients such as l-arginine, muira pauma and l-lysine.

Of course, the way the ingredients are blended together contribute significantly to any positive results. The persons involved with developing and testing the Semenax formula put a great deal of effort into ensuring the ingredient stack is capable of yielding a desirable effect.


Although zinc is a micromineral, and therefore needed by your body only in small quantities, it is very important for your overall physical and mental health. It is used in many enzymatic reactions in your body. Furthermore, there are one hundred enzymes that need zinc as a cofactor. (A cofactor is molecule to which another molecule must bind in order to activate or function.)

Studies have shown that men who suffer from low sperm count can boost their sperm count by taking zinc supplements up to 74%.

Functions of Zinc in Your Body • Boosts immune defenses • Breaks down and metabolizes proteins • Contributes to a healthy prostate • Decreases the body’s requirement for insulin • Enhances the biochemical actions of vitamin D.

Catuaba Bark

This plant comes from Brasil. Catuaba is a Guarani word meaning “what gives strength to the indian”. A study by Manabe et al. (1992) showed that catuaba extracts from Catuaba casca (Erythroxylum catuaba Arr. Cam.) were useful in preventing potentially lethal bacterial infections and HIV infection in mice.

It increases confidence and aggression. For the sake of this review, the most important benefit is that it provides explosive erections. This one has to be tried to be believed.

Pumpkin Seeds

Despite being chock-full of nutrients, pumpkin seeds are among the most underrated healthy foods. Take some for months and your boy will start feeling like a great white swimming in a pond. But improvement to your manhood is not the only benefit. They also lower cholesterol, help in cancer prevention, better sleep etc.

Research proves that pumpkin seeds are an excellent libido booster. These seeds have a number of vitamins and minerals all working to make you the only thing she will remember when the heat is gone and ecstatic tears have dried.

Most notably, these are zinc, iron, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, potassium, calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C, E, D and K.


As with the drug sildenafil (Viagra), l-arginine also enhances the action of nitric oxide and, in turn, relaxes the muscles around the blood vessels that supply the penis, without the side effects of Viagra and similar drugs. In this way, blood vessels in the penis dilate, which increases blood circulation and helps maintain an erection.

Let’ s face it: no food, supplement or aphrodisiac can compete with the rapid action of sildenafil citrate to get a strong erection, but we do not know the effects of this drug in the long term. It is better to act safely.


Maca is a peruvian root that is known for its capacity to increase libido. It doesn’t affect testosterone level but do have a strong impact on sex drive, erection quality and sperm volume.

Make sure that you buy black maca as it is the only type of maca that do have an influence on semen volume.

The red and the yellow maca, while very good to use, do not improve sperm.

Muira Puama

Muira puama is an Amazonian tree who’s roots are cultivated for its strong aphrodisiac properties. UCLA school of medicine studied the effects of Muira Puama and found evidence of improved erection power and libido.

Muira Puama has been used for centuries by the natives of South America with the benefits including increased blood flow to the genitals, harder erections, as well as bigger and more intense orgasms.

Nitric Oxide

Concerning erectile function, its mode of action is the following: To obtain a satisfactory erection, it is necessary for the blood vessels in the penis to get so wide that the cavernous body can be filled with enough blood. Nitric oxide (NO) is significantly involved in the dilatation of the vessels. However, it does not only improve the dilatation of the vessels but also perfusion and thus nutrient supply of the cells, which in turn has a positive effect on potency and the quality of the sperm.

Nitric oxide is produced from arginine within the body in only a few steps. The arginine can up to a certain extent be won from the above-mentioned foods with our body. In cases of increased strain, such as stress, the body can not cover the demand from only these sources. The amount of arginine that the body needs can also increase because of diseases such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis or erectile dysfunction.

Lately, arginine has been experiencing a real boom. This is because of positive studies and the almost complete absence of side effects and especially because it is a substance that a healthy body produces on its own and not an exogenous substance.

Many experts recommend using an activator when taking arginine, in order to accelerate the absorption of the substance. OPS and green tea extract haven proven to be particularly useful as activators.

When taking arginine, it is, of course, important to resort to high—quality products of leading producers. When comparing various offers one should pay special attention to the contained active ingredient concentration. Experts advice 3000-5000mg of arginine per day. In acute cases and after consulting an expert also daily allowances of 10,000 mg are possible. The effect should be noticeable after only a few days. Also not every active agent can trigger side effects and potential incompatibilities. It is therefore, in any case, advisable to consult a professional before consuming the substance.


The results do take time. 60 to 90 days of use is suggested to see decent results. Considering the potential for greatly increased semen volume, the amount of time to wait does not seem too harsh. Semenax does come with a money back guarantee. Those who are not thrilled with the results can simple ask for a refund. The company, however, is confident customers will be thrilled with their results.