Do Pheromones Work to ATTRACT Women?


What are pheromones? How do pheromones work? In this write-up, I discuss my findings on what they do, their role in humans, and what science has concluded. Before going any further, let me answer this.

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals scents produced by an animal to change the behavior of another.

A perfect example of this is a dog is in heat. The female dog releases pheromones into the air signaling to him that she’s sexually fertile. However, they’re not just for sex. Their roles vary amongst species. Insects may use them to signal danger or relay important information about their surrounding.

The study of pheromones began in the 1960s. A scientist discovered that certain chemicals were used by animals for mating. His studies concluded that pheromones are used by a number of animals and by humans. This led researchers to look for practical applications. This breakthrough discovery led to some interesting findings which I discuss below.

What Do They Do?

Nearly every animal in the world can detect pheromones, and they have a variety of uses:

  • Pheromones play an important role in the mating of mice
  • Snakes sense their prey by sticking out and withdrawing their forked tongue, which touches the vomeronasal organ (VNO) as the tongue flicks in an out
  • Elephants are stimulated as they transfer the chemicals that stimulate their sense to the tip of their trunks, and the chemicals are detected by the VNO
  • Pheromones allow insects to warn each other of impending danger

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Do Humans Have Pheromones?

It’s debatable.

With all of the excitement of pheromones, researchers wanted to determine whether they exist in humans. The answer has eluded scientists for years but there’s have been promising studies that suggest they do. There have been quite a few studies supporting the existence of human pheromones. For example, ABC News did an investigative report on the merits of pheromone colognes and perfumes.

The ABC study brought pheromones to the mainstream masses. It certainly got my interest. If you watch the video, you will see how they performed a double-blind test with identical twins. One was with the pheromones and one without to see the effect it had on them in a speed dating test.

To test whether these potions helped people find romance, “20/20” sent sets of 20-something male and female twins to a speed-dating event. They gave them each a scent – one twin in each set received a scent containing Athena pheromones.

The results strongly suggested pheromones work. However, one variable that it fails to consider is the differences in personality and chemistry. Regardless, the results were so lopsided that it leads one to believe they really work.

What The Studies Show

There are several prominent tests on pheromones. One of them showed that people who used synthesized pheromones had more intercourse.

A number of different studies have been conducted in recent years, with the following results:

    • Up to 91% of the people tested experienced increased eye contact with women
    • As many as 80% of test subjects were approached by women within the first week of trying the pheromones
    • Up to 75% of the test subjects felt more masculine and had improved confidence in their sexual abilities
    • As many as 68% of the male subjects had more sex as a result of the pheromones

Pheromone signals affect you subconsciously. You may not be aware of them until the effects are impossible to ignore.

How Do Pheromones Work?

Animals detect pheromones via the vomeronasal organ (VNO), an organ inside the nasal cavity.

The VNO is the only organ that can detect pheromones. These chemicals have no perceptible scent. Pheromone production occurs in specialized structures known as glands. Some pheromone glands are relatively simple and located on or near the surface of an animal’s body.

The location of pheromones across species is relatively diverse. Some pheromone secretions evaporate as soon as they are released and dispersed in the air. Others are waxy or oily;  these pheromones don’t evaporate very fast and tend to last much longer.

In humans, the VNO picks up the chemical scent of the pheromones. The signals travel to the hypothalamus. This section of the brain is the part that is responsible for emotions. This includes sexual arousal.

The signals sent by the VNO to the brain tell the hypothalamus it’s picking up a chemical stimulant, and the brain reacts accordingly. The hypothalamus will respond to the chemical stimulant of the pheromones by causing the brain to feel good. It creates a pleasant sensation, speeds up breathing, and causes the heart to beat faster.

A lot of people associate these sensations with sexual arousal. However, the VNO doesn’t send signals that cause sexual arousal.

Is The Science of Human Pheromones Conclusive?

No, research is ongoing. However, there is strong anecdotal evidence they work.

It’s incredibly hard if not impossible to tell if pheromones actually work to help you pick you, women. The evidence points in their favor and scientific trials have shown that pheromones have an impact on how people think. However, it’s just too hard to get a conclusive answer to this question.

Pheromones are not the be all and end all of picking up a woman. Yes, they can help you but merely using a pheromone spray is not sufficient. You also have to let your personality shine to your potential partner. Pheromones just increase your social visibility.

Of course, the quality of the particular pheromones colognes will play a significant role in your results. There are products on the market which may be lacking in quality. These pheromone colognes are more disappointing than anything else. I recommend doing some research and looking for positive reviews available on credible websites or blogs. The truth is that pheromones can help with attraction and they can do so in a realistic way. Understanding how pheromones work is the key to being able to harness them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The study of human pheromones has created more questions than answers. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding them.

Do Pheromone Colognes Work?


Even though reports suggest pheromones work in humans I wanted to see if I would experience the same results. Could I make them more attracted to me? A lot of websites claim they work while others proclaim they’re nothing more than a scam. Keeping an open mind about pheromones was important for testing purposes.

I purchased a collection of the most talked about pheromones I could find on the market. This included popular brands like Pherazone, Nexus, and L2K by Alpha Dream. I chose them due to their popularity, accessibility, and money-back guarantee. I stuck with products that had positive reviews to not waste my time on brands destined to fail.

*It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis.


Pherazone has been on the market since 2010. It has an exceedingly high concentration of pheromones including androstenone which elevates sexual attraction. I chose Pherazone because it has a reputation for delivering strong results. I wanted to determine if higher concentrations had a positive effect.  It’s one of the most expensive pheromones around. Fortunately, I had 30 days to try it with a money-back guarantee.

What inspired me was the extensive list of pheromones in their formula. Many are known to have strong influences on human behavior. I only applied two dabs around my neck so I didn’t overload.

Alpha Dream L2K

 L2K was praised in the forums as being a strong sexual pheromone cologne by Alpha Dream. It looked like this one had gotten a lot of attention and appeared to be a crowd favorite. L2K has an elevated level of androstenone that’s optimized to produce strong sexual effects on women. It sounded perfect to me.

A lot of users claimed L2k had a strong seduction formula and it made girls more flirtatious. Guys reported women as being more touchy, flirty, talkative, and more innuendo. Since I was looking for a product that could spark sexual interest I decided to try this one too.


An oldie but goodie, Nexus is one of the earlier pheromone products on the market. It still sells well so I was inclined to test it. It uses androstenone and other seductive pheromones to create sexual tension.

Also, the combination of 7 pheromones and claims of long-last actioning were ideal. With three pheromone colognes to test, all making similar claims, I was ready to go forward with my experiment. I had to see if they really worked, even if just slightly.

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My Results

First of all, the smell was impressive. If I was shopping strictly for a cologne these pheromones would be at the top of my list. They make you smell young, refreshing and masculine.  Even if pheromones didn’t work, the amazing scent would surely make you more attractive to women. You still need to create natural attraction and build rapport! Humans are self-conscious species and rational and the old laws of attraction still apply.  While I believe human pheromones exist, the cause and effect are not so straightforward. It’s not like it is with animals.

What pheromones can do is “amplify” the thing’s your doing right. Pheromones gave me confidence and that affects women in a positive way. So, did these pheromones actually work and do anything? The short answer is, yes, but …. it also depends. The results are dependent on a variety of factors such as personality, confidence, social interactions, etc. In other words, pheromones are not the only factor. It’s how you use them. They can improve your chemistry and that will make a difference.

Are Pheromones Good For Sex?


Things can get really exciting when you use pheromones on a girl who already shows interest in you.

Pheromones tend to make women uninhibited and let their instincts truly take over. In fact, I believe pheromones can play a significant role in your sex life when used appropriately.

That means building a sense of rapport and genuine attraction before sexually influencing her subconscious. This would explain why my experience with Pherazone has been so good. If you use it on women that you know already likes you, your chances of having sex will go up.

Do Pheromones Work if You’re Ugly?


If it doesn’t work if you’re ugly then why would you want to spend money it? Contrary to popular belief, having good looks is not the only thing when it comes to attracting girls. I’m talking about something that we can all attain. I’m talking about confidence and it’s something I discuss a lot in my articles.

Pheromones are just an enhancement. They help you naturally give off more confidence around women while amplifying your chemistry.

I’ve seen plenty of average looking guys hook up and date hot women that were way out of my league. It actually frustrated me when I was a growing up. They just had a lot more confidence than me and could care less about being the next Brad Pitt. They used their charisma and charm to court women they liked and it worked!

Do Pheromones Work Subconsciously?

The reaction to pheromones is entirely subconscious since they have no scent.

The subconscious effect is sufficient to stimulate the person’s mind and cause them to feel better. The fact that pheromones can stimulate the body subconsciously excited me. Have you ever been around a woman that turns you on and gets you excited just by her natural scent? It’s happened to me on more than one occasion. Could this be the results of her pheromones? Possibly.

There is certainly a connection between natural attraction and your body’s signature scent. It’s possible that pheromones help define who we like and help us find the most suitable genome for our children.

Why Use Pheromones if You Make Them Yourself?

While a lot of people tend to believe we naturally give off our own pheromones, we also bathe and shower. This creates a dilemma. As a consequence, any pheromones we secret from our skin usually end up down the drain.

The advantage of using pheromones is you can elevate your output higher than it would be naturally. You are in control of how much you emit. However, you can’t expect them to work if you smell bad. Women will find you unattractive.

Since natural pheromones are in sweat, that means you need to bathe!

It’s probably safe to assume that not everyone outputs the same amount of pheromones. Otherwise, there would be no competitive advantage. Our genes play a big role in just about everything we do. They likely dictate how much pheromone we naturally produce. To stand out from the rest, it’s better to amplify your production with a synthetic pheromone.

How Can You Smell Pheromones When People Wear Cologne?


Pheromone are odorless so the fragrance or scent someone won’t have a direct effect on whether you can detect them. However, the way someone smells does influence your perception of them on a more conscious level. In short, pheromones can make people seem more attractive and influence who you choose as a potential partner.

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Final Words

Pheromones are a subject of continued interest for scientists, as researchers are finding the unique chemical effects are different for every person. Pheromones have become increasingly popular over the years. Manufacturers infuse them with colognes, perfumes, oils, and even candles. While pheromones are controversial, there have been some interesting developments over the years.

So, with all the research and exciting findings, does that mean that pheromones work for you? My answer is maybe. You see, humans are much more complicated and self-aware than animals. Some people say they don’t have success with pheromones and argue they don’t work So what’s the key? Work on improving yourself! By improving your inner game you can amplify your success with pheromones.

Pheromones just give you an edge but they’re not magic. The more you approach women and the less concerned you are about failure the more success you’ll have. Women like men who are less self-consciousness and happy to be themselves. There are different factors that determine your success with women beyond the scope of using pheromones.

In general, pheromone colognes of high quality will do the trick. I know this from personal experience. There are tests that demonstrate that a man may feel attraction to a woman who has a faint pheromones scent. Of course, the ability to synthetically enhance pheromones through a cologne greatly enhances the outcome. More often than not, they will give you an edge, and make it easier to attract women. The rest is up to you!

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What Are Pheromones and How Do They Work?
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What Are Pheromones and How Do They Work?
Pheromones are chemicals scents produced by an animal to the change the behavior of another.
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